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 Kassadin the Esuprr

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PostSubject: Kassadin the Esuprr   Kassadin the Esuprr EmptyWed Sep 13, 2017 8:39 pm

» Name: Kassadin
» Sex: Male
» Species: #677; Espurr- The Restraint Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer/Independent

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 (355 Base = 14 Energy + 5 lvls = 19)
» Ability: Keen Eye
» Moves:
- Barier (Egg Move)
- Scratch ( Learned Lv. 1)
- Leer (Learned Lv. 1)
- Covet (Learned Lv. 5)

» Natural Feats:
- Psychic Emitters: By unraveling its ears, the Espurr/Meowstic utilizes it's eye organs to either push nearby Pokemon away up to 300 ft, or receive a sharp spike in power for the next Psychic-type Move, or half the boost for all other Special Attacks. While powerful, the more often this ability is used in a single dungeon, the less control it has and is highly likely to damage allies/teammates with its use. (2-4 uses per dungeon before losing control for Espurr/Meowstic respectively.)

» Relatives:
-Alexander (Father-Deceased-N/a)
-Maria (Mother-N/a)
-Samuel (Brother-N/a)
-Caitlyn (Sister-N/a)

» Personality: Kassadin can initially come off as cold, unsociable, mechanical or just plain odd when first met, as one might expect from an espurr. Having little contact with others in his early life, he has little experience with social contact or behavior and is very slow to open up to others in any way. As such, he is usually very formal and serious when dealing with others, particularly working partners or superiors. Jokes, pranks, and the like usually go over his head, and he himself only has a dry, minimal sense of humor and sarcasm. Morally, he can be very gray, believing that any course of action can be appropriate, so long as the right circumstances are in place. He is fairly transparent with this, and it has put other Pokemon off from befriending him. Another belief he is vocal about is that knowledge is important, but is no substitute for life experience and skills and that both are required.
    Often concise and short in his speech in general, he does tend to speak more openly and often with those he is familiar with and knows well. When working, either in research or on an assignment in a mystery dungeon, he is serious and focused on completing said task to the best of his abilities, regardless of any teammates view on their tasks. However, as he is used to being an older brother, he is not above sacrificing by taking fewer supplies or rewards in favor of giving it to those under his care. When engaging with someone he finds distasteful, his speech is usually very short, to the point, and can even be snarky to a point, depending on the individual.

» Likes:Books: Having traveled around as a child and having virtually no friends during, Kassadin took up reading books in childhood. His love for literature has continued to this day, and if he is not working, sleeping, eating or training, he can usually be found reading all manner of books in a library or his room, from story books to thick history tomes. He might even bring a book on a mission that will be more than a single day.

Knowledge: Valuing the mind above all, Kassadin values learning just about everything. Whether it be in a book, exploring a mystery dungeon, reading reports, or even simply listening to someone tell a story, Kassidin believes that any and all information can be useful and important. Advice and tips from experienced Pokemon are especially valued.

Planning and prep.: Understanding that things cannot always go to plan, Kassadin prefers to prepare for anything, be it a mission or social event, beforehand. A mission to a mystery dungeon going to take 3 days to complete? Kassadin will pack 4 days worth of supplies. Meeting at dawn? He will be there 15 minutes before hand. An item supposed to cost X amount? He will save up excess so that he can have a buffer should the price change or something arise. In almost anything, Kassadin will want to have a plan for a contingency.

» Dislikes:Physical activity Being a psychic type with a small frame, Kassadin despises any intense or even moderate physical activity. While light things like agility training and even a small obstacle course are acceptable, anything more strenuous or designed for stronger Pokemon is not to his taste. (I.E. Weights, excessive combat training, manual labor, etc.)

Surprises Being one who values preparation, anything unexpected is a bad thing in his eyes. While things like ambushes or problems in a mystery dungeon are a given, this extends to surprise parties, events, gifts, meetings, or anything important that he does not know of in advance. The exception to this is someone visiting his room if they need something. Otherwise, he wants to know about anything and everything in advance.

Recklessness: The line between confidence and recklessness is thin, even more so in Kassadin's eyes. He believes that even the most experienced fighter can lose to a less skilled opponent with enough luck and mistakes. As such, he thinks everyone should approach every situation with a level of caution. Seeing anyone, especially allies, boast and approach a situation without a level head puts a sour taste in his mouth.

Nicknames: Being as formal as he is, Kassadin despises being called anything other than he his. Titles like "Espurr", "Psychic-type", or his actual name are what he prefers. Joking names like "Shorty", "Shrimp", "Kitty", or any other such title easily gets on his nerves, and is an easy way to get onto his bad side. It should be noted that he does not show and adverse reaction to being called "Seven". The reason for this is detailed in the "Other" section of his bio.

» History: Kassadin's early life was spent traveling from town to town. Born to a pair of wandering Pokemon, he never spent more than a month in any location at a time. His parents were a pair of traveling free-lance explorers, doing various jobs, including working in mystery dungeons, to get by. Such a living was sparse on friends, and he filled that void with reading books, something that would become a life. When his brother, and eventually sister, were born, he took his role as an older brother very seriously. His days were spent caring for his siblings, being taught by his parents, and reading in-between. He settled into the rhythm of such a life and learned what he could from the various Pokemon they met on their travels.
    Things changed one day when his father began to fall ill. In an attempt to help, he poured over any books, scrolls, tomes, and papers he could get his paws on in an effort to find a cure. Months went by in this fashion, ultimately leading to his father's passing. While sad, he understood that their wandering lifestyle required coin, and he took it upon himself to earn what he could to help keep his family afloat. This was a rude awakening for the espurr, who had until then spent his days reading and learning in relative comfort. The things he knew and were used to were of little use in daily life, much less hired work. While this was a hard pill to swallow, he did so and carried on, learning and changing himself as required. Eventually, he saved up enough to build his family a home that they could settle in. With his family set, he decided to venture out on his own as a free-lance wanderer, aiming to learn things and experience life at the same time. He saves up bits of his earnings to send back home to his family.

» Other: While he has never had an official nickname, he has been referred to as "Seven" by a few Pokemon he and his family regularly ran into on their travels. This stems from him declaring seven to be his favorite number, for a multitude of reasons. Seen as being lucky, being a prime number, and a good number for balance are among the most common reasons he cites. While insignificant, this is one of the most personal things he reveals about himself to those he doesn't consider close. He has shown neither disapproval nor excitement for the title, but rather quiet acceptance. He will show no objection to anyone calling him by this title.

Side-note: I felt very... odd in coming up with the Natural Feat. While I feel that it is an important and key feature in the species design and identity overall, I have little experience in RP battling, so I have little idea of how to make such a thing balanced. I kept it fairly close to the Pokedex entry, but am still unsure how to feel about it. Any advice on how to change/tweak it so that it is viable would be greatly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Kassadin the Esuprr   Kassadin the Esuprr EmptyFri Sep 15, 2017 6:53 pm

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


You misspelled Barrier


First and foremost, that feat is a jumbled mess of assumptions and DnD logic. Virtually none of that is actually stated in Espurr's Pokedex entries. You quite literally made most of that up when there's already a clear-cut, canon explanation for the effect. Use what the Pokedex has and stick to that. Don't try to overcomplicate or diversify it. I'll elaborate more on this issue in a moment. Aside from that, you also need to add a feat for your character's ability; a simple description of Keen Eye will do.


The character's family plays a pretty significant role in his life, but there's little elaboration on them. At the very least, some mention of species seems appropriate. They're currently just faceless entities with names and not much more.


I've already explained why the feat is wrong, but since you asked, I'll also explain how to make it right. It's an area of psychic power that can reach up to 300 feet away. It would obviously exhaust an espurr in seconds, it'd risk the safety of everyone around it, and it's entirely impossible to control, all of which would contribute to why the species generally doesn't use it. The Pokedex says nothing about any knock-back, and if there is that amount of physical force tied to it, this force would only be present close to the espurr since the psychic power would get weaker as it gets further away from the source. Regardless, that part doesn't need to be mentioned in the feat; just keep it in mind. Also note that the power of this attack should scale with the power of the character, so for instance, a weak little just-created character shouldn't be mowing down a forest with this.

Anything else, such as the bit about boosting psychic power/special attack, should be removed as it's pretty much entirely baseless. Espurr stores its psychic power in a certain part of its body, but that doesn't at all imply it can give itself random power boosts.

Again, I would like to stress that the Pokedex makes it clear that this psychic bomb is impossible to control. In other words, no "X amount of uses until the character can't control it." He just can't control it, period. It'd be reckless and dangerous for multiple reasons, as I already explained. This would make it an emergency measure, and hopefully, it'll help you balance it properly. If you want an extra factor to balance it with, you could have it go a bit further than just exhausting him and have it actually hurt him.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Character Moderators. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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