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 Will be without internet for undeterminal amount of time

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PostSubject: Will be without internet for undeterminal amount of time   Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:04 pm

hey guys I know I've not posted for a while and will not be posting or even around this site for a while due to no internet. The reason is I've been forced to work at this hotel for 160 hours a week and get maybe an hour at most per day to be at a computer or phone with out it being work related. I am working on leaving this job for a new one and moving into an apartment. until I have the funds to install and pay for internet I will more than likely not even be on this site at all. This is so you know no to put up my character for adoption while this is happening, could be a month, could be a year or more. it's hard to say but I will be working hard to get enough money to get back on here with spare time to rp again... I sorely miss it. I better go before my bosses decide to try and claim my stuff as theirs and force me into some stupid legal battle. hope to see you guys sooner rather than later
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Will be without internet for undeterminal amount of time
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