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 Forum Games - Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Games - Rules   Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:31 am

Hello there and welcome to the Forum Games board! Here you can play games in your spare time between posts!

This thread outlines the rules that we have in place to ensure that the Forum Games board is not abused by members, and is fun for all



  • You are allowed to create new game threads, but make sure that an existing thread with the same game does not already exist, or if it does, at least check that it is no longer active.
  • It is encouraged that games not be entirely one line or one word posts.
  • It is also encouraged that you do not only post in the games forum. It's meant to be fun and a way to break up the time between posts, not for you to supercharge your post count.
  • If a game thread has not been posted in for a period of time longer than a month it is classed as inactive and it should not be posted in again or revived within the same thread. If you find an inactive game thread, please contact an admin so they can lock it.


We also have stickied threads in this board for sharing friend codes and requesting rescue missions. Feel free to check those out too ^-^

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Forum Games - Rules
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