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 Ryan Blackfang, the absol

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Ryan Blackfang, the absol Empty
PostSubject: Ryan Blackfang, the absol   Ryan Blackfang, the absol EmptySat Sep 02, 2017 3:28 pm

[size=11]» Name: Ryan Nightfang
» Sex: Male
» Species: #359 Absol - The disaster pokémon
» Affiliation: Currently a wanderer, planning to join Grassveil’s guild

» Level: 5
» Energy: 17
» Ability: Pressure
» Moves:
-Future sight (learned, level 1)
-Quick attack (learned, level 1)
-Punishment (Egg move)
-Scratch (Learned, level 1)

» Natural Feats:
-Pressure: Ryan, with this ability, can exert the feeling of being ‘put under pressure’ to his opponents, thereby making them using up 2 power points (PP) per move ; this even applies even when the enemy's move misses, the attack has multiple targets, or the attack is rendered ineffective due to immunity.

» Personality:
Ryan has been described as, well, your typical absol but with some perks in intelligence; he has high curiosity, is studious and serious in Pokémon terms, has high knowledge, only shows fierce faces in certain conditions, is loyal to his friends, and always tries to help others in need.

He is pretty quick (and strong) on his feet, prefers to smile (albeit faintly) rather than keeping a straight face like what most absols do when not enraged, and is always eager to find and study something new around him. Anything goes, from a plant with different coloration, to a place he has never explored, to a Pokémon that he has never seen before.

Aside from being highly curious, he is also helpful, friendly to everyone around him (except enemies for obvious reasons), loyal to his friends, and studious. Whenever he senses problem, he tries to get to the site and help with whatever he can do (such as giving warnings to the citizens of an area he’s visiting when a disaster is about to strike that place, even when the Pokémon around despises him or even accuses him to be the culprit (at which Ryan walks off while hoping that they will realize before it’s too late)). Heck, he will fight for his friends and try to protect them at all costs whenever someone else tries to hurt them ! There was, however, a moment when he felt he couldn’t protect his friend though …

Unfortunately, he is sometimes reckless, prone to making snap judgements and decisions when under pressure (and usually the outcome isn’t good), and quite impatient. He indeed has tried to know the limits and to think first before acting, though sometimes his recklessness still gets the best of him. He used to be anti-social too, when he was in terrible moods (though with support from his friends, he got over it in the end). Ever since leaving his hometown, he is also self-centered at times.

During his free time, he prefers exploring new things, learning new battle techniques and potentials, and also sparring with others to hone his battle skills. He still play games with others from time to time, although he’s not very good in one.

» Likes:
-Never-seen-before stuff. Ryan, due to his high curiosity, always gets intrigued whenever he encounters something new to his eyes … Even when the new object has a risk do more harm than good to him.

-Teamwork. Ryan actually loves working with others (even though his peers in his hometown weren’t too eager to work with him because of the reasons mentioned above), and welcomes everyone as long as they don’t get lazy (yes, Ryan isn’t a fan of laziness).

-Challenges. Nothing's better than a chance for Ryan to show off whatever skills he has to the world ! Whatever the outcome is (as long as he’s not robbed out of all his poké, badly injured, or killed), it’s fine for him. He knows when to keep his limits though, and he doesn’t take it if he deems the dangers are way too great for his level (he’s still a young Absol that still needs more experience in life, after all).

-Calamity. Ah … Sometimes some moment of ‘me’ time is what we all need, right ? Whenever the moment is right, Ryan prefers to just search for a place with uncluttered natural surroundings, settle down and enjoy himself being surrounded by the scenery around him. He feels calm in that kind of situation, and it helps him thinking about what should he do next.

-Completing tasks in a quick manner. In Ryan’s philosophy, he doesn’t like postponing tasks just for some more time slacking off, and he scorns the behavior of stacking unfinished tasks up. Every tasks being assigned to him have to be finished as quick as possible, and he can only be fully relaxed for the day once all of the tasks that can be completed in that day have been completed.

» Dislikes:
-Extremely bright light. Having eyes that are mostly adjusted for vision in the darkness, of course lots of shining waves of light hurt your retina a lot … Is it comforting for Ryan ? Absolutely not !

-Wild Bugs. Seriously … Bugs that have gone feral in the wilderness are, quite literally, Ryan’s worst nightmare. Just imagine your body being grazed upon endlessly by them … Ugh, just no. Ryan feels just fine with bugs living in towns though (although sometimes he still got uncomfortable when around them).

-Spicy foods. Really … While this isn’t a nightmare to Ryan’s whole body, it is to his tongue. Whenever he eats something spicy, he feels like his tongue is literally on fire. If Ryan got into a situation like this, he always tries to search for water as soon as possible and drink as much as he can in order to expel the burning taste.

-Mega evolutions. Despite being one of the few Pokémon species that can mega evolve (and not to mention the power boost), Ryan feels uneasy whenever he sees someone else mega evolving or is offered a chance of mega evolving himself (and therefore he rejects any chance out of it), since he’s afraid that he may be unable to keep his composure and go berserk when mega evolving. The fear came from an event which will be explained at the history section later.

» History:
Ryan was hatched about 3 years ago in a freezing winter day at a settlement somewhere in the Icy lands, from the ‘Nightfang’ family (consisting of another absol (his mother, obviously) and a weavile (his father)).

Right after he was born, he saw snowflakes dropping in front of his very eyes at his house’s lawn and when he asked about what it is to his parents, his father (being an extremely intelligent weavile) explained it to Ryan in a detailed fashion. At first his mom felt that Ryan wouldn’t understand it well as he was just born, but … She was shocked when Ryan told his father that he understood what his father had said. From then on, Ryan slowly grew to be someone highly curious, friendly, and knowledgeable. During his time in his hometown, Ryan tried to study everything he encountered while also leading a rather packed but happy life with his family and few friends (Around his neighborhood, there’s not many other Pokémon around his age).

Among his friends, he was BFFs with a female glaceon named ‘Laura Sesvenna’ (though she was more commonly called Laura). She lived in another settlement nearby and they often explored the expanses of icy lands together, alongside helping any Pokémon in need that they encountered. In fact, they (mostly Ryan, since he has been able to sense disasters) had been warning a lot of travelling Pokémon around them whenever there would be an avalanche coming from Mt. Frossmeer or a very strong blizzard at the surroundings. Some heeded the warnings and some ignored … Most of those ignoring the warnings eventually got badly injured, or worse when said disasters struck the area Ryan & Laura had been in. Oh, and while he and Laura stated that they didn’t want to accept pokés since they did what they do voluntarily in order to keep them living, some of the travelling Pokémon who had listened their warnings and got their lives saved felt like they owed them one and insisted giving some of their pokés to Ryan and Laura as prizes. Mostly, they reluctantly accepted the money and shared the amount since they would rather not get involved in a heated debate about this matter with the traveller.

Laura was also one of Ryan’s partners in his sparring sessions alongside his parents and other friends, where they practiced their own attacks together … By attacking each other. Sometimes Ryan got defeated, and sometimes Laura got defeated. Either way, they never held grudges against each other. In fact, there was a moment that Laura gave Ryan a black bowtie crafted by one of the most famous leavanny designers in a faraway land. Of course it was expensive (even Laura had spent all of her savings just for that bowtie) but Laura didn’t mind that and even insisted Ryan to accept it, signaling just how true their friendship was. And so they remained BFFs …

Until one day, when he (without Laura, since she was sick) encountered a black hound-like quadruped Pokémon (which would turn out to be a houndoom later on) not very far away from Icicle Woods, during a moment in which the houndoom got himself transformed into a more menacing and fiercer form. He didn’t know how this guy could get here in the Icy lands, and while he was curious about the Pokémon, he didn’t go further since he sensed a grave disaster emanating from that (now mega) houndoom. He somehow couldn’t determine what the disaster would be though … And so he went home and asked his parents about it.

His mother (who had once mega evolved before) then explained the species of Pokémon he had encountered (houndoom), and also the dynamics of mega evolution, in that it can make its user gain a temporary boost in all stats, while also giving its user a more menacing, bigger looks designed to intimidate others, alongside telling that his (and his mom’s) species is one of the few that can pull this off. There’s a catch though, since she further explained that whenever a Pokémon is in mega evolution, its rage builds up as time passes unless if it attacks something or someone, and when the rage reaches its highest point, the Pokémon will go on rampage and attack everything in sight with full force, thereby capable of severely injuring or killing others. Having listened to what his mother had said, Ryan said that he had understood and decided to go for a sparring session with his father.

Later that day, he was out and going to see Laura ; little did he know that what he would saw at Laura’s group settlement would change a part of him forever …
Once he arrived there, he saw the settlement on fire, and there was the mega houndoom he had encountered earlier, now getting berserk and was in rampage, destroying everything at the settlement and annihilating everyone, right on the spot. Enraged, he tried to attack the mega houndoom for whatever he had done, only to be knocked off by a ‘fire fang’ attack from his opponent, causing him to get high-degree burns and pass out instantly (because of the mega houndoom’s much higher power and level). He didn’t remember anything that happened throughout his moment of unconsciousness.

Once he got back to his consciousness, what he saw was nothing but utter destruction covered in a blizzard. His opponent had apparently left into the cover of the blizzard, never to be seen again. Shortly thereafter (and against his weakened body’s protest), he scoured the area … For his BFF.

Imagine the shock on his face when he eventually found her partially buried under the rubbles of what was once her house … Covered in a lot of bruises and cuts, with blood seeping from her mouth. Once he got to her, she stirred her eyes half open, and slowly said “Ryan … I’m sorry … For just choosing to stay …” while smiling weakly. Ryan’s response was “No, it’s okay … Laura, I understand … I don’t wanna force you …” while chocking his tears back. “But … had I chosen to join you … I would be spared and … I could warn others … about this …”, she said with a croak.

“No, please … You can survive through this … I can’t lose you …”, Ryan said with a sniffle and a tear running through his cheek (until it froze in the blizzard).  Soon after, he tried desperately to cast the rubble off his BFF … Only to be stopped by Laura, who said “No Ryan … My wounds … Have been too severe …”, and without giving Ryan any chance of objection, resumed with a croak “But … I’m sure that … You can get through … Even without me … Because you’re the strongest … And the nicest … Pokémon I’ve ever known”, she croaked as her eyes formed tears of their own, which froze immediately in the cold blizzard, during which moment she pleaded Ryan with more croaks “Please, never give up … Always pursue your dreams … And always believe … In yourself …” ; Ryan’s own eyes had been blurred by his own frozen tears and he couldn’t form any words out of his mouth aside from “Yes, I promise it. We’ve always promised …”.  

“I’m sorry Ryan … But … I guess … My time’s … up already … It’s been so … lucky of me … To ever know you … And be … partners … with you … ”. Ryan tried to open his mouth again to tell her something but just as he opened it, Laura told Ryan her final words ; “Thank you … for everything … And … I … love … you…” . With that, her eyes were closed for good. Then her body disintegrated into countless tiny ice fragments that soon evaporated in particles of light … And after a moment, those were gone, thereby wiping Laura’s body (and soul) out of existence. Ryan, feeling utter hopelessness of being unable to save his BFF, screamed “NOOOOOOO….!” As his glaceon friend’s body evaporated into oblivion. And so … He returned home in a deep sorrow for losing his best friend and a newborn fear of mega evolution.

While his parents and remaining friends have tried to support him after the loss, Ryan decided the week after that he would leave for another place to pursue more training, as well as to strengthen his connections, and eventually engaging in a battle with the houndoom (be it mega or not) that had killed his best friend alongside a few others, all done for the sake of avenging Laura, and to make up for his feeling of guilt for being unable of protecting his friends. Basically, he wanted to start anew.

And so … After taking every single bit of his poké savings and wearing what was the last remaining fragment of link of him with his late friend (the bowtie mentioned earlier) around his ruff at the neck, alongside getting reassurances from his family that he would be always welcomed should he ever return … Ryan decided to leave his hometown behind, pursuing what his promise to his deceased friend was ; to be always there for those in need, and to never give up under any pressure.

A long trip through the frozen lands … And by the time he saw fresh grass, it’s been a few days’ walk and quite a lot of poké spent for food and supplies. At first, he considered just giving up and returning, for the fact that he didn’t know where to go … Until he got reminded by his promise, that he would never give up. And so … He decided to just cross the boundary, and kept going. Another few days walk, and he spotted a sign of civilization, much larger than what he got used to back in his hometown. This … Turned out to be GrassVeil town.

He then decided to go there, hoping to be able to meet someone or some sort of organization (like the guild) that can help him to start anew.

» Other:
Ryan wears a black bowtie at his ruff (had been mentioned earlier as a gift from his late friend). By the time he saw GrassVille town, he's pretty much fine but a bit starved since there were hardly any food along the way.

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Posts : 8
Poké : -5000
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Ryan Blackfang, the absol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ryan Blackfang, the absol   Ryan Blackfang, the absol EmptySat Sep 02, 2017 3:32 pm

Author's note :

-Laura Sesvenna here (the glaceon) was another character I built by myself for plot purposes only. In no way is she related to any other characters (or users thereof) in this forum except me.
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Ryan Blackfang, the absol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ryan Blackfang, the absol   Ryan Blackfang, the absol EmptySun Sep 03, 2017 11:06 am


There are a lot of major issues with this application, but I won't even begin to go into detail on them until you've properly read the site's rules and put a bit of effort toward effort toward making the application make sense. If you've already read the rules, you clearly didn't read them well enough, so go do it again.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Character Moderators. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Is it my post in our thread?  Wanna start a thread with me?  Hit me up HERE

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Ryan Blackfang, the absol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ryan Blackfang, the absol   Ryan Blackfang, the absol Empty

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Ryan Blackfang, the absol
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