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 Sweet Naivete (Open)

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Sweet Naivete (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Sweet Naivete (Open)   Sweet Naivete (Open) EmptyThu Aug 17, 2017 12:03 pm

"Swoo..." Catherine said as she looked around her. In all of her days, she couldn't have imagined a place as large or packed as Grassveil was. Pokemon walked past her on either side, shops created a lively atmosphere, and the whole place just seemed... Alive.

It took a few moments, but she began to realize she had no idea where she was supposed to go. If she wanted to be an adventurer, surely it would be best to find the Guild? She hadn't expected that to be so hard. She tried to ask a Pelliper, but the bird Pokemon took off as she approached.

How rude!

She huffed to herself as she took residence in some shade. She let out a sigh as she looked at the passing crowd, trying to figure out what to do next. She could spend days wandering without any results, so maybe she'd walk for a little longer to find a sign or something.

"Well, just think of this as your first major test," She said to herself.
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Sweet Naivete (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sweet Naivete (Open)   Sweet Naivete (Open) EmptySun Aug 20, 2017 3:40 am

There was nothing left for her at home anymore.

Grassveil was rife with activity, as usual. Normally Dion wouldn't mind the hustle and bustle, but today everything set her on edge. Today colors seared her eyes and sounds hurt her ears. She had to leave, had to go somewhere, though she had no particular place in mind. Maybe she’d head for the Guild. There was more of a relaxed aura there.

The Snubbull kept her head down and her pace quick as she snaked through the crowd, shrugging away the paws of overly enthusiastic vendors. Those who weren’t used to the busy town life often got distracted by in-your-face shopkeepers and sellers, but Dion was a thoroughbred local. She knew how to steer through a crowd, how to step into vendors’ blind spots so they didn’t see her walk past. Having a permanent scowl and a generally unapproachable air also helped.

Someone accidentally dipped a banner in front of her face. She reflexively snapped at it, teeth flashing like knives in the too-blue of the sky, and it quickly flitted out of her sight.

A moment later she came to the end of the street and found herself face-to-face with a Bounsweet resting in the shade. She grunted something that sounded vaguely like a greeting and turned to leave, but then paused. As a local, she was also capable of distinguishing visitors from inhabitants. This one looked like a visitor. A lost visitor, to be exact. She sighed, which sounded more like a growl what with how aggressively she forced it out of her throat.

Oi. You lost or something?” Dion snapped, voice so flinty it could strike a fire right there on the grass. She didn't mean to sound so harsh, not really, but that was just how she normally sounded. And she wasn't exactly having a great time at the moment either.

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Sweet Naivete (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sweet Naivete (Open)   Sweet Naivete (Open) EmptyTue Aug 22, 2017 3:39 am

"Oop!" Catherine said, nearly rolling onto her side in surprise. She wasn't too proud of her reaction, but at least she didn't fully embarrass herself.

She hoped.

"I'm looking for the guild! I'm going to be an adventurer!" She said proudly. She knew the statement got her a lot of odd looks, but she was starting become apathetic to that. Part of her did worry that it was painfully clear she was from the country.

"I-I'm not in your spot am I?" Catherine asked after getting a good look at the Pokemon that had approached her. She seemed to be an aggressive dog type Pokemon. Who knew how territorial the other Pokemon might be.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Naivete (Open)   Sweet Naivete (Open) Empty

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Sweet Naivete (Open)
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