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 Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)

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PostSubject: Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)   Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:02 am

First topic message reminder :

-Beep!- Beep!- Beep!-

The loud screeching sound filled the dimly lit room, disturbing the previous quiet with the intention of doing it's job of waking up all in it's vicinity. The room the alarm had originated from was a rather large room, a room filled with just about anything you'd expect. A twin-sized bed covered with matching orange/black covers, flanked by polished wooden dressers that had various little nicknacks piled on top of them. A large wardrobe pressed back against the wall, a small table sitting in the corner with 3 chairs surrounding it and a lamp sitting on top. A work desk with stacks of papers scattered all over it, a laptop closed on it's surface with a bulky box sitting next to it. The room had a dark brown carpet, it's walls a light brown with posters of anime, rock bands, and other random objects stuck to it's walls.

A light groan came from the bed after a few minutes of continuous beeping, the lump hidden under the covers shifting. A tan hand slowly peeked out of the heavy cloth, reaching over to the black alarm to shut it up. At least that was supposed to happen, no, instead the hand hit everything except the alarm, knocking stuff off the dresser onto the floor. A deep voice grumbled from the lump as the figure under tried to push themselves up, reaching out blindly some more until they overreached and fell flailing out off the bed with a 'Oof!'.

Now tangled up in the covers, half of their body off the bed and the other still on. The man, as it could be seen now that he shook the covers off his head, pouted up at the ceiling, brown hair sticking up everywhere and obscuring half of his face. He muttered something under his breath and finished kicking the covers off him, the alarm having stopped in the time it took him to stand up and take in the light shining through his window blinds. The young man ruffled his hair as he picked up the fallen sheets, robotically shaking them out and smoothing them back over his bed. He walked to the other side of the bed and picked up the pillows that got knocked off because of his flailing, smacking them a bit before dumping them at the head of the bed.

The man yawned deeply, scratching his bare chest as he finished his morning routine, actually disabling his alarm, picking up any other stuff he knocked down trying to turn it off, and opening his dresser to get a pre-made outfit for the day. He yawned again as he lazily walked out of the bedroom of his single room apartment, walking into the bathroom to do the next step of his morning routine, getting clean. After getting all freshened up and clean, the man walked out of the bathroom with much more energy and life than when he went in.

He hummed cheerfully as he clipped his hair back with the pins he keeps lying everywhere, then popping open his glasses case that he keeps on the living room table for some odd reason. With his new HD vision, the 19 year old quickly prepared himself a bowl of cereal and plopped into his couch, turning on the TV as he did so. A quick series of channel flips landed the man on the news channel for any heads up on construction and shiz.

Now normally you would be paying attention to the news if you bothered turning to it, but honestly, all the man could hear was, “Blah blah fire blah blah closed routes blah blah sunny.” In other words, he ignored everything except for what he wanted to hear, like usual. The man bounced a little in his seat as he finished eating his cereal, taking the bowl to his sink for a quick rinse and putting it back into the cabinet. Whilst he was doing that, his smart phone began to ring from it's spot...where ever he left it.

“Oh crud! Where did I leave my phone this time?” He said looking around for where the ringing was coming from, he checked his couch, the table, under his couch, before he realized that it was probably in it jacket's pocket like it was the other 100 times this happened. The brunet proved himself correct when he pulled the 4G out of his pocket, quickly swiping the answer button before time was up. “Hello, Orlando speaking!” in hindsight he probably should have checked the caller ID first before shouting out his name, but the damage is already done.

“Heya Big brother!” Orlando grinned broadly at the high voice on the other end of the phone.

“Ohai Reese! How are you doing?”

“I'm doing great! High school isn't anywhere as near as scary as I thought! I've already made lots of friends!” she squealed in an excited tone, “And what about you? How is your job going?”

Orlando slipped himself back on his couch, “It's been great! I haven't gotten much work yet, but the stuff I did have to build all sold really well! The customers really liked it y'know?” He leaned his head back, smiling at the ceiling, “I really hope it's going to get even better! I just want to build so many things already!”

“Oh wow! I'm glad that things are going to good on your side too! ...”

The two siblings continued to talk for a few more minutes, before Reese finally had to hand up and Orlando was finally ready to get up and do something other than sit around, like...go to the store or something...actually no, the library is still open isn't it? He'll just mosey on down over there and mooch on their free WiFi.

Yeah that sounds like a plan, he is going to go do that right now.

The man quickly threw on his jacket and backpack, grabbing his car keys off the table (Sure keeps a lot of stuff on his living room table) and skipped out the room.

To the Library!
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)   Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:23 am

Ally sneered at the self-proclaimed carpenter. "Tha's reaaal comfertin', thanks fer tha'," she drawled. She shook her head. "It's either tha', er Ahm dreamin'." She looked around the room again. The other two humans seemed to agree with the carpenter guy rather than her, but that would make sense if it were a dream, right? But then, wouldn't she wake up if it was a dream, now that she knew it was a dream? It made no sense.

She wasn't left to ponder the question much longer, as the mist around the gem swirled again and began to speak once more, ignoring everything that the humans were saying. It announced that it was time for them to enter the world of... "Kir'Kayan". Then it flickered and swirled around the gem once more before entering the large screen behind the table that Ally had yet to notice.

Then the room began to dissolve around them, the tables and chairs disappearing into the ground as gravity seemed to lessen, causing Ally and the other humans to rise into the air before being sucked into the spinning mist.

Ally could see nothing but endless black as her body seemed to contort in strange positions. It felt like her bones were being stretched and shrunk at the same time, and her mind was becoming fuzzy and disconnected from herself. After a few seconds, she was suddenly slammed into the ground. She lay back against the grass, spread-eagled as she suddenly started giggling at nothing in particular.

The male who wasn't the carpenter spoke up then, groaning about how he felt like his 'everything' was broken. Ally continued her giggling, nodding in agreement. Everything felt off and strange. Her mind was definitely in a mess at the moment, if her nonstop, uncontrollable giggling was any sign.

There was suddenly a beeping coming from her right wrist. Ally turned her head and lifted her right hand, peering at it blearily through her laughter. There seemed to be a strange watch with a flat face, a blinking message reading 'get items' appearing on the face of the watch. Ally felt her giggling slow and then stop as she reached out and touched the screen of the watch, pressing against the message as she did so.

A transparent screen suddenly appeared in front of her face, causing her to yelp in surprise. A message appeared on the screen, reading: "Ally has received [Oak Bow], [30 Pine arrows], [Quiver]! Ally has received [Hunter’s tools][Hunter Class Scroll]!"

"Wha' th' ac'ual fuck?" Ally muttered. "Th' fuck is goin' on?"

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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)   Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:49 pm

Orlando restrapped the Dagger back onto it’s mysteriously made holder, he wiggled fiddled with the straps a bit to make sure that it wasn’t too loose and going to fall out. Once he was sure that it wouldn’t be easily knocked out of place and cut his toes off, the man glanced back at his bewildered companions. He smiled at them all, missing whatever odd atmosphere that had settled over some of them. “I don’t know!” he answered the accented lady cheerfully, “But since we are all in one piece, and maybe a little sore, why don’t we check out this place! I think that there should be tons of useful stuff around here, and that we should get a feel for wherever we are. That would be a better than sitting around doing nothing.”

Instead of doing what he just suggested right away, Orlando went back to his DMW’s inventory  looked around for something that caught his interest before he took out the Dagger. Down at the bottom of his inventory, he saw the [Rogue Class Scroll], repeating what he did with the dagger, he selected it and withdrew it from his DMW. Like the weapon, a white light emerged from the watch and circled in the air in front of Orlando. It solidified into a large 2 ft long scroll that floated down to the man’s waiting hands gently. It was a white scroll with a green wrapping binding it, on the wrapping had a dagger like symbol stamped on it.

A screen pops up in his face,

‘This is a Class Scroll. These a rare and expensive scrolls that teaches a being how to become its contained class instantly! Very few of these exist, so they sell for a lot of coins!’

‘This Class Scroll contains the class [Rogue], would you like to learn this class? Yes or No?’

We can have classes!? That’s really awesome! But if we have classes like rogue, will that mean that we have to fight monsters and stuff? That usually what happens in games with classes… huh. I wonder how that will go.

Orlando hummed quizzingly, but selected the yes button. I think is see the pattern. He thought wryly, watching the light incircle him quickly, before being absorbed in his body with a split-second flash. Very briefly, he felt the effects of the warping again, but this time it felt like nothing more than a tiny discomfort.

Another screen,

‘Congratulations! Orlando has become a Rogue! Gained class skills: Dagger Mastery LV1, Thievery LV1, and Perception LV1!’

‘Orlando has one Minor Class slot open, would you like to make [Rogue] your Minor Class? Yes or No?’

“There can be Minor classes? But...if I have a Minor slot open does that mean there is a main or major slot? I mean, it would make sense if there was, can’t have a Minor without a Major. That’ll be weird.”  He muttered to himself, he waited for a second, the screen still floating idly waiting for his decision, and decided that why the hell not? If what the information given to him was correct, he will probably never find one of these again.

‘[Rogue] has become Orlando’s Minor Class!’

That odd feeling popped up again, but Orlando just ignored it to look at his status screen, he wanted to see if he had a main class! Which he did, he found, just below his name was a title called Major Class, and it has Carpenter sitting right next to it. “It has my actual job as a class?” he shook his head. “Okay, I give up on figuring any of this out, but at least it’s accurate enough.” The brunet rolled his shoulders and decided to finally go check everything out, even though his companions have probably found stuff already. Unless they’re easily distracted and did something else too.

Anyways, the man started walking towards one of the trees in the clearing so he can identify it, normally it’s a easy job from a distance, but that fall managed to damage his glasses a little.


He reached out and touched the trees bark, looking up at its solid green leaves with a small smile. “This is a really sturdy Oak,” he said to himself, “This would make some pretty nice wood if I cut it down.” Well, maybe I could find some wood laying around, it is a forest after all. But I don't think any of the wood laying around would be good for anything other than firewood or makeshift spears or something.

Orlando huffed, stepping back and looking around the tree, he didn't really know if he had anything for cutting down trees. Sure there was that Saw in his inventory but that really depends on what kind of saw. Since its (presumingly) for his Carpenter class, it's probably not made for cutting down trees. He’d need an Axe for that, which he doesn't have. Great.

Deciding that he should look for something else, Orlando settled for just finding anytime he can use for firewood just in case they need it. With all of these Oaks around, that's an easy task.

(Testing this, Orlando is gonna roll to find good firewood using [Perception]! Use DC20 or [rand]1,20[/ rand] for all rolls for now. The check must beat 10)

Random number (1,20) :
+ 6 (Minor Class Bonus)
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)   Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:45 pm

Nothing else had seemed to be added or had disappeared, which was good. Glancing away from her watch she saw Orlando place a dagger into into its holder. He then started cheerily talking, ignoring the fact that the dagger had just appeared from out of his watch. At least he seems nice, most of them do. Orlando stated that they might want to look around for any things of use. Lyla saw sense in this and decided she would leave to scout for useful items in a couple of minutes.

But first she wanted to fiddle around with her watch. Who knows what other things it could do. Exiting out of her inventory she checked the status which didn't have much yet, which was reasonable. Scrolling down she could see two classes, major, and minor. Her major was foraging, although her minor class was blank. I guess forager makes sense, at least a little.

She heard Orlando say something about minor classes loudly and looked away from her screen. In his hands was a scroll trimmed with green. Remembering something about a scroll in her inventory she checked to see if it was still there. Sure enough it was waiting to be used. Lyla then pondered on whether to use it or not.

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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)   

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Enter the Wild Aka Kitrpg (Kit, Sol, Silv, 8bit, and Lolli)
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