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 Adopting Darcy the Skitty

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PostSubject: Adopting Darcy the Skitty   Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:21 pm

» Name: Darcy
» Gender: Female
» Species: Skitty
» Affiliation/Rank: Guild member at the Grassveil guild. Leader of Team Friendship Alliance, which is currently Grey Rank with Ten Points.

» Why do you want to adopt them?: First off, I think that Darcy is a very fun character to interact with. The previous RPer has stated her desire to leave the site, and she also gave me permission to adopt her character. Darcy has had a lot of time to develop, and has become a rather interesting character who I would hate to see go to waste at all. I'd love to have another interesting character to work with, and I believe I would be as good a candidate as any to adopt her.

There's a few reasons that I feel I'm qualified to adopt this character. For one, she's been a pivotal figure in my character's life, and Alki has been crucial for Darcy as well. We've had quite a few threads together, and I feel like I've gotten to know Darcy very well as a result: how she thinks, what her motivations are, and how she reacts to events in her life.

That, however, isn't the only reason. As I said before, Darcy is a character with a lot of potential. She's overall a nice person, but between her best friend being a thief, her continual loss of teammates, and an overall naive nature, I feel like there's a lot of room for Darcy to grow into a stronger Pokemon over time, and I'd hate to see the potential in a good character go to waste.

To answer the question as to why I want to adopt her, instead of why I'm qualified, there's again, a few reasons. For one, Darcy is very important to Alki's life, and I feel it'd be a bit cheap to just forget she existed after their relationship has been so critical to both their lives. Secondly, Darcy is a very different character from Alki, and I would very much like to roleplay as her. Alki is a bit of a moral grey Pokemon. She breaks the law, but that's because she believes herself to be doing a good thing. Darcy is a much brighter, happier, and overall cheerier character than Alki could ever be. She's still interesting in that she's a very fallible character, but she's a far cry from what Alki is like. It would be a fun change of pace, and giving an interesting character like her a chance to interact with others would be something I'd like.

» Sample of roleplay:

Darcy had never been particularly easy to anger when it came to Alki. The little fairy type was not perfect, not by a long shot. Neither was Darcy, and if she had learned anything from their time together, it was that they were very good at learning together. For each time that Alki had messed up, there was a time that Darcy had messed up ten times worse. In the dark guild hallway stood the jigglypuff, her fur, ears, and hands muddy. Everything about her was muddy. Where had she been?
    More importantly, where on earth had she found a bottle of alcohol?
    "Alki, what are you--" She managed to say, before the jigglypuff interrupted her with a very loud hiccup. Darcy jumped, her fur prickling as she stepped out into the hallway. Since when was Alki so loud? The skitty squeaked out an apology to no one in particular, before ushering the jigglypuff into their room. If Faye saw this, or Sova, or anyone, for that matter, what would they think? Nothing good, that's what! She turned her head both ways, waiting to see if anyone left their room. It was the dead of night, after all, but it seemed as though she had lucked out. Nobody came to check on them, yell at them or ask to see what was going on and find her little sister with a bottle of scotch. No, she wouldn't have to worry about any of those things.
    Although she still had the issue of said little sister holding a half empty bottle of scotch. "No, wait, Alki. Stop it!" She said, her voice filling the open room, making the dirty jigglypuff look up from the bottle she was somehow, against all odds, still drinking out of . Darcy swatted the bottle out of the jigglypuff's hands with a forepaw. Where had this girl been? She'd been gone for... what had it been, a week? No, it had been more, almost two weeks, give or take. And she showed up drunk, dirty, and disheveled. Darcy had been considering putting up a guild request, for Arceus' sake! That was if she didn't just go looking for the jigglypuff herself... "Where do you think you've been? And don't drink that!" She raised her voice in a way she rarely did at all, but a mixture of exhaustion, fear, worry, and even a slight bit of anger made her act in strange ways.
        This was her sister, for crying out loud!
    Darcy protracted and retracted her claws, waiting for a response from the jigglypuff who seemed to be... Were those tears? Oh. Had she been too harsh? "Oh, no, Alki, please don't..."

She was too late. The jigglypuff sniffed, and rubbed at her eyes with her muddy hands. The tears were apparent in her large, blue eyes, even as specks of mud joined them. She let out a sob, and that seemed to open the floodgates. Darcy fidgeted, glancing back and forth between the bottle and her sister. What would their parents say if they saw this? What would they do?

Darcy stepped closer to the jigglypuff, trying to calm her down like she would her smallest siblings at home. What was she supposed to do with a drunk jigglypuff? “Wait, Alki, please don't cry, I… I'm just tired. I'm sorry, She stepped towards the jigglypuff, hoping Alki would understand. Even if the little girl was drunk, she was still Alki!

Her words seemed to have some measure of effect on the little, inebriated balloon. She wasn't sobbing anymore, although the tears were still clearly visible in her eyes. Now she was pointing at the bottle of Scotch that was now lying in the corner of their room. “T-That was a gift for you, Darcy!” Alki said, the first time she'd spoken that night. Her words sounded so strange, not nearly as melodious or soothing as her species usually sounded. It was as if she was having trouble speaking, or something...

  Darcy settled onto her haunches, considering the situation in front of her. It was very sweet that Alki had saved some at all. From the looks of it, she'd enjoyed the drink. What was she to do now, with the newly received gift she had just smacked out of her sister's hand? Surely Alki didn't expect Darcy to drink some as well, or --

“We could drink some together!” Her sister cried out, desperation in her voice as she stumbled over her own feet to retrieve the bottle. Darcy was a naturally faster pokemon, and as an added bonus, was currently sober. She picked the bottle up in her mouth, and took it away from Alki.

Denying her more was step one, apparently Now, what came next? She set the bottle down beside her, and pulled it closer to her with her tail, but unfortunately for her, the meaning of this movement was not lost on the jigglypuff. The Skitty, for her part, found it difficult to ignore the tears that were now accumulating in Alki's eyes again. She bit her lip, wondering what to say before Alki began to sob like a newborn.

“Alki, this is bad for you! I appreciate the gift and all, but I can't let you drink this! You're a… well, half-fairy. Poison hurts you more than usual! Besides, you already drank half a bottle!” She scolded the child, hoping that she'd be open to listen. She wasn't. Alki made a move for the bottle, but she seemed to stumble mid-lunge. She let out an undignified yelp as she tumbled across their floor.

  She was a mess. Darcy shook her head, unable to keep a small smile from appearing on her face. Her little sister was drunk out of her mind. Even so, she'd saved some for Darcy. Almost exactly half. She'd laugh, if it weren't for the fact that she didn't know what alcohol would do to someone so small. She rolled the bottle on the floor beneath a paw, absently staring at it. “That was sweet of you, Alki.” She said, as the balloon Pokemon lifted herself up from the floor.

She'd worry about what to say tomorrow. It was late. Besides, maybe being drunk was the sort of thing Alki should sleep off. Reasoning with her didn't seem to be working... Darcy trotted towards the jigglypuff, and lifted her by the ear as gently as she could. She could hear Alki mumble a complaint, but the little jigglypuff did not put up much resistance anymore. Darcy trotted to Alki's bed, and set her hiccuping teammate down. For her part, she seemed to have no clue what was going on. She blinked, staring up at the Skitty who did nothing but stare back.

  “Why'd you put me in bed?” She said, after a long, long moment. Her voice was still slurred. Darcy laughed, looking at the bottle, and then at her teammate.

“You're drunk, Alki. You should sleep.” She said, punctuating her statement with a small kiss on Alki's forehead. She could hear a few half-hearted objections from the jigglypuff, but she already sounded quite tired. Certainly more so than when she'd put on her spectacle of emotion. Her cheeks were even more red than normal, and she seemed to be smiling now. Well, that was good! Smiles were a lot better than sobs, after all.

“But what about your gift?” Alki managed to say, her eyes already half closed. Darcy giggled again, pulling the blanket over her teammate.

“Oh, don't worry about it, Alki. I'm going to go out and enjoy it under the moonlight. Does that sound alright?” She purred, already backing up towards the door. A small nod from Alki indicated that she was, indeed, alright with this arrangement.

  Darcy still couldn't believe any of what had happened. Her sister was drunk, somehow. Who would sell a child alcohol? Why had Alki bought it? She shook her head as she carried the bottle of scotch up the stairs and through the guild, attracting more than a few strange glances from the few Pokemon who were awake. Oh well. It's not like scotch was banned , exactly. At least, not to her knowledge. If anybody asked, she'd just tell them the truth! She'd found it on the ground, and wanted to go get rid of it! It wasn't entirely false, was it? It was better than getting both her and Alki in trouble. A small, white lie never hurt anyone!

  The Skitty pushed open the doors that marked the entrance to the guild, and stepped into the cold night's breeze. She'd forgotten her scarf. She closed her eyes and shivered, the sudden cold jolting whatever sleepiness she had left out of her. She wouldn't be outside long, at least.  She set the bottle down and unsheathed her claws, scrabbling at the cap.

“C’mon, open up…” She mumbled, struggling with the bottle. After a few minutes of long, arduous trial-and-error, the cap finally came off, falling to the ground with a satisfying clatter. Darcy took a second to bathe in her success, but a particularly cold gust of wind replaced whatever triumph she was feeling with a sudden sense of urgency.

She really missed her scarf.

Darcy ventured out into Grassveil town, searching for a garbage can to throw the bottle into. There had to be one close by! Darcy shivered, but even through the cold, she didn't doubt once that she was doing the right thing. She wouldn't backstab Alki like that, she'd make sure her little sister would stay out of trouble! She was sure that Alki would do the same for her. They'd always look out after each other! They'd always be a team!

 With a newfound bounce in her step, the Skitty continued her search. Soon enough, she found a garbage can, and as an added bonus, it's lid had fallen off. That just made it easier to toss it in, and that was exactly what Darcy did. She set off back towards the guild at a run. Once inside, she pulled the door shut with her tail.

“Ah, Arceus, it's freezing,” She whispered to no one in particular, as she set off back towards her room. She walked in a daze, suddenly tired from the day's events. It had all been so sudden… but just as quickly, it had been dealt with. Until tomorrow, anyways.

Darcy pushed open the door to their room, the Jigglypuff's snores serving as her only greeting. She smiled at the sound, pushing the door closed. She was asleep. Darcy trotted towards her teammate’s bed, and settled prone besides it. She wasn't supposed to be drunk, that was certainly true. But she was. And that was Darcy's fault as much as Alki's. She should've taken better care of her! The damage was done, however, and she'd just have to do her best to explain everything to her friend in the morning. For now, however, the best thing to do was to sleep. Rest for tomorrow, and hope Alki would be in a better mood. .

Darcy stared at Alki. She'd never been drunk. She wondered what the jigglypuff had felt, what her point of view had been like. A sudden curiosity regarding the bottle of Scotch enveloped her. “A sip wouldn't have hurt,” She mumbled as she closed her eyes. Forget about it, she thought to herself. Now was the time to sleep. And she'd be there to talk to Alki when they both woke up tomorrow.

This was not at all how she'd expected to see her friend, at any point. The whole experience had felt almost surreal. Alcohol? She scoffed, but at the same time, she began to feel an unease in her stomach. She pulled the jigglypuff closer to her with her tail. I’ll just have to take even better care of her, then… This was her last thought before sleep and exhaustion washed over her.

» Link to the original bio: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t4890-darcy-the-skitty
» Levels of existing characters: I currently have one character, Alki the Jigglypuff. She is level 15, which should be adequate to allow me to adopt this character.

Other: I am aware that the month isn't up. However, Darcy's original roleplayer has given me permission to adopt Darcy sooner. Here is the evidence:


My Character Records! ^_^

I am a slow learner, a stressed out high schooler, and a very impulsive person. Please have a bit of patience with me.

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PostSubject: Re: Adopting Darcy the Skitty   Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:58 pm

“T-That was a gift for you, Darcy!” she says after drinking half the bottle herself and needing to be restrained from drinking the rest.


Welcome To The End:

Character Records

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Adopting Darcy the Skitty
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