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 Hotaru the Gastly

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Hotaru the Gastly Empty
PostSubject: Hotaru the Gastly   Hotaru the Gastly EmptySat Jan 27, 2018 7:08 pm

» Name: Hotaru
» Sex: Male
» Species: #092, Gastly, the gas Pokemon
» Affiliation: Traveller, hoping to join an exploration team

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 (14 BE)
» Ability: Levitate
» Moves:
- Hypnosis
- Lick
- Spite
- Ice Punch (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
- Gaseous body: can poison foes by engulfing them in the poisonous gas that his body is made of. Can easily be blown away by strong winds.

» Personality: In general, he is a calm individual. Hotaru didn’t travel much with his parents, but during that time he still managed to meet numerous pokemon of different species, and each of them had a different story to tell. This experience gave him an understanding of how different all pokemon are, and that every single one is unique in their own way. However, the travelling also made a negative impact. Since his parents provided him with everything that he needed, Hotaru doesn’t really have a sense of what responsibility and hard work is. He doesn’t understand the value of money and his outlook on life is very relaxed. Sometimes it may even seem like Hotaru cares too little and is all about fun and games, especially when it comes to doing things that he doesn’t exactly find interesting. Hotaru doesn’t quite realise this yet, but he’s rather terrible at managing on his own. The Gastly always needs someone more sensible around to hold him back from making stupid decisions. Apart from that, he is a very curious pokemon who loves discovering and learning new things. Hotaru is patient and doesn’t fear failure for the sake of becoming good at something.

» Likes: Hotaru enjoys communicating and listening to the life stories of other pokemon.
He enjoys being in the company of smart pokemon who can teach him a thing or two about life.
Hotaru is very passionate about food. When he’s really hungry, he can gobble up a huge apple in record time.
Even though Hotaru may not understand some basic things about life, he is willing to adapt and is always interested in learning something new

» Dislikes: Hotaru dislikes pokemon who take life too seriously. However, he’s also not fond of conflicts, so even if he’s annoyed by this, Hotaru would rather stay quiet and not express his mind.
Absolutely hates being called self-absorbed or lazy
It’s a real pain for Hotaru to do something that he has no interest in. He doesn’t understand why someone would do something with clenched teeth just to get over with it. Hotaru strongly believes that everything in life has to be done with passion, and if it’s the other way around, it affects the overall quality of the result in a bad way.
Dislikes being in the center of attention and prefers playing the supportive role instead

» History: Hotaru’s parents once belonged to exploration teams. When the two Gengars met and fell in love, they decided that it was time to resign, and they did just that. The pokemon then settled on travelling and never stayed in one place for too long. After a few months, Hotaru’s mother laid an egg. His parents had to decide what to do next. Settling down to raise their offspring seemed like the best option, but the Gengars realised that they liked the carefree way of life that they had been leading. Having been explorers for many years, they both had saved up enough money to survive for a long period of time. And so their travelling continued even after Hotaru hatched. He grew up hearing tales of his parents’ experiences and adventures. Hotaru lived a very relaxed life and had nothing to worry about, since his parents took care of everything: they provided him food, protection from feral pokemon, strong winds, and they would always find a nice place to stay in when they needed to rest. It didn't take long before Hotaru's parents got a little worried that they were not raising their son right, so they started mentioning their adventures from the time when they were members of exploration teams. Their message reached the little Gastly successfully - he was very interested in hearing about what his parents experienced during that time. After a while, he expressed his wish to become a member of an exploration team himself. The pokemon wanted to leave a mark of his own in the vast world. And so Hotaru embarked on his own journey, with a promise to not let his parents down.

» Other: --
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PostSubject: Re: Hotaru the Gastly   Hotaru the Gastly EmptyMon Jan 29, 2018 6:27 am

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


List the levels at which the moves were acquired.


Gastly has a few more noteworthy things about it. First, while its body does contain poison, it's used to suffocate targets into passing out; it also smells sweet. It's difficult to see, being referred to as "barely visible." It can change the shape and size of its body, and it can get into houses and such easily due to its gaseous form. You need a teat for your character's ability as well.


While the history's fine and actually more fleshed out than most first-time applications, it's still a bit dull. You don't have to edit it at all if you don't want to, but I feel the need to give some suggestions since this is actually a pretty good first character. It seems like he's got kind of a "spoiled and dependent" thing going on due to his parents' treatment of him, and that looks to be a big part of the character, but there isn't much emphasis on how they treated him. Elaborating a bit more on how his parents apparently did everything for him and made his life easy would make the history a lot more interesting and make this theme of the character clearer. Even just an extra sentence or two would go a long way. But, again, it's fine as is and you don't need to change anything with the history if you aren't interested.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Character Moderators. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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Hotaru the Gastly
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