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 Santoki the Mienfoo

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PostSubject: Santoki the Mienfoo   Santoki the Mienfoo EmptyFri Dec 16, 2016 5:12 am

» Name: Santoki
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #619 Mienfoo, The Martial Arts Pokemon
» Affiliation: None

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Regenerator
» Moves:
- Vital Throw (Egg Move)
- Pound (Level 1)
- Meditate (Level 5)

» Natural Feats:
- Fast fighter: Mienfoo's natural speed is used to their advantage in combat.  While their individual attacks lack power compared to many other Fighting Pokemon, they more than make up for it in the sheer number of strikes.
- Regenerator: Recovers one extra energy per page.
- Sharp claws: Mienfoo have rather sharp claws that they can use to cut enemies.

» Personality: Santoki is a rather personable and outgoing sort of Pokemon.  He adores meeting new people and learning about the world from the experiences of others.  Noble and kind to a fault, he is the kind who would risk everything for a total stranger if push came to shove.  Despite his desire to grow stronger, he'd much rather resolve a conflict before it began through friendly gestures and words.  He of course, understands that in the wild you have to defend yourself first and ask questions later.  While in town, he has a rather sleepy, yet elegant disposition, standing tall, often with hands together or behind his back.  His open and kind demeanor may lead people to think he has some kind of ulterior motive, but he has nothing but good intentions for others.

» Likes: Training: Santoki trains as a meditative practice as much as for combat.  It clears his head and instills him with the confidence to work hard.
A good meal: Nothing satisfies him more than a well-prepared meal and is willing to try almost anything.  There have been cases where he has eaten typically awful food and enjoyed it.

Hearing the stories of others: Almost to the point of nosiness, Santoki will sit down and listen to a story being told, asking all he can about certain events and if there's anything to learn from it.

Setting a good example: He believes others to be inherently good, even those who seem to do bad things.  As a result, he tries to extend a helping hand to those he believes need it.

» Dislikes: Confined spaces: Living in the mountains for such a long time has left him unnerved whenever he's forced to be in enclosed spaces for long periods of time.  It also hinders with his combat style.

When people go easy on him: He's always trying to become stronger for whatever reason, so whenever it feels like someone isn't giving it their all against him, he gets rather annoyed.

Taking loved ones for granted: Family and friends are treasured to Santoki and nothing makes him more angry than someone who takes advantage of those who just want to help them.

» History: Santoki grew up on a mountain range with his parents, a female Mienshao and male Pangoro.  He rarely interacted with anyone else aside from his family, but he had always wanted to visit towns and meet new people. His parents, however, insisted that he should focus on his training first so that he could be better prepared for the world before him.  So day in and day out he trained, eager to prove himself ready to explore the world.

The training his parents put him through cycled depending on the day.  When his mother trained him, he was taught the basics of their style and how to carry themselves with grace but ready to strike at any moment when the need arises.  She had him practice the steps, how to move without a single wasted step and how to strike at just the right place and time.  His father put him through endurance training, taking him to the mountain peak when the sun was hottest or the winds were coldest and work under those conditions, though never long enough to risk harming him.  These days could be rigorous at points, but he and his family loved each other very much.  They would often sit down together and gaze at the mountain view while eating together and talking about the days ahead.  He might be a novice fighter, but thanks to them he would be ready to see the world when the time came.

Despite his focus on training, his parents also made sure to instill a sense of kindness within him and taught him there was more to being a good Pokemon than simply strength.  His mother taught him the meditative and calming aspects of their style while his father recounted tales of his youth, that he was a reckless Pancham who could only think about fighting and proving his strength.  He didn't like to rely on others, but the kindness of his future lover, who rescued him from certain doom, changed his ways.  There's always room for a good deed and setting a good example, something he taught Santoki and made sure he understood.  During his training with his mother, she would often remind him that even if he becomes stronger than many others, he is not to use his skill to belittle or harm others just because he is capable.  No son of hers was going to be a thug.  She taught the importance of using skill and strength to protect others and for sport, never for unprovoked violence.  Santoki took these lessons to heart, swearing that he would never disappoint his parents or neglect their lessons.

One day, a strong Pokemon, a Hariyama, showed up to challenge his mother.  She used to be known for being a brilliant fighter so her being challenged was nothing new.  However, she was defeated after the struggle and badly wounded from the challenger's powerful strikes.  While she survived, her wounds would mean the end of her ability to fight.  A fire ignited in Santoki's spirit, and he begged his family to let him leave to see the world and train to one day defeat the Hariyama in a fair fight.  Proud of their son's burning spirit, they allowed him to take the first step on his own and saw him off as he ventured out with the dream of becoming an Explorer.

» Other:

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PostSubject: Re: Santoki the Mienfoo   Santoki the Mienfoo EmptySun Dec 18, 2016 2:34 pm

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


The Pokédex entries don't say anything about mienfoo's fighting style leaving it vulnerable.  This also isn't really much of a "feat."  The only feat-worthy part of it is that their attacks are weak but fast-paced (they sacrifice power for rapid succession and speed), so shorten it to be just that.  You could also mention that their accuracy increases as they focus.  More importantly, though, add a feat for "sharp claws."  The feat for Regenerator is fine as is.


You mentioned your character's "apparent skill in combat."  I must remind you that he is weak and (presumably) young, meaning he should have very little skill in combat.  Belonging to a species of scrappers doesn't grant your character automatic fighting expertise.  While he had a training regimen, he left home before "graduating" due to begging, and it doesn't say anywhere that the training was strict.  Sure, he would probably know enough to defend himself and win out against something of equal strength to him, but calling him a "skilled combatant" is a bit of a stretch.  A ninja marshmallow is still a marshmallow.


Elaborate.  Who and what are his parents?  Who was the challenger who maimed his mother?  What was his daily life like outside of training?  Or was it just training?  Speaking of which, what kind of training did he do?


Even if his eyes are just barely open rather than actually being closed, that makes little sense.  Ever tried walking around with your eyes so close to shut that no one can tell they're open?  It's pretty hard to see anything like that.  If he nearly always does that, then he's nearly always legally blind, and by choice.  That's absurd.  This isn't the anime where characters can be Brock and defy logic to see through their eyelids.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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Santoki the Mienfoo
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