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Alicia Jewel

Alicia Jewel

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PostSubject: Oops.   Oops. EmptyFri Dec 16, 2016 3:41 am

Oh, right, this site exists. Um. Well, this is awkward. I made a character back in May, got her approved, and fully intended to post... but then I got writer's block followed by other stuff happening. By the time things had settled down and I was up for roleplaying again, I got too nervous to get back on here since it had been so long, so I just... didn't.

Then my friend (hi, Connor) said he'd found this website and wanted to join, so I figured I'd see if Lyra had been adopted out or anything. Much to my surprise, not only was she not up for adoption at all, but my account hadn't been given the inactive status.

I've been craving some good Pokemon RP lately, so I do want to post here... once I figure out how to get Lyra started. That being said, this post serves two purposes: to say I'm back (in some capacity, at least) and to ask to keep Lyra despite my being over the one-month limit.

Oops. 165
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PostSubject: Re: Oops.   Oops. EmptyFri Dec 16, 2016 2:21 pm

Welcome back to the site! You are free to continue Rping with Lyra as she hasn't been put up for adoption don't worry ^-^

Also, for future reference, if you are ever inactive for long and your character does end up being put up for adoption, you can still claim them back by posting an adoption post. You won't need to submit a RP sample with it though, just state that you are the original RPer and you automatically get your character back ^-^

Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: Oops.   Oops. Empty

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