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 June's News & Notices

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PostSubject: June's News & Notices   Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:07 pm


Spring Cleaning!


     Greetings everyone, welcome to this month's news post! We have a lot of changes going into the works and we hope you are excited. The first change includes updated rules to reflect sun and moon along with changes to the restrictions for adoptions. Additionally, we have layout changes for the rules page that is in the works and we are working on implementing the dungeons from our last design a dungeon competition!    


     One last thing to make note of is that we have gone through the inactive user list. We have found over 150 users that were up for deletion and another 150+ users that were up for the inactive user group. Characters are currently being put up for adoption, archived, or deleted accordingly by our wonderful character moderator, Lord E V. Thanks a bunch friend!    




     As you have read, we have updated the rules to reflect the new generation. We have shifted our movesets to include sun and moon. Currently, Sun and Moon pokemon are being processed and restrictions are being added as needed. Our restricted access list may be out of date so if we encounter a bio that uses a mon that should've been on the list, we will let you know on your application.    


     The rules page also is undergoing a layout change. You may or may not have noticed that the format of the post had degraded quite drastically since the update. This is because the style of the page is being implemented in CSS. The CSS portion of the update is currently in the works! We don't want a broken rules page do we?    


Site Event


     What happened?! I thought you all were making some progress on mewtwo! Why don't ya'll hop to it then! Currently, Sova and friends are tackling the challenge right now. I'm sure you can spot their thread in there somewhere. Just check out serene cave! He could use the extra stalkers.    


Character Adoptions


     Character adoptions have changed? That's right! We have removed the ban on adoptions of shinies in favor of a more open system. Shinies may be adopted with payment for the difference of creation towards the original owner. In the event that the owner reclaims the character, the difference MUST be refunded to the adopter. If the owner had spent the poke already, we won't feel bad about them not being able to get their character back. It was them who spent the poke after all! Additionally, shiny or overleveled characters will require a more considerable effort put into the adoption process. We don't want it to be easy to acquire one now do we?    


     That wasn't the only change however! You are now required to have all your characters used OR leveled up by yourself before you may adopt another character. The rule over being able to adopt one character per every five levels on your original characters will still apply. You must have them over level 10 before the per 5 level rule takes effect!    




     I know it has been a while since we had a news post for the month. Hopefully we can slowly get back into the format. Feel free to message an admin about something that you might want included in a post! We may just add it!! Just be reasonable about the request alright?    


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PostSubject: Re: June's News & Notices   Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:20 am

Somewhere in the middle of Grassveil Town there was a random Reptilian Pokemon known for it's camouflaging skin and type changing abilities. This Pokemon stumbled across a flyer tumbling in the wind. It took awhile to catch it, mostly because of how slow it is... but when it did and when it had a good look. The eyes went big and a smile formed. When did this really star-- actually, There were alot of questions really. This pokemon didn't really want to question it but it brought back the flyer to show and see if the others haven't seen it yet or to question if this is really happening and not just some dream.

something more unexpected and shouldnt be taken seriously due to how I usually am. •ω•:

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June's News & Notices
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