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 Nail, the Skarmory

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Nail, the Skarmory Empty
PostSubject: Nail, the Skarmory   Nail, the Skarmory EmptySat Jul 29, 2017 7:56 am

» Name: Nail
» Sex: Male
» Species: #227 Skarmory the Armor Bird Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22
» Ability: Sturdy
» Moves:
-Leer(Level 1)
-Brave Bird (Egg Move)
-Peck (Level 1)

» Natural Feats:
-Speedy Flight: While his wings may be made of metal, his bones are hollow, allowing Nail to fly at speeds of around 190 mph.
-Sturdy: Nail cannot be knocked out with one hit. One-hit KO moves cannot knock him out, either.

» Relatives:
-Father: Braviary
-Mother: Skarmory

» Personality:
Nail is a passionate yet focused pokemon, dedicated to living out a life that any adventurer could be proud of. While he may seem like an arrogant skarmory at first meeting, time spent with him will reveal a surprisingly honorable pokemon who takes great pride in himself. Should one reveal themselves to be someone that Nail can respect, he can grow far warmer and be more understanding in his demeanor. Nail is also very respectful to those who are older than him, as well as any that could be called his superior. As for peer relationships, while he may keep at best, a superficial relationship with those around him, when he truly cares for someone, it could be called love.

Nail is short-tempered. Any perceived insult against him can often result in him becoming confrontational, often ending with Nail and whoever’s stuck with him getting into trouble. Other things that can get him mad include interrupting him when he is training, insulting those he respects, and when he’s already agitated, being looked at sorta funny.

The final thing that could definitively be said about Nail is that he is determined, or as those who would criticize him would say, stubborn. Despite whatever trouble faces him, he does not allow himself the luxury of failure. Even if his feathers were to be battered and bruised, Nail will continue on through whatever obstacle is in the way of what he wants.

» Likes:
-Stories. Whether he’s telling them or listening to one, Nail adores a good story. Preferably around a warm campfire, underneath the stars.
-Competition. Nail has an intense competitive spirit, and should he find someone else who thinks they are better than he is then Nail will quickly do his best to prove them wrong. However, win or lose, Nail does his best to remain good-natured.
-Training. When he has time off, Nail often trains. Whether it’s practicing his strikes, or even sharpening his wings, Nail takes a lot of joy from simply training himself to be a better pokemon.

» Dislikes:
-Sloth. Nail despises apathy and has trouble with idleness, causing him to grow impatient and his temper to flare up if he’s gone too long without activity.
-Taking advantage of the weak. Nail will not to allow the weak to be taken advantage of, as long as he can do something about it.
-Disrespect. Nail cannot abide by the disrespect of others. Whether directed at himself or others, any show of disrespect will prompt the Skarmory’s ill temper to rise.

» History:
Born to an aging couple, Nail was an insatiably curious little bird. Even before he could fly, he would wander around searching for brand new things that caught his interest. It was all his father and mother could do to stop the young bird pokemon from straying too far from the nest.

One day, young Nail managed to get himself lost deep in a dark, terrible forest. It began to take a while before his mother and father would usually find him. It took longer, and longer. The longer it took, the more the little one felt alone. He began to cry. For the first time in his life, he began to regret wandering off on his own. Wild pokemon began to take an interest in the little one, and began to chase him. Though he ran at first, Nail found that he could not outrun them, So instead, he stood against them. Nail fought as valiantly as he could, injuring several of his pursuers, but eventually the armor that guarded him grew battered and broken. Things looked grim for the young bird.

Until of course, a Hawlucha in a bright, sky blue scarf came to his rescue. Nail was mesmerized at the Hawlucha’s skill and power. At the end of it, a score of wild pokemon lay at the feet of the Hawlucha, and one little Skarmory was standing, awestruck. The Hawlucha, named Santo, explained that his parents had sent him to search for Nail. Upon being reminded of his parents, the young one burst into tears in relief that they still remembered him. To calm him down on the way back, Santo told Nail stories about his travels as an adventurer. The young Nail's tears dried, and eventually began to hang onto every word and story that Santo told on the way home. Seeing the boy so happy to hear about adventuring, and having seen him fight back against the wild pokemon in the woods, Santo had an idea. As soon as Santo brought Nail home, he asked Nail’s parents if he could teach Nail about being an adventurer.

Nail’s parents agreed, seeing no other choice more perfect for him. And so Santo trained the young Nail, bringing him up on every lesson that he had learned himself when he was but a young man. Nail hung onto every word, and so he trained with Santo, who was impressed by the boy’s determination.

The day finally came when Santo told Nail that he was ready. He pointed him out in the direction of a small town with an adventuring guild, Grassveil. The Hawlucha left Nail with one final parting gift, a bright, sky blue scarf, the one he had worn when he had rescued him. Nail accepted it heartily. With his old master’s keepsake around his neck, Nail flew off to Grassveil to begin his adventuring career.

» Other: Nail wears a bright blue scarf around his neck. He is very particular about it, and will never take it off if at all possible.
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Nail, the Skarmory Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nail, the Skarmory   Nail, the Skarmory EmptyTue Aug 01, 2017 9:12 am

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


While Skarmory's top flight speed is stated to be around 190 mph, this is a fresh, level 5 character; he shouldn't be moving as fast as a prime specimen.  Also, keep in mind that this must be talking about diving/gliding speed, as it wouldn't make much sense for a skarmory to be able to actually move that fast under normal circumstances where factors such as gravity, wind and height wouldn't be helping it (such as in a fight).


"Upon being reminded of his parents, the young one burst into tears in relief that they still remembered him."

...How long was he gone?  There's nothing in the history prior to this sentence that indicates he was gone long enough for such a concern that his parents wouldn't remember him.  If he truly was gone long enough for this fear to be reasonable, then how in the world did he survive on his own in the wild for so long with little experience and no survival skills to aid him?  It's also stated that at some point he stopped running and started fighting off attackers; if this happened often over an extended period of time, it's unrealistic to think he would have one every battle, and it's even less realistic to think he'd still be alive.  And, again assuming that the above quote is implying that he was gone for a long period of time, how did he manage to simply wander away from home and become entirely lost to society with no one able to find him for such a long time?  And, perhaps more importantly, how does he have no lasting psychological trauma from such an event?  Such an event would surely have a lasting impact on someone's personality.  This entire bit of his history needs more elaboration and, more importantly, more thought put into it.

Now, after being rescued, it seems his parents agreed to allow him to become an explorer rather easily.  Why?  Why would they be so open to such a thing after having lost him for so long due to it?  One would think that they'd be far less open to the idea after such a scare.  In fact, it's a bit odd that Nail himself would be so interested just after going through what should have been a relatively scarring "adventure."  Of course, this is all assuming that the above quoted sentence is accurate.

Last but not least, you mention Grassveil's guild as an "adventuring guild," with Nail's only apparent motivation for joining being that he wants to go on adventures.  In reality, the site's guilds are less about adventuring and more about helping others.  A guild member's job is to assist civilians and hunt for outlaws, not to explore for the sake of it.  Someone could go on adventures on their own just as easily as - if not easier than - a guild member.  Those who join guilds generally have some motivation other than a thirst for adventure, such as a driving desire to help others, since they would logically stay away otherwise.  However, Nail currently seems to want the life of an adventurer rather than the life of a hero.  While the hawlucha's words are fine motivation for him to join a guild, the actual job wouldn't exactly be the fantasy it's being portrayed as in this history.  This particular part of the history doesn't necessarily need to be changed, but keep in mind that the guild is being a bit romanticized here.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

Welcome To The End:

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Nail, the Skarmory
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