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 Tell Not Another Soul

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PostSubject: Tell Not Another Soul   Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:37 pm

Lumina Energy: 48 - 20 = 28

Lumina squelched through the marshlands, the darkness overhead casting a dark mist across the land. The two pokemon she was leading through the misty mire followed along behind her in their own way, a kecleon and an absol, each in their own right scrabbling through the darkness.

Lumina held a pawful of embers in one paw, lighting the way as best as she could, wishing that she had a tail-fire like charmanders and charizards had, at least then she wouldn't be hobbled the way that she was. "I think we've reached the Mire," she said to her companions.

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PostSubject: Re: Tell Not Another Soul   Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:20 am

((ooc: heh, sub-title... I'd help with "Fixing Mire situations" but that... is a whole different level, no offense. X'D ))

energy ¦ 10:

The trip through the Cattail Marsh took quite some time, mostly due to Yooka as she didn't know the actual size of the place. Actually she didn't notice the group reach the mire till Lumina said something. Before noticing the transition funny enough she herself kept busy with figuring out how to help Lumina with the embers she was carrying as she had to walk practically on three to keep the light going. Yooka was just too hesitant to say her Idea.

She knew a little about Ninetails themself... only really the more common things. Like their tails rumor to having a special property that if someone even so much as held it in a way the ninetails did not approve they would receive a burning sensation that wont go away without their say, and she did not want to experience that dispite her curiosity. She also knew Ninetails were Fire-type and that Fire-types were immune to Burn status, from personal experience oddly enough. She figured perhaps the Lumina could place the flame she made somewhere else on herself but that was pretty stupid thing to say. Yooka didn't know the properties of self-made flames to their own body. It seemed fine for her paw but that's only because it's practically floating. That's when the real idea occured... The embers were practically floating... perhaps it may need a little more concentration, or alot, but if it floats couldn't she hold it without her paw? That too seemed like a rather stupid thing to say as she didn't really pay attention to Lumina for long really.

Another wonder occured towards the Absol. She didn't know anything about them other than their horns can sense... something. She hasn't met one till nowand that bit of info was from the Guild archives itself... Actually these two were from the Guild. How the Guild doesn't have much to explain on Absols then that tidbit with an absol member was a bit odd, but it coulld be argued as, 'too personal' or something... Hard to figurr perhaps?

Also they both were going after the same thing as her and they were all not originally together which Yooka found to be quite the coincidence. Was it The Absol's doing? Is there more to those horns or does the absol have some form of special power to bring peeps together at certain times...?

Yooka shook her head to that thought as she doesn't like to assume things before hearing Lumina question if they were in the Mire. "Eh? Wait we're here?--" She looked around after snapping back to what was happening around her. She herself didn't notice much outside the missing cattails and slightly misty atmosphere. "--I don't see...? oh, the air here does feel different. Rather pleasant..." Yooka took out an apple and Blast seed. As she munched the apple she slipped the seed under her sun ribbon which was wrapped like a boxer wrap on her left hand. A lunar ribbon was wrapped the same way on the right hand and she wore a defense scarf in a similar fashion to a cape. Also she, herself, is not currently a Green Kecleon. She became purple colored after a few stressful events during her involvement with the Guild. She decided to see if someone could change her green coloring to that of the purple color, however she didn't realize how badly doing so would hinder her as a species till after it was done. The coloring from the Dye specialist prevents her from changing color again. She'd rather keep the coloring in the stressful state than giving up the ability to cloak naturally and she would have instantly went back to the pokemon who did the coloring deed when she found this out but the process of getting the color was rather painful... She doesn't want to have to go through that process again if it's just going to end up being useless or just downright worse to remove, unless not being able to cloak becomes a real problem to her, which it's starting to.

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Tell Not Another Soul
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