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 Blacktooth Z-Refinery

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Blacktooth Z-Refinery Empty
PostSubject: Blacktooth Z-Refinery   Blacktooth Z-Refinery EmptySun Nov 19, 2017 4:39 pm

» Shop Name: Blacktooth Z-Refinery
» Shop or Service?: Shop
» Location: Blacktooth Kingdom

» Name of shop owner: Firseir the Zorua
» Link to the bio of the shop owner: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t3883-firseir-the-zorua#58088

» What can your shop offer to other Pokemon?: Creating Z-Crystals from stone, gem and mineral items.  For instance, a fire stone can be turned into a Firium.  Only a Mysterious Stone can be used to craft a species-specific Z-Crystal.

Species-specific crystals can be used for any pokemon in the corresponding evolutionary line, because the way the games limit them to one specific pokemon (and not always the final evolution) seems limiting and just unfun.  No one would ever be able to use most of them here due to difficulties leveling characters.

Normal Z-Crystals cost 500 Poké, while species-unique ones cost 750.  The high price is more for balance than for me.  A portion of the cost can be thrown into the void (perhaps given to the Blacktooth Kingdom?) if necessary, but the price should probably be high.

Z-Crystals are very exhausting and thus can only be used once per thread.

Welcome To The End:

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Blacktooth Z-Refinery Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blacktooth Z-Refinery   Blacktooth Z-Refinery EmptyThu Nov 23, 2017 3:44 am


Approved by Pikashock~
Go make your shop thread or something, you know the drill I'm sure.

Now you can stop bothering me about approving this /SHOT

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Blacktooth Z-Refinery
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