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 The Team's Excellent Anti-Bullying Campaign

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PostSubject: The Team's Excellent Anti-Bullying Campaign   Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:00 am

Energy: 20 - 5 = 15

Mission Details::

The afternoon sun, high in the sky, shined upon the members of Team Friendship Alliance and their guest. According to their mission, their job was to confront a bully tormenting the bug Pokemon of Pecha Forest. Nothing very remarkable about it, but what was remarkable was that this was the first job of the team's newest member, Morty. Accompanying him was the team's leader, Darcy, and the member senior to himself, Alki. Joining them for the mission was Yigo, who was not an official member of the team. Morty didn't really mind accepting a not-so-exciting job. As he had been telling himself the past few days, a change of pace where he wasn't fighting would be okay.

Some time before the team had departed, Darcy had brought up something strange with him; the idea of beginning a tutoring business. He hadn't ever considered being a teacher before. A pupil to call his own? That would be quite interesting... but he also doubted that he would be experienced enough to teach someone. The thought lingered in his mind the entire time they walked to the forest. "Hey, Darcy. About what you said back in the town? About that tutoring business you mentioned... I kinda like the idea. But, I don't really think I'm ready to be a teacher yet. It sounds pretty hard. Sorry if that's... disappointing... to hear. Maybe sometime in the future...". He was still surprised that Darcy had brought up such a concept. He hadn't known she was interested in teaching. He'd make sure to keep the idea in the back of his mind, as it was tempting.

The team arrived at the entrance of the Pecha Forest. None of the Pokemon here were too particularly strong. Morty had visited the place in his spare time once in a while. This whole mission would be a breeze, for sure. That is, unless their target bully was stubborn... He would have to make sure that he restrained from being agressive when they found her. The last thing he would want was to end up hurting her, as she was probably just a kid. Morty stepped ahead of the others, before announcing, "Anyways... Okay, everyone understand the mission? If we're all set, then I say we can go into the forest to begin the mission.". Oddly, Morty was taking a leader-like role. Maybe it was his latent excitement about his first mission? Though he didn't show it, he was quite eager.
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PostSubject: Re: The Team's Excellent Anti-Bullying Campaign   Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:23 pm

Yigo couldn´t still believe what was he doing and with whom. Joined by an exploration team, of all people, he would set forth in the Guild´s name to defend the helpless bug Pokemon from Pecha forest. His motivations were not driven by any responsibility with the Guild, nor he was affected by the actions of the target Pidgey. He just went with the team because one of their members and his dearest friend, Alki, asked him to do so.

The walk to the mystery dungeon was not exactly quiet. As means to train his senses before the mission started, he eavesdropped the conversation that took place between the team leader and the warrior. They were talking about tutoring, about sharing their knowledge with other Pokemon. While Morty declined Darcy´s offer to start a business together, whatever that meant, the Sandshrew still pondered the idea. He wasn´t a good fighter as he was only taught by his mother how to avoid conflicts on his own. It was a shame that the bug type was not willing to share his knowledge. On the other hand, Darcy mentioned an ability called read.

Even if both Darcy and Morty were Alki´s teammates and presumed friends, Yigo still considered them strangers and, despite wanting to, he couldn´t trust them as much as to ask them directly. The only one he felt he could talk to was Alki, so he turned to her in that situation, whispering to the hooded Igglybuff´s ear so no one else could notice it "A-Alki... w-what´s read for?" the Sandshrew looked back at the Skitty, verifying that she wasn´t listening. Darcy didn´t seem like a bad Pokemon. She was really friendly the first time they meet and was concerned about his safety. Could he ask her that favour after the mission was over? Was it... too soon to ask? "D-Do you think... would Darcy teach me?"

Walking by the Igglybuff´s side, Yigo finally reached Pecha Forest´s entrance. He had been avoiding getting inside since he arrived at Grassveil, not even to look for food when he was hungry. This would be his first time in a forest, his first time in a place where nature had overrun the soil and made plants grew high into the sky. There was a feeling of dread but, with all the allies by his side, a fresh new air of adventure and excitement took over him. He sat down at the entrance to sniff the wood´s breeze, an overflow of new scents that dazzled his mind, before looking back at the team. Morty seemed eager to start right away. Yigo started getting nervous when the bug type proposed to enter the mystery dungeon when everyone was ready.

Ready? That was not what Yigo though that he was since he was asked to join Alki, but he pretended to be so just to not hinder the rest of the team. "I-I´ll... I´m ready. I´ll follow"

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The Team's Excellent Anti-Bullying Campaign
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