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 Frozen Heights

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PostSubject: Frozen Heights   Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:49 pm

First topic message reminder :

Zorre Energy: 39 - 22 = 17
Escape Orb (3)
Hurl Orb (2)
Iron Thorn (1)

Zorre paced at the bottom of the frozen mountain, looking up at the towering heights. Last time he had been in this place, it had ended at the bottom of the mountain, covered in snow for a while before he managed to dig himself out. It wasn't an experience he wanted to repeat any time soon, yet he found himself drawn back to the mountain, like something, or someone, was calling him.

He looked up at the mountain again before resigning himself to scaling the thing once more. He walked over to the start of a trail and headed up the mountain, cursing as he slipped on some stray ice. If only his clan could see him now! They'd laugh it up, a scyther scaling a frozen mountain! Sounded like some joke straight out of the emboar's mouth...

Kyraen Energy: 27 - 22 = 5

Kyraen hopped excitedly from rock to rock, his fur sparking with electricity. He was so excited! This frozen mountain was full of exciting things, by the sounds of it, and he would be the one to discover them, like a real explorer! He just couldn't wait! The young jolteon might be a greenhorn -literally- but that wouldn't stop him from scaling the mountain like a pro! Just watch him!

Kyraen hoped he met another pokemon on the trail, so he could share the exciting experience with someone else! It was unfortunate that the joltik he had met before had up and disappeared on him, but what could one do? Things like that happened in life; friends come and go like leaves on the wind, sometimes. It was alright with Kyraen; he could meet some new friends, and maybe they would like to start an exploration team with him!

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PostSubject: Re: Frozen Heights   Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:24 pm

At least neither of them questioned her little hiccup but it was evident the Scyther was not happy. If he wasn't already. When the Jolteon arrived, said Jolteon was the only one to tell their own name. This Scyther was proving to be, difficult in the social department. Even more so when his laugh caused the Jolteon to back off. If only there was a way to somewhat calm down the Jolteon... What was the reason the Scyther was so focused on him? "You still don't trust the Scyther do you? Well... if he ever does something to you, just call my name." Neither does she but better to have someone content enough to stick around and potentially fend off obstacles, than to have to fight them off aswell.

Anyways, speaking of avalanches and surviving. Yooka had a few seconds to look around before noticing a few things. "At least it stopped snowing." but that also means a fresh blanket of snow and they were next to a cliff. Either her luck was back or it's just a coincidence but as she was saying that and realizing their location she heard what sounded like a constant stream of glass shattering. Ice, and getting closer.

Despite having a look around, it hit her before she figured out what it was. She was thinking one of those avalanches was currently happening but didn't see it. Instead it was two beams, one missed but the other make a direct hit to her chest and shoulder. It left Ice where it hit and it hit hard but Yooka kept standing. Looking at the source, she saw two Cryogonal. Whatever they were, they interrupted the group.

She hit the ice with a glowing fist, shattering it. This was more of an unexpected surprise and conveniently a horrible time to happen. Between, trust issues and not knowing what everyone can do, the Jolteon seemed winded from climbing and she knew the Scyther would have a horrible advantage against Ice. This may kill her before she gets what she wants. 'Fun'. "Well, then. Where to start?"

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Frozen Heights
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