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 Town Life

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PostSubject: Town Life   Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:28 pm

First topic message reminder :

Alki was in the town center once more. Eating an apple again. Only a little while ago, I met Yooka in this very center, while eating an apple just like this one. She thought to herself. She still felt kind of skittish, and jumped whenever there was a loud noise. At least I can kind of get around without having a small panic attack. She sighed. That doesn't mean I like it. Or ever will...

She got up as she finished the apple. Everyone is so tall. She observed, yawning. And I'm so tired. She noticed a Whismur close by. Hm. I have been telling myself I should be more social... She thought to herself, giggling. Ever since she'd met Yooka, she'd felt a tad more confident in herself. She could handle at least one conversation by herself. She began to walk towards him, getting slower and slower with each step.I'm going to regret this. She thought to herself, but it was too late, she was already in front of him and he was so tall... It's too late to back out... So after a short, awkward pause, she spoke. "Hi, who are you?" She asked, and maintained an even expression, before she realized something. That was STUPID! She yelled at herself in her thoughts, and her cheeks burnt red in embarassment as she begun to fidget in front of the Whismur.

"T-That is, I-I'm an Igglybuff..." He can see that, stupid! More fidgets, and an even brighter red on her face. This went so much better in my head. "Er... y-y-you can see that, I-I'm Alki!" That's right! I'm supposed to introduce myself to people! ...I'm never doing this again. "Alki." She said, holding out a small, trembling hand for the Whismur to shake, her eyes shut tight, counting down the seconds until he spoke. What's he going to say? Oh... this was horrible...
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PostSubject: Re: Town Life   Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:30 am

Alki nodded, trying to take in everything the Vulpix was saying. Despite everything that had happened between Alki and her sister, she still thought that she was awfully successful. And Alki didn't want to work as an organizer, or a waitress or anything like that. That would mean she'd have to talk, wouldn't it? And Alki was horrible at that. Why would she want to set herself up for failure? At least in the guild, from what she'd heard, she wouldn't have to talk so much. She still didn't think she'd be very good, but if they accepted anyone , it seemed like her best option, really. And Polaris seemed interested in it too.

Then again... even if they accepted her, she didn't enjoy the idea of being a hindrance to others. She'd have to wait and see what happened. Then again, what was this Shinx's "org"? She didn't understand what he meant, and Alki was just about to ask her when a loud laugh erupted from the Whismur. Alki jumped at the sudden noise, and turned to look at him. He should be a bit more respectful... she didn't want her new friend to get in trouble. If she had laughed like that at her parents, she would've been in a ton of trouble.

The thought of her parents only served to remind her of her situation. She was alone, and sure, she'd just found these new Pokemon, but living at the Pond had taught her that even the nicest Pokemon had bad sides to them. And Alki always seemed to draw out the bad from any Pokemon she met. She just had bad luck like that. She never understood why she was so hateable, but who was she to question the facts? If she was so detestable, that was that, all she could do was live with it. Or do her best, at least. But the Whismur had already said he wanted to be her friend... she felt confused, should she trust him?

Then again, she did notice that the Pokemon next to her seemed a bit worried. About his laugh? Well, probably... maybe he was afraid for the same reason Alki was? Was he afraid he'd get yelled at? Perhaps that was it... she decided she'd help him out a bit. Or at least try. Then again... he hadn't asked for help, and he'd already moved on to talking about the party. "W-Well... I d-don't know what I want to do... I'm... new to this... place." She said, slowly. Hopefully they wouldn't get mad at Polaris. She forced a small giggle, going along with what he'd said earlier. "I-I'd... uh, l-love t-to go to t-this... uh, P-party?" She lied. Weren't parties really... social? Lots of Pokemon, and lots of talking... why would she want to go? But Polaris seemed awfully nervous and scared, and she hated to see him like this.

She grabbed one of his hands and tried to get him to stop pulling on his ears. She was a bit afraid that he'd damage them, they were awfully big. What if he hurt himself? He had been pulling on them quite a bit. She'd never met a Whismur before. She hadn't met a lot of Pokemon before, honestly. This was her first time out of her house in a long while. She couldn't say she looked forward to meeting more Pokemon, but at the very least, she was a bit curious. "O-Only if I g-get to go with Polaris though..." If she got to go with someone that she at least kinda, sorta knew, and had so far been nice to her, she'd feel a lot better. "I-I mean, I'd be w-willing to try... t-to work on one... r-right?" She still didn't want to go. But why not at least give it a shot? It was always an option... "C-Can I?" She asked nervously. She could try it, at least. She hoped that she wouldn't disappoint them. That would be bad... "I-If you two are Ok with that..." She said, looking at the Vulpix and Shinx, while still holding the Whismur's hand. She didn't want him pulling on his ears, or feeling bad or upset. Hopefully he'd feel better soon, a small laugh was Ok. She wasn't mad at him for that, she hoped he knew that. Every small mistake she'd made in her life had always been noticed by her parents and her sister, and she hoped that the Whismur would feel better knowing that she wasn't mad at him. She knew that she'd needed at least a bit of forgiveness in her life before. But she didn't quite know what to say either.


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PostSubject: Re: Town Life   Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:25 pm

Zydius looked down at the Whismur and pouted, "Aw come one, it wasn't that bad? I'll have you know that I'm a Master at flirting." Of course, his skills at flirting is in the eyes of the beholder, considering he flirts 80% of the time. You'd think he'd be good at it by now. Or maybe he is and Jasper just has no sexual drive, both are very possible. Jasper herself let a little smile play on her lips, it was nice to hear a child's laughter, and her Bodyguard is certainly a laughable man with is little words.

As if sensing the Vixen's thoughts, the shinx turned his pout to her instead, "I know what your thinking, and I find that insulting Beautiful." Jasper turned her head away from the male, closing her eyes while smiling a little wider. However, the two quickly sobered up when the young male became frightful, as if he was suddenly scared that he laughed at Zydius. Not that the Shinx took it personally, things like that really don't matter to him. In response to this, Zydius raised a nonexistent eyebrow at the Whismur, "I'm not actually bothered by that y'know? No need to get all flustered Tyke."

The Vixen filed the reaction away for future reference and watched as the young pokemon expressed his want to help with the festival, he was nervous about it and she supposed that would only be natural. She was nervous herself when she first volunteered to work at festivals, but they proved to be the most fun she had in her previously restricted life. Hopefully the experience these children have would be fruitful in their lives, its the best she could ask for.

She spared another small smile when she watched the Igglybuff try to comfort the other, the action of tugging on his ears are quite worrisome and who knows how hardy they are. He could accidentally damage them one day after the continued abuse. She knows that she couldn't take anything pulling on her lovely tails, as a Vulpix she couldn't even cast a curse in retaliation.

Not that she would enjoy cursing another pokemon.

Jasper hummed softly at the girl's request, "Of course you both can come, this festival is open to all pokemon, the fact that you both wish to help is truly lovely. Festival are a time to be happy and joyful, you two will surely enjoy working in that kind of atmosphere. There are many things you can do, but if you listen well and try your best, this can be a very bright moment in your memories of Grassveil. There is quite some time before the festival starts, a week in fact, so you two should have plenty of time to learn about the jobs you are interested in. If you so wish it I will teach you myself, but it won't be a easy jump if you aren't confident. But," She smiled warmly at the children, "I know you two will be just fine Alki, Polaris. How you face this is all in you, so give it your best shot. If you have any questions or requests, please tell me them now. Be honest now, I won't know what you'll need unless you tell me."

She stood again, cocking her head to the side as she awaited any questions.
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PostSubject: Re: Town Life   

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Town Life
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