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 Meet Dexter

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PostSubject: Meet Dexter   Meet Dexter EmptyFri Jun 02, 2017 4:23 pm

So yesterday at around 11:20 am I got bored and started working on a little personal project. It quickly escalated into a bigger project and now I think it's ready for the public. If you were around when Evana was putting together that list of Pokemon on the site you might remember how much work it probably was.

Well I've put together a little system—essentially a census, where users can submit their characters into a database and be rewarded with site population statistics. It's very easy—just like taking a survey. You put your character information into a form and submit it and it's added to a database. That data is then used to calculate various statistics, which are publicly available for all to see.

Dexter has gone through a quick alpha testing session with Coaster3000, Lord E V, and BlueKat12, and I'd like to thank these three for helping fix some mistakes. Especially Lord E V for pointing out all my spelling and grammar errors and Kat for using a username that doesn't work with my new User Data sheet system. Seriously Kat it should work it just doesn't what kind of black magic are you using?

So please check out Dexter and add your characters to help improve its accuracy.


(Please don't break Dexter it's just a babby.)

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Meet Dexter
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