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 Welcome to The Steamrise Inn!

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Steamrise Inn!   Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:50 am

Welcome to The Steamrise Inn!

Here at the Steamrise, we aim to offer the height of hospitality and entertainment! Below you will find a detailed menu, and a list of any and all amenities we offer here at The Inn. Please peruse at your own pace and soak in all the wonderful pleasures and experiences we offer to our guests!




Steamrise Quality Quiche
A savory, open-faced pastry crust with a filling of delicious custard with cheese, meat, seafood, and/or vegetables. Made to order and served piping hot!

Pika Pika Pancakes
A great way to start the day! Part of a complete breakfast.

Big Stack Waffles
Big waffles for an even bigger appetite. Cooked to perfection and drizzled in sweet, sweet syrup.

Fresh Home-style Omelettes
Make your own! Fill it with what ever ingredients you desire! Served with a side of hashbrowns or homefries.
(Fear not! All eggs are responsibly sourced from willing Chanseys and are unfertilized.)

Berry Sunrise Salad
A salad tossed with fresh greens and farm grown vegetables, sprinkled with delicious, hand-picked berries from across the region. This large bowled salad will fill you up and brighten up your day!

Rattataouille a la Berry
A traditional rattataouille pan fried in a sweet vegetable oil, and lightly drizzled with a tangy berry sauce.

Kelp and Kale Salad
Pulled fresh from the water each and every day! A brisk, refreshing taste of the sea.

Iva's Favorite
A juicy, savory, delicious, 35oz cut of steak, prepared from only the highest grade cuts of meat! You won't find better anywhere else! Tell your server how you would like it cooked.

(All beef responsibly sourced from feral Tauros.)

Pie of the Day!
Everyday our delicious pies are prepared with love and care. You won't find anything more sweet and tasty. Served warm to fill your belly with steamy, sugary goodness! Ask your server what flavor we have to day. Also served A la Mode!

Better Than You Know What Cheesecake
The best cheesecake you will EVER have. Guaranteed!

Gargantuan Five Layer Chocolate Lava Cake
This one is best enjoyed with either a few good friends or a stretcher to roll you out on. Five layers of moist, decadent chocolate cake surround a center of molten hot chocolate fudge. Be sure to bring along a few napkins, you'll need them!
(Great for Celebrations of any kind!)

And visit our tiki bar on the beach for: Shaved ice, 52 flavors of Ice Cream, funnel cake!

If you don't see it, just ask your friendly server! Our chefs will be happy to prepare whatever you like, provided we have the ingredients.

The Bar

Our Bar is fully stocked with an assortment of beer, scotch, whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, vodka, and other types of high quality booze. Our astoundingly talented bartenders will be happy to whip up whatever you need to wind down! (Children's drinks available.)  

Drink Specials

A nice, smooth liquor, flavored with a hint of mint and spice! Garnished with mint and sure to make your mouth buzz!

Bloody Siren
A red cocktail that goes great with a quiet brunch or a wild night!


Fizzy Lifting Drink
Be sure to consume indoors. Do not steal.

The Space Dandy
A rainbow slush with the fruitiest of fruity tastes. Served in a glass fashioned in the graceful, elegant shape of a twisting and curling Dratini. Each layer of this colorful, beautiful monstrosity becomes more and more alcoholic until finally the bottom layer of purple slush gives a kick that could give a straight shot of BLUE TIGER'S BLOOD a run for its money. Rumors say, this layer knocked out Arceus himself. Consume if you're looking to have a Dandy time! (And have a convenient excuse to get blackout drunk.)

The Bath House

Relax in peace and quiet and luxury as you wind down into the warm bubbles of our own private bath house. Let your worries wash away as you relax and sink deep into bliss.

(Please be respectful of all guests. No running, Ponytaplay, roughhousing, or shouting will be allowed in the bath house.)

The Beach!

Prepare to cut loose and have the time of your life in the sun and the sand! Catch a wave out in the ocean! Work on your tan on our beautiful white sand beach! Enjoy plenty of fun games out in the sun! The possibilities for a good time are absolutely endless!

(Please obey any lifeguard on staff while enjoying the waves. Safety first!)

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Welcome to The Steamrise Inn!
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