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 Wanderers Be a Wandering

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PostSubject: Wanderers Be a Wandering   Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:45 am

Energy: 16-5=11

Ariel never had been good with directions. She was quite terrible at them actually. On her way to Grassveil town the Taillow found herself hovering over a forest, with no idea where she was. Ariel was certain she went the way she was told. The Krabby who gave her the directions had seemed pretty confident that the town was "only a few scuttles away." Her wings were feeling like lead from flying in circles for so long. Deciding to wait and catch her breath, she floated down and perched on a tree branch. Maybe she could figure out the rest later?

A rustling noise came from somewhere below her, startling her for a moment. Realizing it was probably just some traveling Pokemon like herself, she hastily swiped a few of her feathers neatly down with her beak. Peering down, she was disappointed to find nothing but some leaves, a handful of rotting Pecha berries, and a small puddle. Oh, and trees. A lot of trees. "Hello?" Ariel asked, hopeful for someone to talk to. She waited, the forest unanswering.

When nothing interesting happened she hopped down from her perch, abandoning rest. Ariel didn't appreciate being alone. It sent an uneasy feeling down her feathers. Her wings still tired she started hopping through the trees instead, hoping that she ran into another Pokemon on her way.


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PostSubject: Re: Wanderers Be a Wandering   Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:17 am

Deimos had only recently left the Small Pond close to Grassviel, having just finished his visit to Niracamda. The Absol had naturally decided to return to his current dwellings after his little escapade to the area, having headed there originally only for Nira. He still viewed her as a good friend, even if she didn't want to rely on him for the challenge.

His mind was much more so focused on the strange gift he had Received from her, the seemingly rare stone that she had gifted to him. He lacked all knowledge on the topic of Mega Stones and the resulting Mega Evolution, knowing little of it's practical use to an Absol.

The Absol paused and pulled his mind away from such thoughts however when he heard a voice somewhat close by. It sounded like a feminine voice, however Deimos didn't trust it. The Absol immediately closed his eyes and began to focus, intending on his sensory capacity to prepare... It could be hostile after all. He sensed little upon the earth... Not a great deal of imprints being forged over than that of the local populace and what was already present... Was it to the sky then? The Absol opened it's eyes once more and cautiously began to advance, carrying the makeshift Reaper Cloth sack that he used to hold his items behind him.

It was at this point he however put up his guard... He felt a fresh imprint now... Something had landed, most likely avian in nature judging from the foot print. The Absol was still being as cautious as possible, even if it was just a potential over reaction.

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PostSubject: Re: Wanderers Be a Wandering   Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:42 am

[Energy: 43 - 5 (Entrance Cost) = 38]
[Exclusive Item: White Silk (Reduces cost of every other Pokemon rolled by 1)]

Pilot darted through the air, weaving between the trees of Pecha Forest! Flight training had always been the little bird's favorite leisure activity, and it showed. His movements were extremely precise, perhaps even perfect! Such skill allowed him to be much more effective in combat than his size suggested. For this reason, staying sharp was vital to his success at the Grassveil Guild.

The Taillow hung a sharp right, executing a quick aileron roll before shooting upwards past the woodland's canopy! He grinned when he saw the bright blue sky... What a beautiful day. For a while, Pilot slowed down and just enjoyed the scenery.

His period of relaxation came to an end when he heard a voice, which he made out to be female, from below. Even better, it sounded distinctly avian! Something about the timbre of the voice tipped him off. Heehee, I guess it's my lucky day~! He gleefully thought to himself. Pilot slowly glided over the treetops, listening carefully to triangulate the other bird's position.

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PostSubject: Re: Wanderers Be a Wandering   Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:40 pm

It was a strange thing for Ariel. To be walking on the ground like this. She usually kept to the sky. Everything seemed so much bigger when she was on the ground. It baffled her how different everything looked and felt from down here. She couldn't imagine how other Pokemon could bear spending their entire lives living like this. The Taillow continued slowly onward. Ariel was quickly getting tired of the sight of trees. She was quite willing to fly all the way back to the Small Pond by now. 

Back. It had only just now occurred to Ariel that she could just retrace her "steps" back. Excited, she steered herself back to the tree she landed on. At least she thought this was the tree she first landed on. Or maybe it was that other tree? Jumping upwards, she fluttered to the upper branches of a tree. Noticing the branches were dangerously thin this high, it took Ariel a moment to find a branch that could hold even her little weight. Peeking her head over the canopy, she examined the area around her. At that moment something else occurred to the Taillow. She had no idea what direction she had come from. The forest around her was plain and mediocre, making it difficult to distinguish anything familiar throughout the trees. Woops.

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PostSubject: Re: Wanderers Be a Wandering   

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Wanderers Be a Wandering
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