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 Emmelyn Surzéi the Eevee

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PostSubject: Emmelyn Surzéi the Eevee   Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:53 am

» Name: Emmelyn (Emma/Emmy/Em/Lyn) Surzéi
» Sex: Female
» Gender: Female
» Species: #133, Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
» Affiliation: Family

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Run Away
» Moves:
- Helping Hand (Level 1)
- Tackle (Level 1)
- Covet (Level 1)
- Detect (Egg)

» Natural Feats:
- Run Away: She's a pansy, but she's pretty decent at actually being a pansy, at least when she manages to stop herself from freezing up.

» Relatives:
Mother - Mirage the Zoroark
Father - Sova the Glaceon
Brother - Chance the Zorua

» Personality:

At a glance, Emmelyn is a bundle of insecurities.  Being born to a highly successful outlaw and a powerful guild member, she believes that she should, in theory, be capable of virtually anything she sets her mind to.  She has a lot of skill in her blood, after all.  However, in practice, she has found that she isn't particularly good at... well, anything.  This makes her feel like the failure of her family; her mother and father are both good at things, and even her brother has skills despite his young age.  Meanwhile, Em has nothing, at least in her eyes.

For starters, she's a coward, and she is quite insecure about this fact.  Everyone in her family is so brave they're all borderline-suicidal, meanwhile she's scared to try to do anything.  She's also a pessimist and she even has low self-esteem to top it all off.  This concoction of negative traits results in her having significant difficulty even finding the motivation and will to do anything with any amount of risk to it.  And as if that weren't enough, it just keeps getting worse.  Even if she manages to find the willpower to attempt to do something, she is utterly terrible at pretty much everything she's ever tried.

Despite having two skilled fighters for parents, Emma is weak and small, even for an eevee, and she has no natural talent for fighting whatsoever.  She's slow, clumsy, and she has a pathetically low tolerance for pain.  She'd like to say she's brave, but in truth, her body pretty much just shuts down when she's afraid.  She doesn't even get a conscious choice in the matter; moving and speaking just become incredibly difficult whenever she's faced with something that scares her, and things scare her quite easily.  On top of that, she isn't very good at talking her way out of things and has social anxiety due to her own low self-esteem, so she has little chance of getting out of a bad situation safely even if she manages to overcome her fear.

She wants to be a hero just as she views her father and her reformed mother to be.  She desires to have the will and power to protect others, though she would settle for being good at SOMETHING.  She understands that she's a child and thus cannot expect to be particularly amazing in general, but even then, she is very lacking in capabilities to do anything noteworthy.  Still, there is one thing she has: determination.  She's willing to put in any amount of work to change how she is, no matter what it takes... assuming it lines up with her moral values.  Even then, if she's feeling particularly insecure, she might just push those values aside in favor of actually becoming good at something.

Speaking of morals, Emma has a very strong sense of right and wrong.  She believes in all the generic goody-good things, such as not stealing or hurting others, and defending the weak.  Of course, she's "the weak," so she can't really defend anyone.  Still, she believes in standing up for what's right and doing what should be done.  This makes her feel all the worse when her fear and weakness prevent her from standing up to anyone.  She's also hesitant at the thought of hurting anyone, even if they're someone who deserves it, and even if it's in order to protect someone else.  She's just a marshmallow who doesn't like violence at all.

But it's not all bad.  She may not be good at much in particular, and she may have copious amounts of insecurity and mental issues, but she can still manage to be quite happy and perky most of the time.  She's relatively tolerant of others even if they prove to be annoying, she enjoys company assuming she can get past the first meeting and get over her anxiety, and she hates being alone.  She's kind and fun-loving, and she enjoys playing games despite being rather bad at winning.  She can be an extremely supportive, loyal and kind eevee to her friends.  She may come with a lot of baggage and she isn't exactly useful for much, but one thing she can do is be a good friend.

Despite this, Emmy does have potential negative traits as a friend.  Her moral compass and natural cowardice may cause her to be be the buzzkill of a group, arguing against doing "fun" things because they may be "dangerous" or "wrong."  However, it turns out crippling insecurities and lack of any backbone can cause someone to surrender their moral values rather easily.  If pressured or pestered at all, she will buckle easily in most situations and just end up going with the group even if she believes what they want to do is a bad idea.  In fact, even if she manages to convince someone not to do something, seeing disappointment or unhappiness in them could be enough to make her change her mind.  Because of this, it is incredibly easy to peer pressure her, even into doing things that go against her beliefs.

Despite bearing no skills and being mentally feeble in many ways, she is actually quite intelligent.  One thing she enjoys doing even if it isn't really useful for much is researching; she enjoys reading whatever she can find in libraries and such.  She's somewhat bad with retaining any knowledge that could realistically help her, but she has done some digging into her own family history in specific, and she knows things about her family that make her very... uncomfortable.  But she also knows that there was a saint somewhere in her family line, and her name is almost idential to that of this so-called saint!  She has taken this to mean that she is somehow similar to the saint, perhaps as some kind of reincarnation or just... similar.  After all, she's good at pretty much nothing other than being nice.  It's a desperate, delusional attempt to validate any worth at all in her existence, but it's the best she's got.  The fact that she has a very rare "shiny" coloration just fuels her conviction that she must somehow be "special."  The only problem is she doesn't know how to be a saint and is incapable of doing anything remotely special.

Thanks to her knack for reading, Emmelyn has grown to enjoy it, causing her to become well-versed in literature.  She knows the most in regards to stories, as she reads them often in order to escape from her life and fall into the stories of heroes she can only wish she were capable of living up to.  Thanks to this plethora of knowledge on works of fiction, she knows a large amount about archetypes, stereotypes and tropes.  It's all fascinating to her.  She knows many pieces of literary structure that are commonly used, and this is one area in which her intelligence genuinely shines.  However, this is anything but fun for her; she has become skilled at seeing ahead of the plot in stories, even guessing the ending if the writing isn't creative.  She hasn't found any real use for the skill of plot knowledge outside of spoiling books for herself, but it's at least something she can say she's good at.

Thanks to her time picking up patterns in the plots of stories, she has also become adept at pattern recognition on a more realistic level.  Despite this, she has yet to actively use this skill and doesn't even realize she has it.  At that, she is still far too inexperienced to put it to any practical use due to having never practiced outside of guessing what'll happen next in a story.  Her life isn't a story, after all.  There are no tropes, no archetypes, no patterns and no predictable endings...


» Likes:

Family: Despite her immediate family consisting of three angsty edgelords, Emmelyn still loves them with all her heart and looks past their faults.  Mostly.  They're her family, after all, and they're actually pretty nice when they try to be.  However, from what little she knows of some of her more... distant family... she would rather not even think of them.

Thinking: One of the very few things she's actually good at is thinking, which she finds particularly weird since it doesn't seem to be something anyone else in her family is very good with.  She consistently fails to use this for anything productive, as she tends to draw blanks or think of bad ideas under pressure, but she's still no idiot.

Stories: Em likes to hear stories, whether they're myths or true stories from someone's life.  Some may think that myths about powerful deities would be more interesting, but she actually prefers stories about her friends and family, as it helps her get to know them better.  Plus, while an epic myth or entertaining fantasy story may be fun, they generally don't give as much information with any practical use as true stories do.

Reading: Whether it's for knowledge or just a good story, she enjoys reading whatever she can get her paws on.  She's become quite good at pattern recognition, causing stories with unoriginal plot elements to be effectively spoiled for her as she often figures out what's going to happen ahead of the plot, but despite this, she still enjoys reading them.  She often finds herself wishing her life were more like a story, envying the protagonists who are often gifted with skill, power and purpose.

Saint Emiline: This saint is very distant relative who happened to have been a religious saint and shares a many similarities in name with Emmelyn.  With her family full of psychopaths and warriors she could never hope to live up to, she has clung to this relic of her bloodline as a sort of idol, hoping that perhaps she can be like this saint.

Company: Despite having some issues with social anxiety, she still gets lonely very easily and prefers to have friends around whenever she can.  Social situation can make her uncomfortable, but having no one to talk to is even worse.

Libraries: She adores libraries since they're collections of reading material.  She could live in a library if given the option, and she'd never get bored!  Encountering a new library is especially exciting for her since it means there will probably be things she hasn't read, or maybe even things she's never heard of.

» Dislikes:

Violence: Sure, she's disappointed that she doesn't know how to fight, but that doesn't mean she necessarily WANTS to fight.  She hates violence and wishes the world could be a peaceful place.  She feels that there must be a way out of most if not all situations without anyone needing to be hurt.

"Evil": With a strong moral compass and a burning desire to be a hero, she has a hatred for what she views to be evil.  However, she often ends up being too open-minded to really hate anyone for doing wrong.  That, and she's generally too much of a coward to do anything about it.  She's the type to just forgive the villain because that's the kind of marshmallow she is.

Her brother: She's pretty much obligated to love him, but that doesn't mean she has to like him.  She views him as an annoying, self-entitled brat who's probably going to get himself killed.  She's right.

Insults: Perhaps not liking when someone insults her isn't out of the ordinary, but for this eevee, it's significantly more than just that.  She is easily crushed by insults, as she already has a hard time believing in herself without others pushing her down.  Getting the approval of others is one of her most important goals, and she has had trouble with it.

Bad Writing: Not only does she dislike poorly written stories, but she also has a habit of viewing things in real life as "poorly written."  For instance, she may mock someone for having an "unoriginaal" personality, or she might pretend she's in a story and start monologuing about how bland it is.  Alternatively, she sometimes enjoys narrating her life, though she prefers to do this only when she's alone.

» History: Even from birth, Emmelyn's life was... complicated.  Her parents are a seasoned explorer and ex-outlaw, both well-known in their own ways.  Her father, a glaceon named Sova, is perhaps most noteworthy for being an unnerving and enigmatic member of Grassveil Guild.  He rarely gives information about himself out to others, even if they're his family, and he avoids social interaction if he can manage to.  Then there's the eevee's mother: Mirage.  This zoroark was a successful outlaw before meeting Sova and eventually being pulled out of her corrupt ways.  She was primarily a thief, but she admittedly has some more serious crimes to her name.  While she may have a dark past, she's made it a goal in her life to make up for the things she's done wrong.

When the two became... involved, it was obviously complicated, and the inclusion of two children multiplied the complications.  Neither of them were equipped for the task of parenting due to their questionable morality and negative personalities, but they had to try anyway.  Well, Sova first went through denial and panic, but after getting over that, the two were on the same page.  After a great deal of thought, they figured out a plan and decided to name these two children Chance... and Emmelyn.

This arrangement was complicated for everyone involved, but for Em, it was especially difficult.  She felt alienated from her family due to her apparent lack of any innate skill and weak, flimsy emotions.  Her parents and even her brother were all brave, but she was a coward and, quite frankly, a pansy.  Right off the bat, she admired both of her parents for their accomplishments and decided that she wanted to find a way to live up to them, but this has proven easier said than done.  One thing she has quickly learned is that she's talentless in virtually every way, and this has made it difficult for her.  In fact, she's a fairly troubled child due to this, especially for her young age.

She has rapidly grown a desire to accomplish something, and her attempts at finding skills increase by the day.  Her life is like clockwork: when she isn't busy trying and failing to train, she's reading whatever she can get her paws on.  Her love for reading has led her to looking into historical documents wherever she can find them, and she's found some particularly shady individuals in her family's history that she prefers not to think about.  She hasn't managed to make any friends, though this is partly due to the fact that she lives with her mother in Shadowhue Forest, which isn't exactly the best arrangement for such things.  Because of her lack of any friends and relatively boring life, she has become increasingly interested in fantasies over time, preferring stories over reality.  For similar reasons, she has started believing she is the reincarnation of a saint.

Despite her routine being pretty much the same every day, there are still a few bits of diversity in Emma's life.  Most noteworthy is perhaps her brother, who often disobeys their parents and drags her along for the ride.  Being an insecure child who can barely stand to oppose others, she usually does whatever he says, even if it gets her in trouble.  Some of their little adventurous outings are admittedly fun, but she still prefers just sticking to her nomal, safe activities that don't upset her parents.  Chance has gotten her into trouble quite a few times, though she can never stay mad at him.  The zorua could perhaps be described as a bully, with Em being his usual victim, but she has learned to just put up with it.  It was kind of the only option, at least in her eyes.

In truth, Emma is a very young child and has not had much happen in her life.  She has not been alive long enough to experience much, and her daily routine is mundane due to her insecurities and the overprotectiveness of her parents.  The most exciting thing she ever really does is train to fight, or at least try to, and even that isn't particularly exciting due to how talentless she is.  She doesn't see her father all that much since he's usually doing guild work or other things no one will tell her about, and her mother's often gone as well.  This really doesn't leave her many excuses when her brother starts trying to convince her to go on one of his little adventures with him, and so she has a tendency to get into trouble.  Emmelyn longs for more time with her parents, especially her father, but she has accepted it as an inevitability that they will never have the free time for such things.

She has accepted a lot of things as inevitable, actually, but there's one thing she just can't come to terms with: her own weakness.  No matter how many times she tries and fails, she just can't stop trying.  She will inevitably keep trying for the rest of her life, even if it never gets her anywhere, because that's the one thing she actually inherited.

» Other: Shiny (and not an outlaw by some miracle)
Her insecurities and genetically-inherited mental vulnerability have made her very susceptible to dissociation, but she has not become stressed enough to experience it... yet.  :^ ]

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Is it my post in our thread?  Wanna start a thread with me?  Hit me up HERE

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

>And now for a bit about myself.<

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PostSubject: Re: Emmelyn Surzéi the Eevee   Fri May 05, 2017 4:00 am

Character has been approved!

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Emmelyn Surzéi the Eevee
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