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 Dark business in Shadowhue

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PostSubject: Dark business in Shadowhue   Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:01 pm

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[Energy: 19 - 10 = 9]

Yigo was returning from the Blacktooth Kingdom with a brand new item that would help him become more powerful. His stained and ragged Stamina Band, a scar that went from his eye to his nose and a bag hanging from his belt full of goodies were proof of his adventures. Grassveil was barely in his reach since he just needed to get past Shadowhue forest to arrive there. A nice relaxing day at that town was something he´d certainly use, perhaps hanging with certain Skitty or Jigglypuff while at it.

Yigo decided to get the main route, following the signs that he could now read thanks to some studying. It would be nice to avoid getting into trouble now that he was about to finish his journey. Now that he didn´t have to worry about wild pokemon, the sandshrew could enjoy the peace and the warm breeze that accompanied him. The darkness could get a bit annoying at times but, with senses as fine as his, there was no way that anything would be able to catch him by surprise. At least, that´s what he was thinking when he was about to enter a specially thick grove where barely anything could be seen; after all, if it was on the main road, it couldn´t be so bad.


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PostSubject: Re: Dark business in Shadowhue   Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:20 am

As worried as she still was deep down, Tina couldn't help but find comfort in the way little Yigo responded to her gentle affections, which only encouraged her to put a more concerted effort into rubbing and petting his course body. Especially when he turned right over to expose his softer underbelly. She couldn't resist giving it a heap of attention right up until he spontaneously flipped back over in reaction to her comments.

Of course she initially assumed the worst, that he'd not appreciated her efforts, but when he didn't move away from her, she cautiously resumed petting him while he responded to Deimo's measured account of his goals and intended destination. The Fennikin had been interested in his story as well, but she was still stuck on his earlier comment about not being a hero. Well.. of course he'd say that. She wasn't surprised. What interested her was what he didn't say, though.

He'd spoken of pride and honor, in regards to an individual from his past. And though Tina suspected it was in reference to the loved one he'd mentioned losing before, once again the Absol skirted around the harrowing details. It peaked her curiosity, but not enough to grill him for an answer to the enigma he presented. That would've been rude. And considering her behavior thus far, she wasn't eager to broach a sensitive topic that might lead to another conflict. She already felt guilty enough for briefly considering attacking the Pokemon that had previously saved her life. Besides, they had bigger concerns right now, such as getting out of these woods in one piece. And she needed the trust of these two as much as they needed hers.

Luckily for Tina, the little Sandshrew beside her was eager to focus on happier, positive thoughts, steering the focus of the conversation to the Absol's tale of traveling the world. Though he seemed a little confused about how Deimos intended to explore the whole of a world that was always changing, implying he'd have to be immortal to achieve such a feat. That brought out an amused giggle from the Fennekin as she continued to trace a warm paw down his back. The boy was so adorably naive, she could only wonder how he'd wound up out here in this intimidating forest all by himself. So far away from the desert home he spoke of so fondly. And where were his parents? Why weren't they with him? He certainly seemed too young and inexperienced to be without them at this juncture in his life.

She didn't want assume the worst. For all she knew his circumstances were similar to hers, but she couldn't help worrying. At the very least, if his birth mother wasn't present to watch over him, she'd happily assume that role herself for the time being. He deserved that much for the part she played in getting him caught up in her mess. Until then, however, they needed to rest, and Deimos already seemed prepared to take the first watch as he laid down nearby. Yigo however was still eager to converse, rattling on about his own family before asking Tina about hers, and making some lofty assumptions.

The Fennekin smiled despite the memories dredged up by the mention of her parents. She didn't fault the young Sandshrew for being curious, nor did she have unpleasant history with them, but thinking of her mother and father gripped her already aching heart with even greater longing. It had been so long since she'd seen them. And her last contact with them had to be so overdue by now that they surely feared the worst. That she'd been gobbled up by the cruel and unforgiving world they'd cautiously agreed to let her explore. And convincing them to let her go hadn't been easy, especially after the ordeal she'd taken years to recover from. Her current predicament wouldn't be any easier to overcome, either. Assuming she survived it.

Tina shook her head slowly, pushing down her fears and worries, so she could answer Yigo carefully.

"Such a curious little thing, aren't you, Yigo?" she cooed warmly, continuing her steady, rhythmic stroking of his hide in the hopes she might gradually lull him to sleep while she addressed his many questions. In doing so, she felt his tummy rumble in confirmation of his hunger and added with a light chuckle, "Oh dear.. that berry must not have been enough to fill that empty belly of yours, hm? Maybe Deimos has something that could help."

She cast a glance towards the Absol, in part to make sure he'd heard, but mostly to give herself a little longer to compartmentalize, so she could talk about her parents without tearing up. The poor boy didn't need to see how terribly she missed them right now. So she focused on just the bare minimum in answering his questions.

"As for my parents, well... I wouldn't call them explorers, I'm afraid. Closer to the opposite really," she mused, "You see, something really scary happened to me when I was younger. Probably about your age. And since then, well... they were afraid to let me out of their sight for a very long time. That fear led to us settling down and making a home for ourselves. Of course, after I got better, I eventually want to go out on my own and see the world, to meet and make friends with others. Like you." She sweetly bopped the playful Sandshrew on the nose as she continued, "It wasn't easy to persuade them, but I was persistent. They cared about me deeply, and I don't blame them for worrying. I mean... just look at me now. Heh.. perhaps they weren't entirely unjustified. But--I'm still here. And when we get out of this place, you can see them yourself if you want to come along. I think you'd like my mother. Her name is Jinn and she's very tall and pretty with ears just like mine. My father is a Lopunny; he's the one who does the cooking, if you can believe that. He's surprisingly good at it, though. His baked goods are to die for; I've always been fond of his berry pastries..."

Tina trailed off into silence as she felt a tear threaten to escape one of her eyes, but a pointed rise in temperature forced it to evaporate. She didn't want to cry about the possibility of never seeing her parents again. Instead, she needed to focus on doing everything she could to ensure she would. With Yigo's questions answered now, so she didn't feel the need to press on further as she felt the Sandshrew nuzzling up against her, hopefully in preparation for a few hours rest before their inevitable confrontation with fate. She continued to pet him for a few moments longer, glancing towards the Absol once more before laying beside the younger Pokemon.

"Alright, time to rest now, okay Yigo? We'll need our strength for the journey," she said softly, before shifting her attention back to Deimos. There was still something on her mind that she simply had to voice before she too could lay her head down to sleep, but it took her a moment to find the words she wanted. So she gave him a long quiet stare before finally saying, "I know you don't think of yourself as a hero, Deimos, and that's fine, really. I would never expect you to. But... I just want you to know. You're a hero to us. You're a hero to me. No matter who you were, or what you did in the past. You saved my life, and... I'll never forget it." Offering a small smile and an involuntary blush, the Fennekin cozied up against Yigo to keep him warm and hide her face as she settled in to rest.

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Dark business in Shadowhue
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