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 Tales of Shadows

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PostSubject: Tales of Shadows   Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:30 am

First topic message reminder :

(Energy 22-10=12)

The dark embrace of Shadowhue Forest was few looked forward to. Not to useful for those unwilling to transverse through the forest. However those looking for a place to lay low found this otherwise lightless forest perfect as Ket had found out in his earlier years. He reminisced using this forest to hide in when he got into the occasional scuffle. This nostalgia was the reason driving the lone zangoose into the forest that day. Ket was passing by the area bored and since he wasn’t on a schedule of any sort decided to take a detour for old times sake.

He entered the forest and began to wander deeper in glancing around for ferals. After several minutes of walking he paused to take in his surroundings. Never really bothering too much when he had visited before he had finally decided to finally appreciate the nature surrounding him. The tall trees went on for miles on end accompanied by the sea formed by the canopies blocking out the sun giving the forest it’s name. Rays of light poked through the otherwise undisturbed leaf blanket causing a break in the darkness on the forest floor.

It was quite the scene and perhaps maybe in another world somewhere Ket would of found the image displayed before him now wonderful on a painting. Too bad Ket never really cared much for art except for the, in his opinion, arbitrary price tag shoved onto them. No all art to Ket was something for those too lazy to go out and enjoy the outdoors themselves to horde over. Ket rolled his eyes at the idea of him enjoying the, “artistic value” of art. Finally he continued moving on deciding on going slightly further before turning back.
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PostSubject: Re: Tales of Shadows   Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:45 am

Interesting, it seemed that whatever Yooka had wanted to tell him she needed to confer with someone before hand. Whatever secret she was holding was something personal or important Ket could tell. “Alright fine if you want to.” Ket was about to start walking back towards Grassveil before Yooka stopped him again with a question. It was a pretty random question, practically out of the blue. Something about a group called the Phantom Thieves? “No, I honestly stay clear of cities most of the time, and to be honest I really couldn’t care le…” He was interrupted from finishing his comment when Yooka held her hand up.

She began to nudge him to walk forwards which he did. Which was when she dropped the fact that she was just trying to get him to stick around for the mission. This fact annoyed him feeling slightly betrayed. He was about to respond in anger before he took restock of the situation before he realized, “To be honest all you had to do was say there was poke involved and I would of been all in regardless of any other reward. Yeah I know pretty petty of me. But heck you're offering the information anyways so why not take it right?” He stopped talking for a while as he continued to walk out of Shadowhue. “Well enough of that then. Back to Grassveil then? It’s been awhile since I’ve stepped foot in there.”  

(OOC: You can end the thread now if you like. I’ll start up a thread in Grassveil after this)
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PostSubject: Re: Tales of Shadows   Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:07 pm

This was troublesome. Ket had also slapped out another mound of info, this one worse than the other. In it for the poké? Just the poké? That isn't good. I'll probably get declined to tell. Yooka only laughed cringingly, "Heh, Petty... Just hold back any feelings to run and/or, well... harm. But just be yourself, It'll be ridiculously easy to get you in, get the stuff, find out that little tidbit, and get you out without any trouble. Just wait for me either outside or in the guild's entrance. Not much else to say."

Yooka took out the Mission's paper again to recheck the details. If anything Alki would probably be interested more in the mission's content when, um... Plusle? The client was Plusle. Yooka paused in surprise then suddenly bolted. "OH... Sh--! Ket! I'll meet you there!" She had the client mixed up with the Minun!

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PostSubject: Re: Tales of Shadows   

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Tales of Shadows
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