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 Mrs. Stella the Onix

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PostSubject: Mrs. Stella the Onix   Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:01 am

» Name: Mrs. Stella ( Or just Stella ).
» Sex: Female.
» Gender: Female.
» Species: Onix ( #095 ) - THE ROCK SNAKE POKEMON.
» Affiliation: Unaffiliated.
» Level: LV. 5
» Energy: 19 (14 BE + 5 lv)
» Ability: ROCK HEAD. Prevents recoil damage.
» Moves:
- HARDEN ( LV. 1 )
- BIND ( LV. 1 )
- CURSE ( LV. 4 )

» Natural Feats:
-Tunnels and Tremors: Despite her old age, Mrs. Stella is just as capable of the infamous feat among Onix of being able to tunnel at 50+ miles an hour. Doing so causes fairly-sized tremors and leaves huge tunnels in her wake. Mrs. Stella only tunnels for emergencies.

- Boulder Feast: Mrs. Stella doesn’t need berries and seeds to fill her belly. In the way of her species, she gets along just fine by dining on delicious boulders! A very useful thing for anyone who needs a boulder removed, for she will be more than delighted to eat a giant rock to help someone out.

» Personality:
Onix are notorious for being aggressive beasts, commonly dreaded by younger exploration teams for their dangerous violence streaks. Mrs. Stella, in some distant past, was no better – back when she was a younger she would get into as many territorial battles as any of her kin. However, years of age and tragic experience have worn away her vicious side, and left behind a mellower, gentler creature.

She’s become what can only be described as the ‘Pleasant British Old Lady’ trope – you know the kind, a finicky but sweet old woman who can stand up very nicely for herself, thank you very much; the kind  of old lady who would leave a pie on the window sill and be just fine with you taking a slice ( If Stella had the HANDS to make pies that is. ) – as long as you come inside to say hello. She has a maternal streak, she’ll fuss over younger Pokémon she grows close to, even over trivial things like small scrapes and if they’ve recently eaten. Think of her as a sort of ‘Auntie Kangaskhan’ figure in that sense.

This old Onix is also prone to rambling. Asking her about the weather can lead to a half-hour long one-sided conversation! But she means well, and wants to make the best of every situation. Peace has become her main goal in life now.

» Likes:
SUMMER. What a wonderful season! The music of nature, the warmth of Arceus’s kind sun, flowers blooming in full all around, rich green grass, sparkling rivers – what’s not to love? It does well on her old body too.

THE STARS. How pretty they shine! She’s always loved stargazing, staring off into the clear night skies, naming the constellations to herself as she’s been taught them and just marveling in the incredible celestial glory of the galaxy as shown in the midnight sky. Stargazing gives her a kind nostalgia that she hold onto with dear life.

GEMSTONES/CRYSTALS. To the rock-eating Onix, crystals are like literal rock candies. Mrs. Stella is no different, and favors a handful of amethysts over a berry any day. However, she won’t eat rose quartz or chrysocolla crystals, as she holds a special nostalgia with these two particular rocks. She can hardly bring herself to touch them, even. She enjoys eating other gemstones, though.

» Dislikes:
MOURNING. Grief, especially from loss, is a feeling Mrs. Stella is all too familiar with, to a point where she tries to avoid it desperately. She associates this type of sadness with many tragedies that hurt her in the past, and it makes the feeling all the worse. In the circumstance when confronted with feelings of mourning, she will emotionally ‘shut down’ and remove herself from any and all social interaction for a couple days up to a couple of weeks.

LONELINESS. It’s a horrible feeling, the despair of having no one to turn to, like you’re by yourself on an island with  only a palm tree for company, whether those people are with you physically or not. She knows it well – FAR too well. She doesn’t have to be the most social creature; all she wants at best is to just know there are friends she can always turn to nearby -- and ones not going to leave for a long time, if she can help it.

BLIZZARDS. A signal of a time of harsh winter, even a solid creature as this Rock/Ground type hides away when gales of harsh snow charges with unholy wrath across a helpless landscape. It does grievances on her aged body, so she shies away from the harsher storms come winter tide.

» History:
A very long time ago, Mrs. Stella was just another feral Onix – an aggressive, territorial leviathan of earth that would defeat any intruder of her land without mercy. She had no name back then – she was just a mindless creature fending for her own survival instead of helping others, &. Preferring it that way.

Until she met Unak, that was.

He was a male Onix, much taller, and more powerful than she, but hardly any older. Such a youthful and strong Pokémon would usually spell out trouble to an Onix defending its territory. However, she would never forget how he had caring eyes instead of hostile ones; and how he could only smile peacefully when she snarled defensively at him for intruding on her first cave, where she had been born and she had been protecting.

She’d never forget the first thing he ever said to her, that civilized, fearless Pokémon who could look at violent, kindness-lacking monster and say with the most tranquil tone she’d ever heard –

It’s a beautiful mid-summer’s day. Won’t you come out of this dreary cave to admire it?

She remembers, in vivid detail, while scowling at him with distrust, that she did actually follow him outside – in simple sheer confusion of how another Onix did not even make a sign of wanting to take her land or simply just battle her. He simply made a bizarre request, and she, who would never have given any Pokémon a chance to speak before attacking them with all her strength, followed him out on it.

She also remembers that it truly was a beautiful day when she followed him. She squinted when the sun’s light first hit her eyes, as she had been sulking in the darkness of self-claimed caverns for weeks on end before-hand, making sure there were no other Pokémon living in it. But when her eyes adjusted, she beheld a bright, gorgeous sight, full of shimmering greens and a light blue sky above cool forest canopies, with flowers of all types blooming around her coils. It was with Unak, a strange Pokémon that simply wandered into her territory, she listened to the song of nature at peace for the first time.

She never understood why she didn’t attack him or chase him off. She also never understood why she begrudgingly allowed him a place to rest alongside her in her cavern home. Maybe it was fate, or maybe she was drawn to his peaceful outlook on life from the start. Regardless, she will say she was glad she didn’t turn him away.

A dear relationship quickly blossomed between the two Onix. It was by chance, really. Unak’s unwaveringly calm and warm attitude, over time, began to eventually rub off the once aggressive female. She found herself developing from keeping her distance from him with distrust, to slowly lowering her guard to follow him about. She grew curious of how he could find so much beauty in a world she did not, and he was more than happy to show her. It was a slow process, nothing near a ‘love at first sight’ story. There were many awkward bumps in the start of their relationship – she had nearly kicked him out plenty of times early on to go back to her old, violent ways. Yet she didn’t.
They grew closer, and for the first time in her life, she had found it within her once steeled heart to put her trust into someone. She never thought she needed anyone, thought there weren’t any decent Pokémon to trust, but, Unak, in his kindness, never had superior motives to anything he did for her and with her. Whenever he asked if he had overstayed his welcome in her home, she would always tell him no. Stella had far too many good memories with Unak. Among them, he was the one to suggest giving her a name – naming her Stella after the stellar appearance of the stars the pair of Onix loved to gaze at. She remembers a private ceremony they had together, where Unak offered her a bag of the shiniest rose quartz and chrysocolla crystals he found as one would offer a ring to a lover in proposal. She remembers how the sun seemed to glow brighter that day as they gently pressing their heads, signifying to only themselves the assertion of how strong their bond had become – as mates.

Stella was happy. Through months of slow bonding she shed away her former, purposely violent self, and found solace in a caring mate who was delighted to offer his heart to her. A strange love that worked from the idea of opposites attracting, uniting together in harmony. Stella even got pregnant with their first egg just a couple of months after they first declared themselves mates, much to the giddiness of the soon-to-be newbie parents.

But fate takes as much as it gives.

It was only just a couple of days after the egg was laid. Stella and her mate, Unak, were overjoyed. Stella spent her days in their shared cavern home, protecting the egg in a nest of soil and rock, as her mother had no doubt done for her. And like their parents, they would raise the hatchling Onix inside of it for a short period of time, until it was able to fend for itself, carrying their bloodline out into the Pokémon world.

Unak, that day, had been scavenging in tunnel systems for special crystal ores for Stella to eat whilst she cared for their egg. But the tunnels connecting to the mouth of Stella’s cavern, located in a large mountainside, had many other entrances for other Pokémon to go through – like a group of Bisharp bandits, plundering the tunnel networks for crystal prizes and anything else they could find by chance – in this case, an Onix that lived by the ways of peace, one that had refused to fight so much that he didn’t stand a chance against their ruthless attacks.

Sound carried in tunnels, and Stella heard Unak’s agonized bellows as he fell to a ruthless barrage of Steel type attacks. Her heart lodged in her throat, and She left her nest to charge down tunnel systems recklessly. She arrived to Unak too late. The Bisharp outlaws had gone when they heard something much bigger and much more dangerous sounding, by the way Stella smashed against tunnel walls without regard to being silent to get to her injured mate.

She used their cavern as Unak’s burial place. Realizing she couldn’t patrol tunnel networks and keep watch on the main cavern entrance at her nest at the same time, she gently took her egg in mouth and went searching for a smaller, more manageable cavern to birth her egg.
An Onix above ground who has lived underground or in tunnels most of their life, especially with an egg, is like a fish out of water. Days were slow with little progress, as Stella concentrated desperately on finding a new home while making sure her egg didn't break.  Nights were spent wide awake, curled protectively around the last thing dear to her, the last thing dear to her beloved Unak. At that point, she considered it the last thing preventing her from reverting back to mindless violence, the kind she had before she first met her late mate. Thus her desperation to keep her egg alive and bring it to a safe place where she could guard it easily without risking attacks from unpatrolled cave systems was increased tenfold.

After weeks, she stumbled upon a much smaller, shallow cave, in the basin of a foothill. She could fit comfortably in it, and only had to worry about one entrance. It had a soft layer of topsoil &. gravel, perfect for forming a new nest for her beloved egg. She didn’t see any signs of occupation; most likely because she was so exhausted from traveling and relieved to have found the sanctuary she had been looking for that she didn’t bother worrying about it. Stella settled in right away, making a makeshift nest for her egg that she'd refine later – a grave mistake.

The cavern had already been claimed by a Pangoro, a mighty strong and territorial one at that.

She was caught off-guard, half asleep as she was trying to regain her energy after her exhausting travels in the open with an egg. The enraged Pangoro struck her at full force, nearly destroying her egg with its first hit in the process. The egg managed to safely roll to the side, but left a terrified widowed mother struck awake and now fighting for her life and her egg’s.

The Pangoro not only had a type advantage over Stella, but the Onix was well worn out from constant travel, and hardly had the energy left in her to fight back. She was beat soundly and chased from the cave. Her efforts were desperate, knowing her egg was still inside the cave, but she could do nothing against the stronger Pokémon.

The tragedies didn’t end there. The Pangoro found Stella’s egg. Its mind was consumed by territorial rage at having another Pokémon invade its living space – even if by accident --  and wanted revenge in every way possible. The sound of an Onix egg’s shell splitting under the fury of Fighting Type attacks shattered Stella’s heart, and she could only stare numbly when the wrathful Pangoro scornfully tossed the sediment-esque remains of the last significant thing she had ever known in her life at her coils.

Stella spent years wandering through regions, getting as far away from her first home as she could starting from the night she lost her unhatched egg. She was traumatized, and for many weeks on the verge of reverting back to her old ways of hate, believing in a world where no Pokémon is kind and it was everyone out for themselves and themselves only. The rage and grief the younger Stella felt over the loss of her mate and her unborn baby over such a short time period nearly drove her back to those dark days.

But she couldn’t. She remembered Unak’s kindness, how he would assure her in the early days of their relationship that there was good and there was peace in the world, that Pokémon could be kind to one another and living in a veil of spite and distrust for any and all Pokémon was no way to live at all. She knew if she grew hateful and aggressive again, she would just be dishonoring the memory of her deceased mate -- and her deceased child.

So, though with struggles with the attempt, Mrs. Stella became the opposite of what she originally was in order to honor her lost loved ones. She followed Unak’s way, becoming a more peaceable Pokémon that would reach out to others without question. She would show patience to other hostile Pokémon, be respectful, be caring, be warm in a world that is cold. The personality grew on her as she aged, and after gaining so much respect and kindness ( even if not always ) in return, she couldn’t break out of it. She found solace in having friends, she found solace in finding trust again.
Mrs. Stella has been a wanderer for quite some time, and has just recently arrived to the outskirts of Grassveil Town.

» Other:
Mrs. Stella has poor eyesight – she’s not BLIND, but she just about has to squint to see things in detail. She’s hoping to one day find glasses that fit a creature her size and girth, but all previous attempts have been in failure, usually due to her crushing them on accident while she sleeps. She wears what looks like a huge, dull navy blue blanket tied in a backwards bandanna around her neck – given to her by a Nidoqueen who was her neighbor once long ago after removing a tree that had fallen on said Nidoqueen’s den.
Stella keeps the ‘Mrs’ title, despite being a widow as a reminder to herself of her mate.
Mrs. Stella is actually a very old Pokémon – at least, compared to others. In human years, she’d currently be around 55. Her age does not reflect her level.


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PostSubject: Re: Mrs. Stella the Onix   Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:25 pm

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:

While most of this bio looks good, I'm going to have to ask you to remove the repeated '&'s. Not only are they grammatically incorrect, they take from what is a lovely bio and interrupts the readability and flow of the bio.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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PostSubject: Re: Mrs. Stella the Onix   Sat Apr 02, 2016 4:22 pm

Alright, thank you for letting me know. The '&.'s are a formatting quirk from my tumblr rp style, force of habit.

I have removed them from the bio! If I missed any, could you point them out for me? Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: Mrs. Stella the Onix   Sat Apr 02, 2016 11:31 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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PostSubject: Re: Mrs. Stella the Onix   

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Mrs. Stella the Onix
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