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 November News & Notices

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PostSubject: November News & Notices   November News & Notices EmptyTue Nov 15, 2016 9:02 pm

Hello and welcome to PMD-RP News of November 2016!
- General News & Updates -
Our dungeon design competition has come to its conclusion!

The winning dungeons are!

Echo World (@Lord E V)
Discharge Prairie (@Sceptile)
Ancient Island (@Evana)
Forsaken Complex (@MCLikeANinja)

Any poke transactions that were due to the winners have been completed. We have already begun work on implementing each dungeon and currently do not have any estimated time on when they will be added.

Feel free to read up on specific details

Additionally, the rules page has been updated to include information regarding move slot purchases and their limits.
- Guild -
The guild has had many request of which have or is about to expire very soon. It would be a shame that so many requests are going unanswered. On that note, the guild is always recruiting new members!

- Current Site wide Event -
This section is a duplicate of last month's site wide events... No new changes present. If you wish to skip past it, Please click HERE

As you may or may not be aware, the current site wide event "The Wake of Destruction" is still ongoing. The main thread is located ->here<-)

Arceus and Giratina still both have one out of three recruits, whereas Zygarde has none.
How can you participate in this event? Now that's a good question! Here's how!:

  • The battle for Mewtwo, Arceus's second recruit still rages on in Serene Cave and you can participate by rolling a Mewtwo encounter in that particular dungeon!
  • Zygarde's first recruit, Shaymin has been located in Misty Mire, but requires rescuing! In order to participate in freeing Shaymin, you must work to defeat any Muk, Gourgeist, Malamar and Reuniclus that you encounter in Misty Mire.
  • The clue for Giratina's second recruit can be found in the event thread. If you can work out what it is you need to do, you may just be rewarded...

Note that any who participate in dealing damage to Mewtwo, or defeating even a single opponent to help free Shaymin will be eligible to require the rewards offered for completing each section of the event! Similar is true for any other parts of the event; each user who actively participates and results in progression of the event will receive rewards.

If you happen to roll Mewtwo in Serene Cave, or defeat one of the above mentioned opponents in Misty Mire, please notify myself or another administrator so that we can update the event thread!

As a quick reminder, the escort rule can be utilized in any event related threads as long as said thread is specifically marked as an Event Thread by the user posting it. The escort rule allows a character with higher energy to escort up to two extra characters to a dungeon that they would not normally be able to access due to the constraints of the energy system. It costs 5 extra energy per pokemon being escorted for the higher energy character to enter that dungeon, and any character that is being escorted will have 0 energy upon entering the dungeon and will have to replenish their energy with berries or other items.

It is wise to confirm with a staff member before using the escort rule, just to be safe. But the rule was always intended to help us be inclusive of newer members of the site who might want to explore the areas linked to site events but who have characters with low energy.
- Independent Organization News -

Just a reminder to all members that we have four Independent Organizations (IOs) on the site currently, and characters can apply for membership in any of these whilst their character is still being looked over for approval by Character Moderators. Some IOs have their own conditions for joining though, so you may have to wait until after your character is approved to finalize your IO signup for various reasons!

The list of current IOs on the site is located ->here<- and includes Steamrise Inn, The Tribe of Renewed Life, Blacktooth Kingdom and the Windrose Scouts.

This section will be used to report on various news in IOs and generate interest in the IOs on the site, and so if any IO founders have any news they would like me to include in this section, feel free to send an admin a message and we will fit it into the news!

- Other Notices -

Please remember that we are still looking for new staff members. We have a serious need for board updaters at the moment!

- Titan Pad -
Titanpad has made an announcement about shutting down. If you currently use titanpad, we highly recommend to download a copy of your work whenever possible. A link to that announcement is found HERE.

Rules and Report Function

As per, here's your monthly reminder to keep yourself up to date with all of the site's rules! The rules board is located ->here<- and though we will usually notify when large rule changes take place, we do still make smaller edits without a big notice so it's worth re-reading them every now and then.

Finally I'd also like to remind everyone that in order to help staff and moderators do their jobs more easily, we encourage you to report any post in a thread that you see is breaking the site's rules by using the report button located on each post.

November News & Notices Icon_post_report This little icon is located by the Quote, Edit and Delete buttons of each post; upon clicking, you can select a reason for the report and write why you are reporting that particular post.

By doing this, we can more quickly and easily deal with posts that are breaking the rules as staff are notified of posts that are reported!

This month's birthdays are as follow
Scarlet KilometersHeadphone ActorTriona

Personal Message from Coaster
This event feels slow... Everyone jump on it!

Additionally, I am looking for assistence with getting fresh missions up for the guild. You are not required to apply for the board update position to suggest mission ideas to use. No really, it isn't required! We have had missions given to us in the form of titanpad links or just a whole post through pm! I can't be the only board updater here! -sighs- It's a lot...

Discussion Topic
How was the contest? What are your opinions about it?
Additionally, what do you want to see on the site? What do you think should be added, changed, or removed?

I honestly do not have a topic for this month...


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PostSubject: Re: November News & Notices   November News & Notices EmptyTue Nov 15, 2016 9:22 pm

Woo! Give it up for the 10th month of the year!! What? October? Never heard of such a thing .w.

The results of this contest are rather... interesting in my opinion. The genres, so to speak, of each dungeon are so incredibly different. I guess that's a good thing for this site, but I originally had the idea that we'd maybe add one to the site and then more far later. If we're going to institute all of these, I say we do so in an organized manner. Maybe we should only introduce one for the time being (I vote Discharge Prairies) and then the others have to be "gained" or discovered like the last time we introduced a new dungeon? I feel like they should fit with the site's canon, so 4 all at once with no lore or story behind how they appeared would seem a little random and unnatural. What would be even more special is if they were introduced with new events. For example, maybe they would be discovered, and a new trial of this big event would be located there.

Speaking of this event, the lack of progress on this is pretty darn agitating. I've got 3 characters with each alignment (and one undecided) who could really use an adventure to kick this thing back into gear. Anyone who wants to RP, please be my guest.


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PostSubject: Re: November News & Notices   November News & Notices EmptyTue Nov 15, 2016 10:56 pm

Y'know, I've been thinking about going for a board updater position. It's just a possibility I'm juggling right now.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fanfiction (Azure Rescuers/Windswept Explorers)
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PostSubject: Re: November News & Notices   November News & Notices EmptyTue Nov 15, 2016 11:11 pm

I think that'd be very fitting Gengar! I myself have been seeking becoming a Character Mod as of lately, and I definitely think you should apply!


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PostSubject: Re: November News & Notices   November News & Notices EmptySat Nov 19, 2016 2:33 am

Hai, Evana the moderator here. I have just finished updating the list of natural feats. It took a bit of time, but it is done. I will work on natural feats of evolutions at one point.

Click here to see my Records.
For those interested to RP with me
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PostSubject: Re: November News & Notices   November News & Notices Empty

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November News & Notices
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