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 Korsha the Axew

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Korsha the Axew Empty
PostSubject: Korsha the Axew   Korsha the Axew EmptySun Mar 05, 2017 9:17 pm

» Name: Korsha
» Sex: Female
» Gender: Female
» Species: #610 Axew, the Tusk Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer, soon-to-be explorer!

» Level: 5
» Energy: 14 + 5 = 19 BE
» Ability: Mold Breaker
» Moves:
- Scratch (Start)
- Leer (Start)
- Focus Energy (Egg)
- N/A

» Natural Feats:
- Sharp tusks! Korri does not really shave down her tusks, but when she does, it’s only because they are a bit heavy for her head. When shaved, it’s in a way where the ends are a bit more pointed and can protrude surfaces like tree bark or to push through thick undergrowth. Most Axew just let them grow anyways, because it wears down over use. (Note: will not be used as an excuse to cut up enemies in battle!)
- N/A

» Personality: Korri, a very moody dragon, is prone to easily becoming frustrated and impatient - sometimes from other Pokemon, but mostly with herself. Apart from her frequent little piques, however, this Axew is extremely reliable and determined. She takes pride in being good at something, and will practice daily to become skilled.

Just because Korri can be a little tetchy doesn’t mean she likes to take it out on others. She often remains self-controlled about it, and an easy joke from a pal can lighten her up again. The annoyance is clear on the outside, but Korri never would hurt another, no matter how intimidating she seems when angry. On rare occasions Korri will start lashing out, but no further than verbally.

This Axew is extremely loyal and stays committed to her promises. Korri likes having a job or liability - she feels she has a sense of purpose this way. Doping around and being lazy is not what this little Pokemon is about! Sometimes, Korri can become a little bossy because of it.

Somehow, her candid personality may cause others to naturally gravitate to Korri. Typically she is an outgoing Pokemon, eager to help strangers looking for help or for some conversation. It is quite easy to get sick of her, though, because of her sad ability to only see things one way!

» Likes:
Commitment - Like stated in her personality area, Korri likes commitment because it gives her a sense of purpose. She likes to wake up every morning knowing there is something she needs to live up to!

Leading - Being a natural born go-getter, Korri loves leading groups. Unfortunately, she has a hard time admitting when she’s wrong, making room for improvement in this skill. She tends to grow bias certain towards Pokemon on her team - obviously favoring the ones to follow everything she says.

Melee Attacking- In her history, Korri has been exposed to a physical way of battle and is all she knows. Projectile attacks and distance-fighters is her downfall. Korri feels it is the only way of attacking she knows and understands the best, often trying to strengthen this skill area. She seems to try and push through attacks like water gun and ice beam rather than maneuvering to the side.

» Dislikes:
Emotional indecency - Overly emotional Pokemon annoy her to a large extent, and doesn’t like getting into therapy sessions with those who cannot filter their feelings. Being whiny, too lovey-dovey, and overall completely gushy makes Korri feel overwhelmed. This can be slightly hypocritical because Korri tends to lash out from being irritated, but at least she doesn’t sit there and cry and complain and make everything about herself.

Dopey/Whimpy Pokemon - To add onto Korri’s hate for mushy Pokemon, she cannot stand the dopes. The ones who sit there and say “Oh well, guess I can’t do it. My life sucks”. Gosh, shut up and move on! Korri feels these Pokemon slow everyone down. She feels that they have to feed on others by constantly harassing them with their stupid whiny emotions and episodes of crying or complaining. Korri refuses to help Pokemon like that and drops them immediately.

Ghost types - Korri can be quite skeptical of Pokemon, but ghost types especially. She grew up with a father often generalizing and stereotyping every type on the planet. It didn’t get to her too much… Except the ghost type talk. She finds them untrustworthy and manipulative, and the idea of them being able to merge into objects and hide perfectly in the shadows is unsettling.

» History: Korri grew up in a loud, male-dominated family, having one father, an uncle, and a brother. They often got in fist-fights and wrestling matches, the culture of the family being a bit barbaric. Korri and her older brother (who was a fraxure at the time) always argued and settled it with constant scuffles. Despite the frequent tussles and disagreements, it was all in good fun, and Korri was happy this way. They still remained loyal as a family. It is thought that Korri's mother had left because of this way of living, but she wouldn't know because she was too young to remember that day.

Unfortunately, Korri believed it was the norm to wrestle, and outside of her family, she was a misbehaved little Axew. Whenever she went to play in a community area, she often pushed Pokemon around thinking it was okay. Typically, the ones just as outgoing and blunt as she was, gained Korri’s respect and she played with them normally. When parents of other Pokemon would confront her father about it, he was in denial and often carried little Korri home. Her father often spoke badly about some Pokemon types, and Korri carried it out of the household. Her father also spoke badly about emotional and sensitive Pokemon, belittling their meaning and claiming all of them to be “silly little leeches who dwell on the bad aspects of life rather than getting up and trying to be something”. He made it seem like her behavior was okay and would never go too far.

She grew up being perceived as a bully, and as she matured Korri realized that not everyone is like her. Not everyone likes to rough house and she shouldn't assume certain things about certain types. One thing that haunts her, however, is being scared soulless by a ghastly. She cried - that's how scared she had become, and still remains biased towards ghost types.

Despite that small scar, she put her go-getter personality to use. Her father laughed at her when she said she wanted to be an explorer, and marched away never to return home. Korri feels she will prove herself, and she will try to come from a better place with her moody and bossy attitude.

» Other: Her full name is Korsha, but the Axew prefers Korri.

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Korsha the Axew Empty
PostSubject: Re: Korsha the Axew   Korsha the Axew EmptyFri Mar 10, 2017 2:44 am

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


Axew learns Leer at level 4.


This isn't really a "feat" so much as a habit of your character, which should be put in her personality or the "Other" section. Also, axew do not shave their tusks at all. The tusks often break off very easily, and they grow back tougher each time (which should be on your character's feats, yet isn't), but axew are not known to shave them. Even if the tusks are used often, they are more likely to break than be worn down. Thus, your character's practice of shaving her tusks would be a personal habit rather than a natural feat.

Also, add a feat for your chosen ability; just a short explanation or description for it.


"It is thought that Korri's mother had left because of this way of living, but she wouldn't know because she was too young to remember that day."

This is your character's history, not her memories. Is that why her mother left or isn't it?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

Welcome To The End:

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Korsha the Axew
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