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 A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance

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PostSubject: A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance   Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:22 pm

The mighty gates of the western side of Grassveil stood open in front of Yigo. He couldn´t help but chuckle when he was about to cross it. His last day in the settlement was special: he made a friend. The explorer named Alki was kind enough to guide him around and helped him to overcome his fear for society. The sight of the explorers near the gate was now a common picture and getting past them to get into Grassveil was not troublesome anymore.

The front street leads to the northern part of Grassveil, where the guild stands. Those streets that once induced nightmares on him became a pleasure to cross on due to the explorer´s help. He enjoyed the time visiting the various places along the path. Moreover, that was the reason Yigo wanted to go to the guild that day: he intended to have another day with Alki.

It didn´t take long to reach the guild´s entrance where Yigo decided to stay. He didn´t have any reason to go through the waves of explorers inside the guild when he could just wait at the almost empty entrance. Alki would come, eventually, and he could just greet her from where he was to catch her attention. Aside from him, there were only a Treecko counting orbs from his satchel and a Spearow about to take off, both of them wearing scarfs and ribbons of various colours with a shiny badge attached to them while paying no attention to him. It looked like the Sandshrew would go unnoticed by those two; however, he had to admit it: those scarves were good looking. Maybe he should go find one for himself but, which colour would suit him? And how would he wear it? Those thoughts were enough to keep him occupied until something demanded his attention.

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PostSubject: Re: A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance   Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:31 am

Alki wondered how she’d explain her new clothing to Darcy. The fabric was certainly nice, and the cream color was pleasant to look at. Surprisingly clean, considering she’d found it in a pile of trash. And therein lay the problem. She had a hard time figuring out why anyone would ever throw away such a nice hood, but now that she had it… It was so nice! She couldn’t just let it go to waste…

Whatever. She’d been through worse, and after a bit of cleaning from Alki, nobody would even be able to tell where she’d gotten it. There were worse things than dumpster-diving out there, but still, she’d rather no one know about how she’d gotten it at all. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door to her team’s room, hoping to find Darcy.

“Hey, um, Darcy?” She called out as she opened the door, laying eyes on her friend. She couldn’t help but smile in spite of recent events -- Darcy was still the closest thing she’d ever had and ever would have to a sister, and there was no way Alki would ever feel anything but affection towards the Skitty. She tugged on the fringes of the hood as a small smile tugged at her mouth. The hood felt a bit sticky, but surely that was something that would go away once… it’d go away.

“Well, I was wondering, what… if we could do a mission? Well, I read one on the boards earlier, it was hard since a lot of people were looking at ‘em, but… there’s one that seemed pretty nice to me. And, well, I told you and Morty I’d work harder so I’ve been, well, reading and, uh, practicing and…  I saw a mission I liked, I was wondering if you’d be willing to work on it with me? And… and a friend, well, I made one recently, so… I sorta already invited him over and I gotta go meet him…  it’s about some kid’s dad, and he got lost in some really cold place so I was wondering… anywho. Take it or leave it, I really gotta go meet him before he thinks I left him hanging, so… see ya soon?” Alki explained in a jumble, before bouncing out of the guild quickly. She wanted to inspire some confidence in her team-mates, and if she’d seek out jobs on her own initiative, that’d help out.

And she’d get to see Yigo again! That’d be nice, he’d been good to her when they’d met, even if it had been under some unfortunate circumstances. But things were better now, and less taxing for the both of them, and maybe once he saw what guild teams were like, he’d like to join one himself? Who knew, but there he was! Alki waved at him, before realizing that he hadn’t really seen her with her hood on. She had her guild badge pinned onto it, and was carrying her explorer’s bag in one hand. “Yigo!” She called excitedly, as she rushed towards him. She stopped just in front of him, trembling excitedly. “W-Whaddaya think?” She asked, referring to her hood. She tugged on it again, before shaking her head. That didn’t matter. “N-Nevermind that, it’s really nice to see you again!” She said, her small, usually shy voice unusually excited. “M-Me and Darcy are gonna go out and do a, um, guild mission so… if… w-would you like to come with us? She should be out here any second...” She said, setting the bag down as she waited. “I-I’m really happy you came, by the way, t-thanks...”

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PostSubject: Re: A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance   Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:42 am

Deep within the Grassveil guild, inside of a small, cozy room, one of Alki's teammates was lying in her bed, a heavy book propped open in front of her.  The Skitty had steadily been working through all of the books her father had recommended to her when she started working at the guild, all of them either lined up on the windowsill or stacked clumsily next to her bed.  Just as she had expected from her dad, some of the books were a little stuffy, or difficult for her to understand.  But the one that she was reading today had truly captured her attention.  It was a book about famous exploration teams.  Why they had become explorers, how they trained and honed their skills, their most daring accomplishments...

...It made her want to keep reading, but the sounds of the other guildmembers going about their morning routines had grown louder, and the Skitty decided it was time to join them.  With a sigh, she pushed the book shut and took a long moment to stretch out her body.  It was fun to read about such skilled explorers, but at the same time, it all seemed so distant to her...  Her team was still the lowest rank it could be.  Trying to imagine herself as a famous explorer just made her laugh a little.

...Though it also made her feel a little guilty.  She couldn't imagine herself as being famous, but...  It wasn't hard for her to imagine her teammates becoming that way.  Morty was far tougher than she would ever have expected a novice guild member to be, and even Alki had her Heal Pulse, the sort of technique that even experienced teams would beg to have access too. ...The Skitty couldn't quell the nagging feeling that maybe, at least in the long run, she might end up holding her friends back..?  ...She needed to try harder.  Maybe she could ask for help from some of the older guild members sometime..?

But then the door creaked open, and Darcy saw Alki peek inside, and none of those concerns seemed to matter too much anymore. Getting to spend time together always cheered her up.  "Hey, Alki!" she said with a warm smile as she hopped out of bed and took a few steps closer.  Her teammate sure seemed excited about something.  And was the hood she was wearing new?  Darcy wanted to compliment her on it, but the Igglybuff had so much to say...

...All of which quickly made Darcy just as excited as her Igglybuff friend.  "T-that's great!  Hold on, I'll be right outside!" she said with a laugh as she hurried about gathering her belongings.  It was wonderful to hear that their reading lessons together were working, but even more wonderful was that Alki had made a new friend, all on her own!  What would he be like?  Darcy had always hoped that Alki would expand her social circle a little, but now that it was actually happening, the Skitty felt a little anxious!  Alki could be sensitive.  Would she be okay with her new friend..?

As quickly as she could manage, Darcy had thrown on her scarf and badge and bag and was bounding upstairs towards the guild's exit.  She burst outside and skidded to a halt, taking a moment to scan the crowd for Alki...  And she spotted her not too far away, speaking with a brown and white Pokemon.  "Hey!  Are you the one Alki was talking about?" Darcy shouted as she loped towards him, a huge smile on her face.  "My name's Darcy!  Alki and I work on a team together.  It's really great to meet you!"  He seemed alright, at least based on first impressions!  With her tail wagging behind her, and a sunny expression on her face, Darcy gave him a respectful little bow and then took a seat, eager to learn more about him.

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PostSubject: Re: A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance   Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:58 am

(hey guys)

Morty's nap must have worked, because once he woke up, he felt completely refreshed, as if the day's events prior to now hadn't even happened. At last, he was back to his normal self, ready to start doing anything. Though, once he'd woken up, it seemed that Alki and Darcy had already left... being new, he didn't really know what to do or where to go. That was troublesome. He decided to leave his room and begin looking for the two, so he could figure out what he was supposed to do next.

The first place he checked was the garden. It was moderately full, mostly other guild members sparring with each other, or ones just relaxing in the sun. As Morty walked through the garden, he remembered excited about it he had been upon hearing of it for the first time. That excitement must have resurfaced quite prominently, because before he could realize it, he had forgotten about finding Alki and Darcy. Instead, his attention was drawn to a group of 2 Pokemon training together, a Riolu and a Buizel. He didn't know either of them, but regardless, he walked up to the two. "Hey! I saw you guys training, and wanted to know, mind if I join you? You both look fun to fight with.", Morty asked them. Surprised, the two paused their activities and began whispering with each other. Eventually, they both turned to face him, grinning. The Riolu said, "Sure. If ya want, you can join in. More training'll be great for us!" As he spoke, the Buizel was nodding his head in agreement. Morty returned their grins. He lived finding new challengers!

He hadn't been keeping track of time, and as far as he knew, neither had they. However long they had trained, it must've had been a while. Morty had stopped to rest, sweating from the physical strain. As he cleared his thoughts, he felt like he wad forgetting something... something probably important...

Oh, no. He was supposed to be looking for Alki and Darcy!

This wasn't good. He had no idea what time it was, and there was a good chance that it would be too late to do any missions or other... guild things? It had probably been at least an hour, which was not good. He jumped up from his relaxed state, hurriedly exclaiming to his sparring partners, "U-uh, uh, short notice guys, but I've gotta get going!". He didn't stop to hear their responses. Morty dashed into the guild building, slowing down once he was inside so as to not raise suspicion (his heavy breathing probably did not help). He checked their bedroom to see if they were their, but it was empty. Secondly, he ran out the front entrance and continued his search. Most members had left for guild-y type stuff, so if they were here it wouldn't be hard to spot them. A quick scan of the area, and at first his efforts proved futile, when he spotted a familiar pink feline. Next to them was a brown Pokemon he hadn't seen before, and a small round Pokemon wearing some kind of cloak... no doubt about it, that was Alki and Darcy!

Relieved, Morty ran towards them, shouting, "Heeeey! Alki! Darcy!". He stopped next to them, out of breath. In-between gasps, he uttered, "Hah... Hey, Alki... and Darcy... and... ...uh. Who is this, guys? And... Alki, what's with that hood?". He settled onto the ground, trying to catch his breath. He felt dumb for losing track of time like that... hopefully it wouldn't happen again, and he wouldn't get into any trouble with Faye. He REALLY didn't want that, for there was a good chance it would involve seeing her face to face, something that Morty definitely not prepared to do anytime soon... or ever again...
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PostSubject: Re: A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance   Yesterday at 9:40 pm

Maybe he got there too late? Was she already gone? As time passed, Yigo considered getting inside the guild to check if she was there. The sole thought was terrifying. He wasn´t even sure if he would be able to make it past the gates, at least not on his own. He could just wait there, couldn´t he? After all, she had to go back there sometime... unless she went on a mission, meaning that he could wait for her for weeks without having the slightest clue about where she was.

Out of nowhere, someone called out his name and, knowing that just a single Pokemon knew about it, got nervous and excited at the same time. However, instead of finding the pink balloon wearing a blue ribbon, a bouncing figure almost covered in cloth surprised him, carrying a bag in one of its hands. It wasn´t until she started talking again that Yigo recognised Alki´s voice asking him what he was thinking about. Before he even had time to greet her or to think a proper answer, the Igglybuff changed subject expressing her gratitude for his presence and asking him to join her and Darcy on a mission of all things.

"A mission?! U-Uh... m-me?" a cold shiver run down the Sandshrew´s spine. That wasn´t exactly how he was expecting to spend the day with Alki. He couldn´t even join the guild due to his cowardice. How was he supposed to work for it? "B-But I c-ca-"

“I-I’m really happy you came, by the way, t-thanks...”

Those words were enough to shut the mouth that tried to spill nothing but excuses, leaving place for a shaky but sincere smile. That´s why Yigo liked Alki, she was able to make him feel special, confident and brave, even if he wasn´t. Yigo laid down to be at Alki´s level... and to be able to look at her eyes directly without the piece of cloth getting on the way, tail slowly wagging. "A-Alright... let´s do it!"

"Hey, are you the one Alki was talking about?

Of course, an inconvenience of being at Alki´s level was the inability of seeing anything past her. Just as he heard that voice, Yigo jumped back on his feet and stepped back from Alki. A Skitty got near them... claiming to be Darcy! She was Alki´s team leader! He got a lump in his throat just by imagining working alongside them, with a real exploration team.

"E-Erm... Lady! I... I-I won´t disappoint you...! I´ll b-be worthy of-"

"Heeeey! Alki! Darcy!" Another voice was calling them both. Was it another member of the team? Their customer? The guildmaster? Apparently, it was a purple bug type, its body covered with shivs and blades while its sting suggested that it was poisonous. At the sight of such creature, Yigo could do nothing else than to waver and step back even further. His mouth let out a quiet squeak that he hoped that no one noticed before answering its question.

"M-My n-na... I-m... Yigo" he managed to let out, avoiding direct contact with the insect type as it unnerved him without even trying to. And there they were, two explorers, a purple insect that seemed to be exhausted from a battle, and him. They all looked professional, trained and ready to engage in a mission. Wasn´t that what Yigo was trying to avoid all this time? That´s why he had avoided joining the guild after all, because he didn´t think that he was ready to be a member but, if that made Alki happy, he would join them on their quest. Who knew, maybe that counted as training if he decided to join after all.

The Sandshrew gathered himself and breathed deeply before stepping forward once more "h-happy to meet you... D-Darcy a-and... s-sorry... I d-don´t know your name yet..." he said, extending his hand towards Alki´s companions.

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PostSubject: Re: A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance   

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A new day for an outsider, a new adventure for team Friendship Alliance
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