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 Loha the Lotad [not finished yet]

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Loha the Lotad [not finished yet] Empty
PostSubject: Loha the Lotad [not finished yet]   Loha the Lotad [not finished yet] EmptyThu Mar 23, 2017 4:12 pm

» Name: Loha
   » Sex: Male
   » Gender: Masc
   » Species: #270 Lotad Water Weed Pokémon
   » Affiliation:
   None, for now he's a wanderer heading to the nearest town.
   » Level: 5
   » Energy: 16
   » Ability: Rain Dish
   » Moves:
   -Astonish   - start
   -Growl       - lvl 3
   -Giga Drain - breeding
   -Absorb     - lvl 5

   » Natural Feats:
   -Floating Lilypad This large leaf allows Lotad to float across ponds, and it will sometimes ferry smaller Pokémon on its back in this      manner.

   » Personality:
   Loha is Cheerful, he likes physical contact with other pokemons (particularly carrying pokemons on his back). He is simple minded though, he loves everyone as long as they aren't mean, and in that case he'll try his best to understand why they are mean and fix that. So as you could guess, if Loha can avoid battle, he will.
On the other side, Loha is bored of being a Lotad because his big Lilypad on his back is heavy and prevents him from moving easily out of water. So he would like to evolve as soon as possible into a Lombre to be more at ease on land and be able to become an adventurer!

   » Likes:
   - Water - Well obviously because it's a water pokemon that lives IN water.
   - Both rainy and sunny days - Still because of his type, he likes it because he needs it and it feels good to have sunrays on his back while chilling in the water of the pond
   - Puns - He had a comic family and got raised this way
   - Dancing - When you hang out with some ludicolos...
   - Exploring, even if he can't move that much away from ponds because of his heavy lilypad.

   » Dislikes:
   - Dry weather - Dry weather weakens him because his lilypad needs water to stay healthy
   - Injustice - He's simple minded so his concept of good and evil is pretty.. simplistic.
   - Corn (don't ask why).
   - Big crowds (over ten other pokemons) - He lived in little ponds, not so crowded so he's not used to be with a lot of other pokemons.

   » History:
I'm... still working on that ^^'
   » Other:
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Loha the Lotad [not finished yet]
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