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 Chance "Kibakoru/Kiba" Surzéi the Zorua

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PostSubject: Chance "Kibakoru/Kiba" Surzéi the Zorua   Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:19 am

» Name: Chance Kibakoru "Kiba" Surzéi
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #570 Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokemon
» Affiliation: N/A

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability:
» Moves:
- Scratch (Level 1)
- Leer (Level 1)
- Pursuit (Level 5)
- Detect (Egg)

» Natural Feats:
- It can create the illusion that it looks like something else, but once it's hit, the illusion disappears.

» Relatives:
Mother - Mirage the Zoroark
Father - Sova the Glaceon
Sister - Emmelyn the Eevee

» Personality:

Klepto - While he says he can stop any time he wants, Kiba is a kleptomaniac. He'll find any reason he can to steal something and typically does it when he's in need of attention or looking for something out of someone whether it's a reaction or a favor. He tends to hold these items until he can get something out of it, so the best way of getting whatever it is back is through trade. Offer him something he wants and he'll gladly give it back.

Honest - He can be a bit harsh, but he's not going to tiptoe around bushes any time soon. If you call him out on stealing something, odds are he's going to own up to it. He takes pride in what he does strangely enough, likely because he thinks he can be big like his mother and father in some way of his own, but who knows? If he snatches an item and you confront him about it, odds are he wont try to hide it.

Brat - He can tend to babble on about himself and be generally more concerned with himself than anyone else. You could be struggling to carry a heavy load of supplies and he'll be too busy complaining about an itty bitty thorn in his paw to think to help. He can complain about the stupidest and smallest of things, which can lead to him easily annoying others if they have little patience with him. Heck, his mother barely has any patience with him.

Stupid - He does not think about what he does before he does it, which can get him into some pretty bad situations. For example, let's say a pokemon needs some kind of inhaler or pokemon version of an inhaler. He'll steal it and use it to black mail them, not realizing the consequences of what might happen if they really need it and would feel absolutely horrible about it later on because of him. He's uninterested in any schooling of the sort and does not know how to read or write. He generally relies on others around him to tell him what something says.

Doesnt Want To Be A Terrible Person - He is most definitely capable of feeling bad. He acts without thinking about consequence, so it won't be a surprise if he ends up hurting someone. He does't want to actually BE an outlaw, go to jail, or anything of the sort despite what his actions may suggest. He's more of an angsty little brat that thinks he can do whatever he wants so long as he can get away with it because mommy and daddy are powerful pokemon who can kick butt.

Brave - The line between idiot and brave is a blur for this little fox. He isn't going to back down in the face of danger, in fact he'd probably invite it so he can sick his parents on them and laugh as the so called "Danger" gets wrecked. He doesn't really think death can happen to him or anyone around him and he's confident he and his family will get through any scenario in one piece no matter how dark or dangerous it seems. That doesn't stop the thunder and lightning during storms from being scary though...or a mad mom and dad. If it's something that's out of his parent's control, he's definitely going to steer clear.

Playful - Still being a child, he's capable of having an imagination. He actually has difficulty focusing on things that don't interest him. You could go on and on about your day, but odds are he's thinking about the breakfast he had this morning. He loves turning things into games or making a competition out of something, but that doesn't mean he's going to be a good sport about it. He likes to win and show others how awesome he is. He's in that angsty "edgy" phase where he wants to be as cool as possible.

Mischevious - Mischief is his middle name...so he claims. Whenever he's bored he's usually up to no good. He likes to test his limits of what he can get away with and devise new schemes that could lead to something to benefit his life in some way.

» Likes:
Blackmail - He LOVES having an edge over others. He may not need it now, but he'll be sure to collect it while he can just in case he needs you for something in the future. This is often his main motivation and reason for stealing from somebody.
Boasting - Have you heard? His dad's pretty famous. His mom too! He probably won't shut up about these two once you get him started, unless, of course, they're around to hear it. He especially loves to brag about his own achievements. This little habit of his is the very reason why he would make for a terrible criminal.
Being Envied - There's something quite appealing to seeing people want what you have. He loves to show off what he has and have people look up to him whether it's something about himself or something material that he might have.

» Dislikes:
His Old Name - Why did his sister get the name of a freaking saint? His mom and dad have cool names too! Screw his old name, he is now...Black Fang....Wait no that's too obvious...KIBAKORU! It's Fang-Black in an ancient language but the o and u are switched! That's badass right?
Complaining - Despite how much he does it himself, he can't stand it when others do it. If he can put up with it, you can, so just shut the hell up already! It's a bit hypocritical, but he likes hearing his own voice more than others.
Being Scolded - Sitting him down and lecturing him isn't going to teach him any lessons. If you try to sit down and explain what he did wrong he's not going to listen to a word you say, even if you're his parents. The most effective way of getting something through his head, would be to show through example.

» History: Chance is a zorua born to a very well known explorer and a very well known outlaw in hiding. How exactly did that pair come to be? Well, you'd have to look into the story of the infamous Mirage the Zoroark and Sova Surzéi the Glaceon of Team Sentima, as it's quite a long one. His mother is a well known outlaw, though she has given up her life as an outlaw in exchange for a quieter and more legitimate life. She now lives quietly in Shadowhue Forest. His father, on the flip-side, is a member of Grassveil Guild who is best-known by most other members of having an astonishingly high success rate and rarely being seen. He has been involved in world-shaking events but refuses to speak of them. While the two are certainly essential to Chance's life, we're not here to talk about them.

Chance and his sister were both born in Shadowhue. It was a quiet life, but he was bored of it quickly. He and his sister were not allowed to wander far at all as they had to stick around their mother's den. They were not allowed into outside at night, however, Chance often dragged his sister out with him.

He was always a bit of an admirer of his parents' strength. His father and mother both faced a pokemon of legends and lived to tell the tale. He wanted to be just like them...in a way. He wanted to be known, but he didn't want to be in their shadow. He wanted to be known for something different. He's still at a point where he feels as if his parents could not possibly do anything wrong, so he doesn't exactly believe his mother's actions in the past were truly bad despite her words against it.

He took up stealing, just like his mother had. It was completely against his idea of wanting to be known for something different, but he wanted to hone his skills a bit before he took on something bigger or found something else. His mother only USED to be an outlaw, while his father STILL was an explorer. If he couldn't find anything, then he would just be the best dang thief there was! Maybe in the future, he could be a good outlaw? An outlaw that stole from other outlaws and gave it back to people? Was that still technically even an outlaw? While he did not understand much of what he was doing himself, he claimed it to make perfect sense in his mind. He honestly had no idea what he was doing, but he was confident that he would figure things out eventually.

He was a little rascal that swiped from the rare passersby when they were not looking and tricked them into handing over their goods. It served as a great way to rouse attention from others as he attempted to outshine his sister, whether it be in a positive or negative light. His sister claimed to be some reincarnation of a saint? Well, who cares! He had everyone's possessions! Pay attention to him, not her!

He was honestly a bit jealous though. She got to be a special snowflake while he was just some plain old zorua. He even went so far as to change his name to make himself seem more interesting. He declared himself Kibakoru, the Black Fang! Nobody actually respected his desire to change his name, however, as Chance had always been "Chance" for the longest of time. He would always insist on correcting others, but his mother especially had simply thought it to be a phase. In a way, it was and still is. He introduces himself as Kiba, but his real name is Chance.

His life is quite boring as this is all it's really consisted of thus far. He's still young and was not sent to school nor has he really made any friends at his age other than his sister...even then, their status of "friend" is questionable at times. He's only just recently being allowed out into the world along with his sister, so his life has only just begun.

Welcome to Chance.

» Other:His insecurities and genetically-inherited mental vulnerability have made him very susceptible to dissociation, but he has not become stressed enough to experience it... yet. :^ ]


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PostSubject: Re: Chance "Kibakoru/Kiba" Surzéi the Zorua   Fri May 05, 2017 4:00 am

Character has been approved!

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Chance "Kibakoru/Kiba" Surzéi the Zorua
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