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 Step-father is a genius, I can't get enough from him.

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PostSubject: Step-father is a genius, I can't get enough from him.   Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:58 am

If my step-father keeps to his stupid word. I'll no longer have access to the internet while at home in just a few more days.

I'll be forced into showing up here weekly and the chatbox will not be an option.

once again this theme plays. This game's hidden meaning behind the bosses your forced to fight play a key part in what I'm feeling.:
Here's a playthrough. I grabbed a random youtuber who actually played through the entirety of the game. with practically the same skill as me. he's a fun guy, personally to me.:

uh... I got to warn you about this bit... its a bit out of place.:

カクレオン: 八日 隠す
Yooka Kakusu the Kecleon
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Step-father is a genius, I can't get enough from him.
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