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 Adopting Silk the Buneary

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PostSubject: Adopting Silk the Buneary   Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:56 pm

» Name: Silk
» Gender: Female
» Species: #427, Buneary, the Rabbit Pokémon
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Why do you want to adopt them?: At surface value, this character may not seem like much: her bio's relatively bare and, at a glance, she appears to simply be a generic go-getter good guy type of character. However, I see in this a type of character that isn't very common around here, and certainly not common with me. I see a genuinely willful, kind, determined character the likes of which I've never had. Sure, I have plenty of "good guys," but no one who could really go into hardcore situations and come out uncompromised. For instance, while Sova's still morally "good" and tries to do what he thinks is right, he's just a biiiiiiiiiit of an edgelord.

Basically, I think this buneary has a lot of potential to be the "beacon of hope" type of character, and for some reason, that's appealing to me. Currently, this site doesn't seem to really have someone to just get up and keep being themself no matter what the world throws at them, or at least, no one of this nature who also happens to be the pure-hearted type. There are a few oblivious idiots who are just happy regardless of circumstance, but Silk is different; she's actually intelligent (at least, in comparison, and from what little I have to go off of with a short application and no threads), and yet she's still pretty much unconditionally peppy and high-spirited.

This should give a good idea of how I intend to expand upon and develop this character, as none of this is quite stated in the bio. However, there's very little actually said in the bio due to how utterly short it is; I'm just filling in the gaps from a logical perspective. While it isn't expressly stated that she is a willful, uncompromising, high-spirited individual, it is most certainly implied. I believe she could be developed in to a very impressive "hero" of sorts, whereas the site is currently lacking a true benchmark of genuine heroism and positivity. Most of the site's characters have pretty deep flaws, as it is difficult to make a character without a "dark side" work and be interesting. With no deep personal struggle, it's hard to develop the character, keep them moving and make them entertaining for oneself and others. However, I think I can do what Nocive couldn't.

Speaking of Nocive, I do have some other reasons for wanting this character, the first of which actually being this user. At some point, Nocive adopted Silk, but immediately gave her up due to not being able to properly portray the character. Now, from what I know, Nocive is a pretty good writer, so I take this as quite the challenge. I do so love a good challenge. Aside from that, while they aren't exactly on my list of favorite pokemon, I do like the designs of both Buneary and Lopunny as well as Mega Lopunny. On that note, I happen to have multiple mega stones that I'm not exactly using, and it really is a shame to just hold onto them in desperate hope that Gamefreak will give eeveelutions some mega evolutions, so I figured... why not branch out and get a character who can actually use a mega stone?

I would have waited a bit until I've done more with some of my most recent characters, but I didn't see much point in patience with this one. It's not like anyone else is gonna want her. Worst case scenario is she doesn't see much use from me for a while, but that's still better than the alternative of no use whatsoever.

Roblox rules apply.

» Sample of roleplay: It was a beautiful day in Grassveil; the sun was shining, barely a cloud in the sky, the temperature being what most would describe as perfect. On such a day, the town was alive with activity, various pokemon socializing and checking the many shops strewn here and there. Street vendors made for popular attractions, especially when it came to tourists, and this wonderful day held no exceptions in such regards. The accessibility and open view of their wares always made them appealing at surface value, and there was oft a certain level of trust between denizens of this fair town; no one would dare sell a damaged or otherwise tainted good, or at least, civilians tended to believe as much. However, there were, of course, occasional exceptions to the rules; not every 'mon setting up shop could be expected to simply thrive, after all.

Atop one such failing stall lay a small, fluffy creature with a mixture of brown and cream-colored fur, long ears coiled up against her head like buns, arms crossed behind her head so as to function as a pillow, eyes wide open as she stared up at the sky with a serene smile. This buneary had been laying on the roof of the stall for a while, having nothing better to do with her time despite her best efforts. She had spent the first half of the day seeking out some form of entertainment, company, or just something to keep herself busy, but alas, she had been left with nothing better to do than sit on top of someone's fruit stand and relax the day away. She crossed her legs and adjusted her hands behind her head, fidgeting in a vain attempt to find a more comfortable position. Her discomfort was being caused not by any shortcomings in her own positioning, but her growing desire to do something.

The buneary gave a drawn-out, content sigh as she looked up at the sky above, suggesting she was relaxed and happy with her situation. "Well, I'm bored," she stated matter-of-factly to no one in particular, contradicting her prior demeanor of peace and contentment. She then sprawled out for a moment before abruptly rolling across the roof and right over the front side of the stall. She latched onto the roof with her left paw, catching herself mid-fall and allowing her body to simply dangle above the ground. She happened to have ended up facing into the stall, met with the disapproving gaze of a clearly annoyed breloom. "Can I have an apple yet?" she spoke with a distinct cheer in her voice; there would have been an accompanying spring in her step if not for the fact that she was currently holding herself a few feet off the ground.

The breloom glanced down at his wares, a portion of which being apples while the rest were made of of varying berries, banana and the like. "Do you have any money yet?" he responded to his unwelcome guest's question with one of his own.

The buneary gave another sigh, though this one had an air of defeat and disappointment to it that suggested she did not, in fact, have any money to pay for an apple. This wasn't the first time she had asked, but it seemed her persistence was fruitless, bearing nothing more than denial once more. "You know I don't. C'mon, can't I like, help you clean up or something instead? I'll do aaaaaaanything!" she whined halfheartedly, hoping to garner a bit of sympathy from the shopkeep. In truth, she could have easily gone out and found her own food, but this breloom's apples looked really good and she just had to have one. Taking "no" for an answer wasn't exactly her specialty, and thus, here she was...

The breloom leaned against the left side of his little stall, a grin forming on his face that made the little bunny... concerned, to say the least. "Anything?" he parroted, the lack of information in his words meriting a sudden ominous atmosphere.

"Uuuh..." the buneary grew hesitant, "Maybe?" She didn't quite want to turn down an opportunity to get free food before she knew what she was being asked to do in return, but at the same time, she had spoken a bit impulsively and was growing concerned for what she was about to sign herself up for. "I mean, as long as it's nothing weird like-" she started up with the aim to explain where she would draw the line here, but she was cut off as her grip on the ceiling above suddenly slipped. "AAAH!" she flailed about before hitting the ground with a thud, her exaggerated shriek dwindling into a pained groan. Her ears uncoiled themselves and sprang outward as she landed, a reflex-based reaction to the sudden shock of having the wind knocked out of her. As she pulled herself up off the dusty ground, she looked up to see the breloom leaning over the counter, staring down at her.

"Alright, what's your name?" he asked, this time being significantly more direct with his question.

"Silk," the buneary responded, her cheery demeanor returning despite the lingering hesitance in the depths of her mind. She rubbed the back of her head with her right paw as she spoke her name, trying to smile through the embarrassment from falling so clumsily right in front of someone. Her ears drooped in front of her face, partially obscuring her vision and making her look all the more awkward and innocent. She didn't bother to perk them up or coil them back inward, seeing very little point in trying to salvage her appearance now that she had already demonstrated a distinct lack of grace. The damage had been done, and of more concern to her was what she would have do for this breloom in order to earn one of his apples...


Before she knew it, she was in the middle of the street, running around trying to advertise some random dude's shop to everyone she could. The deal was that if she got him a few customers, he'd give her some apples. She enjoyed helping others in the first place, and she did want some food, but the task was still a bit of a chore. It was made even worse by how everyone passing by seemed to be set in their ways already; they all had an idea of where they were going and who they were willing to buy from. Apparently, stopping to check out a new shop was too much work. After a while of making herself look like a fool and wasting her time, she decided to take a break and brainstorm. Her first idea was admittedly not her proudest; she could always give some kind of sob story to net customers. Alas, she was too pure for such deception, even with her tummy's protests. Another option was to just go get her own food, but she had already committed to helping this guy, and she had no intention of going back on her word!

Before long, she had another idea; one which she considered to be a stroke of genius. After going off to get a wooden board and something to write with, she made a sign! However, it would not be planted in the ground on a post; rather, she would be the post! Now sticking near the stall she'd devoted herself to, she began holding the sign... TO THE EXTREME! Instead of just standing there, she danced around and called out to passerbys; anything to get their attention. Once she was used to holding the sign and confident in her own ability, she even began doing tricks such as tossing it in the air and spinning it around. She knew one thing that was sure to bring attention was a show, and sure enough, she was right. She couldn't exactly say she drew a crowd with her display, but before long, it started drawing in customers. It was an awful lot of work for a relatively low payout, but it was working!

Then, before she knew it, she had apparently held up her end of the deal. She had gotten so carried away that she didn't even notice a few hours of her steadily bringing customers to the shop had gone by. Fortunately, the shopkeep did, and he was a man of his word; seeing that the buneary was working so hard on an empty stomach, he decided to go ahead and let her call it a day. "Hey, you can have that apple now," he spoke, instantly drawing the little bunny's attention. Practically exploding with joy at this surprise, she dropped the sign and rushed over to pick up the first apple she laid eyes on. She would have taken her time with it if not for how hungry she was; she had forgotten about herself and hadn't noticed her appetite growing from all the exercise. When she was finished, she thanked the shopkeeper, to which he responded by shaking his head and thanking her back, insisting that she was the one who deserved the praise. This made her smile.

Then she picked the sign back up and got right back to work. "What are you doing? You're done; you got me some customers," the breloom questioned in confusion. Silk just turned to him and gave a smile and a shrug. "I may as well work the rest of the day, right? Maybe you'll give me another apple," she responded, though her cheery attitude made it clear that it was no longer about the food. She was having fun just helping someone; the owner of the shop had previously been so cold toward her, but now she had brightened up his day and put a smile on his face! This was more reward than an apple could have ever been. Well, apples were nice too; if he did decide to give her another, she certainly didn't intend to complain.

And that he did. Another apple, then some berries, and before long Silk had made a new friend.

» Link to the original bio: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t1814-up-for-adoption-silk-the-buneary
» Levels of existing characters:
Sova Surzéi the Glaceon - 82
Krikka Wolf the Umbreon - 22
Dusk the Umbreon - 16
Ivirar Wolf the Eevee - 14
Skylar the Vaporeon - 14
Geo the Sylveon - 11
Keith the Jolteon - 10
Kurai the Eevee - 10
Sy'rin Blythe the Vaporeon - 10
Fenris Volq the Glaceon - 9
Mei the Eevee - 9
Emmelyn Surzéi the Eevee - 8
Uthinare the Eevee - 8
Velikye the Eevee - 8
Firseir the Zorua - 8

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

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PostSubject: Re: Adopting Silk the Buneary   Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:07 am

Heeeey I'm using your color


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Adopting Silk the Buneary
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