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PostSubject: Character   Character EmptyTue Jan 17, 2017 5:43 am

[color=#00ffff]Appearance: The normal Absol.  No unique features.
Name: Scarlet, the Absol
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Species: #359 Absol - The Disaster Pokemon
Affiliation: Wandering Explorer
Level: 5
Energy: 22
Ability: Super Luck
Moveset: Me First (egg), Quick Attack (level 1), Perish Song (level 1), Leer (level 1)
Natural Feat 1: Can land critical hits more easier than other pokemon.  This is due to her ability.
Natural Feat 2: Because she is the disaster pokemon, she can sense danger.  She can sense natural disasters or when a cave's about to collapse.
Personality: Used to being alone, she is naturally shy around other pokemon.  While she is shy, she manages to muster some courage and try to make some friends to help with her lonliness, but half the time she's denied.  When she feels betrayed or used by someone else, she won't forgive the pokemon who did that to her, and hate them for it.  She can be wary of strangers, but if they need help, she'll try and help, despite being shy.  She does her best to stop being so shy and be more friendly.
Likes: Singing (she sings by herself sometimes, and she tries singing to make friends, although it doesn't always appeal...), hot and warm places (she likes it being a bit hot since she's used to the heat), exploring (she likes exploring exotic places, but usually stays away from heavy populated areas)
Dislikes: Cold places (since she's used to the heat, she gets colder much faster in cold areas, and she hates it) , being used like a tool (basically, she hates being betrayed by someone she called a friend.  This doesn't apply if someone said no to being a friend), when people hate her singing (when people dislike it when she sings, whether when making a friend, or neighbours, she feels irritated that they hate it, but also embarassed if someone heard it when she sings alone)
History: her parents raised her in Serene Cave since her birth, but she was always naturally shy around other pokemon. Her parents never worked on the problem too much, and left her alone most of the time, to the point where she adjusted to the isolation. When she turned 16, she had enough of her parents negligence and ran off. Along the journey, she made it to Black Spear Mountain, and she tried surviving on her own there. She tried fixing her shyness on her own, but it's yet to be fixed yet.  She once befriended a Graveler along the mountain range, but it quickly became apparent he was using her to try sensing disasters so he could try terrorising the mountain range at perfect times.  She found this out during a small earthquake that shook the mountain, and he tried spreading more chaos by stealing from the other pokemon residing there, as he knew it would happen because she knew she was used, but it was too late.  Angered by this, she abandoned him and since then, she's been more wary about travelers and other pokemon alike.

PS for some reason it won't let me change the color.  Hope you guys don't get mad.
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PostSubject: Re: Character   Character EmptyWed Jan 18, 2017 1:33 am

Go read through the rules again, specifically the rules in the character application section such as the template thread; the information in the character application section is there to help you with the structure of your bio. Also, get rid of that dead color code. You did the code wrong, but that doesn't matter since color code is unnecessary anyway.

Clean your bio up, then it'll get checked.

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