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 Pebe the Jangmo-o

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PostSubject: Pebe the Jangmo-o   Pebe the Jangmo-o EmptyFri Jul 07, 2017 10:15 pm

» Name: Pebe
» Sex: Male
» Species: *782 - Jangmo-o the Scaly Pokemon
» Affiliation: Team Backdoor

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16
» Ability: Bulletproof
» Moves:
- Tackle
- Leer
- Dragon Breath

» Natural Feats:
- Clanging Scales - Pebe can clang his scales extremely loudly, enough to be heard echoing through an entire valley.
- Battle Growth - Pebe grows up physically after every battle he's in, getting a little bit bigger and stronger.

» Relatives:
- Mother, died by being heavily poisoned
- Unknown father, never knew father

» Personality:
Pebe, overall, can be described with the word 'silly'. He's very sociable and charming and can often be considered the leader in any group of friends he has. He's best described as a 'social chameleon' overall, able to adapt himself and speak with charisma in any given situation. If he's given the opportunity to be serious, he can be, but he prefers to be silly, overall. He's a big fan of listening to music. However, he's also very arrogant, overestimates himself, and can easily charge into battle and get himself a firm loss if he isn't careful. He does care deeply for the one friend he has - Jelli  - and thinks that Team Backdoor could grow to become a powerful team one day, but he tries to put up a front at times. He's still secretly not comfortable with the death of his mother, and misses her every day.

» Likes:
- Old things
- Stars
- Exploring
- Jelli
- Music

» Dislikes:
- Being ignored
- Being disrespected
- New technology
- Quiet

» History:
Pebe was born to one mother, and one father, though his father left when he was just an egg, so he has no memories of him. The memories he has of his mother, however, he cherishes deeply. She was the one to teach him to battle to the sound of music, to use his moves correctly and to help him level up to level 5 in the first place. He often went with her on hunts, and it was on one of those hunts that he lost her. She had been teaching him how to catch such a creature - especially such a rare one wandering alone- up until a few poison stings caught her by surprise. She was taken down, and the poison got to her quite quickly....and eventually led to her death, slowly, begging him to stay by her side for just one last time....and he ran away. He's never forgiven himself for it, but a short time after he met Jelli, and they ended up forming Team Backdoor. Despite his hesitations, he'd prepared to take on the world, and show them the power that his mother would want him to.

» Other:
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PostSubject: Re: Pebe the Jangmo-o   Pebe the Jangmo-o EmptyThu Jul 13, 2017 2:36 am

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


List the level or manner through which each move was learned.


Give a feat for your character's ability. Also, remove the "battle growth" feat, as the Pokédex entry is vague as to what kind of growth it's referring to, and it's likely that it's simply talking about growing more skilled and powerful. That's much different from physical growth and isn't really worth being mentioned.


Describe why your character likes and dislikes each thing on the list. At least a sentence each is required. And what do you mean by "new technology?" This site's environment isn't technologically advanced, so what "advanced technology" does he dislike? Houses? Bags?


Put simply, this history seems incredibly rushed. There's very little elaboration on the character's parents, even his mother who was a pretty big part of his life. There's also next-to-no information given on the situation in which his mother died; in fact, not even the species of the attacker was stated.


While it's fine for your character to like music, keep in mind that no advanced instruments exist here, and thus, no advanced music. Technology's primitive as well, so he can't be going around with an MP3 player or a boombox because those wouldn't exist.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

Welcome To The End:

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Pebe the Jangmo-o
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