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 I guess I make stuff..?

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PostSubject: I guess I make stuff..?   Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:52 pm

Well, I just noticed there is an art section, and I thought I might share my own creations. I DON'T consider myself to be an artist, I know I am not, but I enjoy drawing stuff anyway, it helps me feel relaxed to illustrate my thoughts and add colour to them ^-^", especially now that in just two days my finals will begin and my stress levels are over the roof, MEEP.

Anyway, I never really show my stuff to people cause I fear their reactions and I am bad at this, but I thought I could at least try to show you people here! Please don't go rough on me, I know I'm bad, and I don't have the colours I want, so the dark concept I wanted to bring to life turned much lighter than intended... also, this was inspired by my character's background, Mayline! The surrounding pink oval borders are meaned to be Kira's, mother of Mayline, paws, which were burned during her fight with the Houndoom. The text on them actually reads: "ON TOP OF THE HILL NOW ONLY THE EMBERS REMAIN", which is inspired from another game's lore, League of Legends, to speak about the destruction of Kira's tribe, the one she had fought so hard to build. The A that is formed stands for the order it once held, while the peculiar figure seen in the centre resembles the fleeing spirit of the past leader, as Mayline dropped her corpse to the body in the river. The weird thing on top of that is a pair of (terribly designed) broken wings, and the drops are (supposed to be) the bleeding, the bleeding of her vision. Lastly, the text in the eye below means "Juri", my most favourite character of all time from the SF universe, it is Hangul. For those who are unfamiliar with Juri, she suffered the loss of her parents as well, and she had an engine implanted on her left eye (after she lost it), which grants her great power. She is also on a quest for vengeance (see the reference here? :D).

Anyway, umm, I could be talking about it for hours, because I was thinking of soooo many things while doing this, but I wanted to sum them up in a small text. Again, please don't be harsh on me, I know I'm not an artist, I just wanted to share something I made..!

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I guess I make stuff..?
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