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 I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello!

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I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! Empty
PostSubject: I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello!   I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! EmptyMon May 15, 2017 12:17 am

It's a pleasure to meet you all! I am a huge Pokemon fan ever since 1997 and ever since I discovered Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the first few games where Pokemon actually talk, I'm hooked on it still to this day.

Let me be the one to formally assure the moderators and admins alike that I am a firm believer in following rules and obeying authority, and I will take any/every measure necessary to make sure I do not falter in my obedience to the rules. The only teensy-tiny problem is that....I uh....can't find the site rules thread. I found a thread simply titled "Rules" but that seemed to only apply to created characters like how to use Moves & the like. If anybody could direct me to the SITE Rules thread, I'd thank ye kindly!

Now then, in an effort to KO two Pidgey's with one Rock Throw, I will offer a short backstory of the RP character I will use to RP, a female Jigglypuff I named Gummie. She's a good-aligned character. Also, to offer the effect of immersion, I'll put this short backstory as sort of a script/novella hybrid. The full backstory I will post on my own character application thread.

"Aughh....s-so dark...."

(The ground crackles and rustles underneath her. She must be on her back for some reason. It feels like grass...)

"My feet....aching so bad...."

(She slowly opens her glossy, round eyes. The bright sun's light skims around a few stratus clouds, and around her view is something of a ring of tree branches and leaves)

"Uh...? How did....Am I in the forest again? Wait! Where is he?! Marty?! MARTY!!!"

(No one answers.)

"Ohh....this is bad."

I hope to make good friends with all of you!
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Lazarus Rex

Lazarus Rex

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I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello!   I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! EmptyMon May 15, 2017 1:04 am

You really should have read everything in the rules before you joined, even if it seemed like it was "only for created characters". You also should have waited to make your application until you read the rules properly as there are consequences for not doing so. You read everything BEFORE you make your character, that's how every decent roleplay site works.

To help you out a bit:

You start here

And then you read everything under here

I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! PMDSig
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I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello!   I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! EmptyMon May 15, 2017 3:52 am

All of that aside, hello and welcome to the site!  It's more rules-heavy than a lot of other roleplaying sites, so it's actually kind of common for people to have trouble settling in and getting a character approved.  If you have any questions feel free to send a private message to myself or a staff member and we'll help ya out.

There's also a chatbox at the top of the forum index, in case you haven't noticed it yet.  It's a good place to find people to write with, as well as just being a good place to hang out while you're here.  Feel free to pop in and say hi if you catch myself or anyone else online.  I hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to seeing you around. :3

I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! Skitty
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I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello!   I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello! Empty

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I'm a Jigglypuff, Hello!
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