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 Fun Times

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Lazarus Rex


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PostSubject: Fun Times   Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:22 pm

Acro. Was. Pissed. He did not appreciate being shot with a Shadow Ball by a particularly strong Glaceon, and he did not enjoy being dragged away from the fight and turned into a useless ally. His body ached, he was in pain, and he felt very angry. Linus was being a prick, and he had refused to point him in the direction of Sova. Fantastic. Instead, he was stuck looking for one of the umbreons with the living torch. He hoped to find Dusk, seeing as he was more familiar with her, but it he would appreciate just about anyone who would point him the way back.

Garnet had a slump to his posture, tired and exhausted. His tail flame was barely alight and his eyes seemed dull and lifeless. Everything hurt. Everything. The only reason he was with Acro was because...well, he did not want to hang out with the honchkrow. Knowing him, he would have ended up attacking the bird and he did not want to upset anyone at this current moment in time. He could not speak, as all energy had been focused onto simply walking.

Acro used a Trawl Orb
Lazarus Rex carried out 10 launched of one Verity (Image not informed.) :
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Garnet used a Trawl Orb
Lazarus Rex carried out 10 launched of one Verity (Image not informed.) :
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Lord E V
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Times   Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:02 am

Krikka had enjoyed the time to herself in the chamber she'd entered, but it seemed she now had company. How disappointing. She decided to just ignore unless they talked to her first as she looked around the room. There were words written all over the walls in some kind of language she didn't recognize, though this wasn't particularly odd to her since she didn't exactly study weird ancient languages. One thing she knew for certain, though, was that it wasn't in footprint nor unown runes. There were torches lighting the room, and the only other noteworthy feature was the distinct mass of treasure toward the back wall. Something about it gave her an eerie vibe that made her want to stay away from the trove, as if something bad would happen if she neared it. Perhaps she'd let the others go over there first? If they didn't, well.... she'd heard somewhere that there were ways to make the cursed items safer to handle.

She then realized how absurd her fear was: the treasure wasn't cursed! There was no curse; no voodoo; no spiritual presence; NOTHING! It was all just a scary story that only someone like her naive sister would believe! Maybe some of the items had some kind of benefits, but there was no way they were cursed!

(Krikka's Trawl Orb. I intend to take the blessing if I roll it, just as a note ahead of time in case Kat and I decide not to go any further in this mini-thread.)

Lord E V carried out 10 launched of one Verity (Image not informed.) :
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Fun Times
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