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 Wont You Dance With Me? [Open]

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PostSubject: Wont You Dance With Me? [Open]   Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:08 pm

Jaden Lacroix the Snivy
Energy: 11 | Color: #00cc33 | Level: 07
Held Item: Joy Ribbon | Exclusive Item: Fluer de Lis Cloak
The darkness of the forest felt unwelcoming. It threatened to swallow any who dared to enter it. The shadows would wrap their cold claws around any average explorer and laugh as they screamed and begged to be released. The leaves of the trees beckoned to the outsiders, coaxing them into the maze of a forest and right into the hungry grip of the feral and hostile pokemon that lurked within the shadows of the dreadful forest.

Despite this, he was unafraid. Despite this, he was confident. Despite this, he had a plan. A serpent with strange green legs approached the forest. His tail swayed from side to side with his arms tucked behind him, over the pack that was slid over his nearly non existent shoulder. He could hear the leaves stirring, but he paid them no mind. He had been here before, he had done more than face the feared darkness that once used to keep him up at night when he was small.

His head was held up with confidence as he entered the depths of Shadowhue. He had a simple task, to collect items. The precious resources often appeared far more frequently in the depths of Shadowhue than the softer terrain of Pecha Forest. If he wanted to achieve his goal, he would need these resources. There was no way a frail pokemon such as himself could take on the more dangerous dungeons alone even with all of the wit in the world. While this dungeon actually was one of the more hazardous dungeons, he would not be deterred. He was confident that he could make it through with his intelligence and resourcefulness just fine.

Who knew? He might find a friend as well. Last time he had been here, he had encountered many friendly pokemon. He smiled fondly despite the harsh circumstances that had arrived back then. He wondered what they were up to as his eyes began to search the ground. One arm fell from behind his back and reached up to the scarf around his neck to adjust it. Well, not much of a scarf, but more of a ribbon. A Joy Ribbon to be precise, a valuable item that was his most prized though it shared its pedestal with his Fluer de Lis Cloak.

The snivy returned his arm to its rightful position after giving a flick of his cloak. He continued on with hopes that he would find something of interest soon...


ooc// Doing some item hoarding, anyone wanna join?


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Wont You Dance With Me? [Open]
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