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 The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)

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PostSubject: The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:02 am

First topic message reminder :

Gauel pushed the door open slowly as he entered the inn. The sun hadn't even begun to peek over the horizon behind him. It seemed to be well before the inn's main crowd started, which actually made sense to the Grovyle. Better to get him ready to do his job before he'll actually need to start it. The inn was quite quiet, a few mutterings of a couple of Pokemon here and there, but other than that and the sound of waves outside, it was silent. He stood there at the entrance for a moment, unsure of where to go or who to talk to.

He didn't see Iva, nor anybody who looked like they worked here. With not much to go off of, The Grovyle approached the nearest Pokemon, a Gallade sitting at the bar. "Hey, uh, do ya know where Iva is?" he asked the Pokemon. The Psychic type turned his head at the Grovyle slowly, the cloak resting on his shoulders shifting slightly with his movement. "Mmm? Oh, Iva! Got another customer!" the Gallade called out. Gauel shook his head, "Nah, I'm here for an interview," he corrected the Gallade.

The Pokemon waved him off, "Fine, fine. Interview, not customer! Hey, what's your name?" Gauel blinked at the Gallade, "Um, Gauel Buidhe." "Hm, Gauel Buidhe," the Gallade responded, swirling the drink in his glass a bit. "Iva! Name this one Buidhe! Oi, make sure nobody but Iva gets this, kay?" The Gallade set a sack on the table, the clinging of money ringing out from inside. With that, the Pokemon made to leave, pulling the hood up on his cloak.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:10 am

Gauel huffed at Chiyako's response. It wasn't the one he wanted, but he conceded, backing off from the Poochyena. However, when Iva spoke to him again, toying at him, he slammed his fist into the wall next to her head. The wood crumpled and snapped under it, the force causing a picture to fall from the wall and onto the floor. "Keep ya tongue under control, or it's not the cat's who's gonna get it."

He then blinked as the Purrloin moved between him and Iva, his turquoise eyes staring into her dark, sea-green ones. "Gauel, I punch shit," he responded to her introduction, his anger at Iva still at the top of his mind. He then turned away from her, ignoring her out reached paw as he withdrew from the situation as best as he could. He'd need to cool off before he'd attempt any type of socializing for now.

A musician, eh? he thought as he took a seat at the bar, ...Wait, does Iva mean to soothe the beast with music!? Is she trying to be sneaky now and call me a beast!?

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PostSubject: Re: The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:34 am

"Keep ya tongue under control..."

As Gauel walked over to the bar, Iva took the opportunity to stick her tongue out at him behind his back. She relished feeling.

She didn't respond to his last little comment, but she did take pleasure in saying, "Ah ah ah! No sitting at the bar quite yet. You two need to see your sleeping quarters. So come on, algae breath. Haul your leafy buttocks off that barstool and follow me." She grinned. She wouldn't make this easy on the Grovyle. Chi may have had a hold on his leash, but as the cat said, Iva was still her boss which meant she was still his boss.

"You too, Chi-Chi," she said with a slightly more pleasant tone.

She led them up to the first floor and pointed out their rooms which were in a long hallway which separated in a T-shape from the stairs.

"Chi-Chi, turn right and you're second last on the left. Right next to me. Spearmint, you're on the other end of the hall, last door on your right. Welcome to Team Steamrise, you two.

"Oh, and see this line?" She stomped her paw on a large painted white line on the floor. "This separates the employee quarters by gender. No 'fraternization' in the workplace, if you catch my meaning. I find you crossing it, you can forget about the cat. You'll be talking with me about it."

Iva turned and trotted back to the stairs. She seemed quite pleased with herself.

"Oh," she tossed the words over her shoulder, "and next time you decide to hit me, Crabgrass? I won't be afraid to give you frost 'bite'...." She grinned her toothy grin as she eyed the Grovyle over her shoulder and a white mist seemed to form about her fangs as small snowflakes fluttered down from from her teeth.

As she hopped down the stairs she whistled a little tune to herself and began again the business of preparing the Steamrise for its official opening day.

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PostSubject: Re: The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:10 am

Chi sighed with frustration and dropped her paw. So much for making the situation a little better... but whatever. He had had a day, he was probably just checking out emotionally. Chi wasn't going to waste resources worrying about it right now. A rocky start was a rocky start, they could work it out later once they were settled in. She rubbed her forehead as Iva taunted the Grovyle more. She liked taunting someone who just couldn't find their chill as much as the next mon, but at this point she just wanted to get through the day without flashbacks.

Apparently, Chi-Chi was a confirmed thing.

"Thanks for this chance, I'll do my best," Chi responded after being welcomed to the team. She nodded at the statement about the gender boundry; she could respect the wish to keep the team on equal footing. There were other places to live in the town if people didn't like the rule, and it would keep things easier to have the staff remain on equal footing.

Chi walked down to her room, and opened the door. It was incredibly nice, and even had an attached shower. The bunk bed in the room implied that she would be having a roommate, which would be an... interesting experience. Chi really hoped her roommate wouldn't also try to murder everybody, she couldn't handle more than one of them.


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PostSubject: Re: The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)   

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The First Verse (Gauel and Chiyako's interviews)
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