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 Fenris Volq the Melanistic Glaceon(Eevee)

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PostSubject: Fenris Volq the Melanistic Glaceon(Eevee)   Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:11 pm

» Name: Fenris Volq
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #471, Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokemon(Evolution stone provided from my own inventory)
» Affiliation: Wandering Free Spirit/Chaotic Neutral

» Level: 5
» Energy: 25
» Ability: Snow Cloak
» Moves:
- Tackle(Level 1)
- Ice Beam(TM from my own inventory)
- Toxic(TM from my own inventory)
- Synchronoise(Egg move, Causes his body to vibrate with Psychic energy that is syncd up to other Ice-types, which makes his attacks Psychic-type and only affect Ice-types while it is active.)

» Natural Feats:
-Ice Quills: Glaceon can freeze their fur into sharp needles in order to help protect themselves.  They can then fire the needle-fur as projectiles.
-Temperature Spiking: Glaceon can reduce the temperature of the area around them by reducing their own body temperature.  They can lower the temperature to the point that it freezes the water in the air around them.

» Personality:  Fenris isn't very old.  In fact, he is still a child, though not quite a baby.  He is old enough to take care of himself, but certainly not "grown up," mentally nor physically.  His short life so far has been filled to the brim with misery, and because of this, his mental state has absolutely fallen apart.  His perception of reality is warped unimaginably.  He has unipolar mania, meaning nearly everything is either "neutral" or "funny" to him, making him appear utterly insane.  He is nearly entirely incapable of feeling sadness, though anger is a bit more plausible.  Agitation is common, but that normally fades quickly, replaced with either neutrality or joy.

Depending on how bad his mania is at any given moment, he could appear completely normal, absolutely manic, or anything in between.  It's also possible for him to turn rather psychotic at times.  He can have a rather short temper that can result in short bursts of physical aggression.  On the flip-side, if he's in a particularly manic state, it's entirely possible for him to be unfazed by things that would normally anger him.  Regardles of the reason, his more psychotic moods tend not to last long, let alone long enough for him to seriously hurt anyone.  However, one thing to note is that his thoughts rush and he cannot keep up with them when he is like this, so it isn't likely that he will be able to stop himself until he calms down naturally unless something snaps him out of it.

Despite how mentally wracked and unhinged he is, he's usually very happy and fun-loving.  He can be kind as well, but that really depends on who he's talking to.  He has trouble discerning what is and isn't appropriate to say and will sometimes simply speak without thinking, so it's quite easy for him to push touchy subjects or say something offensive without even realizing it.  Anyone who enjoys playing games, having fun, doing everything at a fast pace, or just being around someone who never seems to be sad would likely get alone great with him.  However, he tends not to take things seriously and to instead treat life as more of a game, which could become agitating to some.

Due to his youthful and feminine voice on top of already being one of the most feminine-looking evolutions of an eevee, it isn't too difficult to confuse him for a girl.  If this happens, he's entirely willing to just play along, at least for a while.  Being called a girl doesn't bother him at all.  In fact, it's rather funny to him, like many things are.  He doesn't take it as an insult and doesn't really understand why anyone else cares about such things.

Fenris does have a bit of a moral compass, though it's more of a game he plays than anything else.  The "compass" is a list of rules he made for himself in the hopes of staying "good," but now, he doesn't care whether or not he's good most of the time.  It's simply a fun game he plays to see how strictly he can follow these rules.  There is an unpleasant feeling he gets when he breaks a "rule," almost like sadness, but it tends to go away quickly if he just ignores it.  It's as if there is a part of his mind that wants to follow the rules for more than just fun, and that is because there is.  He subconsciously cares about the wishes of his past self.

Rule One: be kind.  Always give someone a chance, and never assume the worst of them.  Fenris has no problem with this rule unless someone somehow instantly comes off as unpleasant to him.  It is fairly easy for him to follow this one most of the time, though if someone's a buzzkill, he dislikes having to give them a chance.  He'll still do it.... usually, but he will hope the entire time that they do something to allow him to void this rule.  In general, if someone does something regarded as "bad" or shows open hostility for no reason, he considers it reason enough to not be kind to them.

Rule Two: be social.  Make as many friends as possible.  This rule was originally intended by Fenris to stop himself from becoming antisocial, but he's ended up unnaturally social, so there really isn't any need for it.  Still, he tries to follow it as much as he can, which is quite easy.  It's so easy, in fact, that he is disappointed at it even being on the list.  Sure, he doesn't want to be friends with everyone he comes across, but if someone comes off as unappealing to him, he can just go find someone else to be social with!  It isn't even a challenge.

Rule Three: be helpful.  If someone is in trouble, do everything possible to help them.  If someone's life is at risk, save them.  This is Fenris' favorite rule, because it can bypass the other rules.  He doesn't have to be kind to someone if they're attacking someone else.  He doesn't have to avoid conflict if someone's in trouble.  The lives of total strangers don't really matter much to him, but Rule Three is often an excuse to have some fun, and an excuse he is more than willing to use.  As far as he is concerned, this rule takes priority over the rest.

Rule Four: avoid conflict.  This is the rule Fenris has the most trouble with.  He enjoys debates and rough-housing, though what is a debate or innocent game to him could be a hateful argument or violent fight to someone else.  It's difficult for him to restrain himself at times, but he usually manages.  It is easily his least-favorite rule, as well as the one he breaks the most.  He isn't particularly violent, but he certainly breaks this rule more often s rule more often than the others.

Rule Five: stay alive.  At one point, this was the most important rule, as it was meant to help him keep his will to live.  Now, he barely even understands why it's on the list.  It can limit how much fun he feels he's allowed to have at times, since he's not supposed to risk his life if he can avoid it, but it's generally pretty easy to follow.  He literally just has to not die.  He can do anything that isn't dying and just like that, he's following this rule.  He feels his past self is a bit silly for adding such a trivial thing to the list, but nonetheless, he tries to take it seriously.  However, he often puts it at a lower priority than the others when it conflicts with them.

Fenris has a tie between his visual memory and muscle memory.  What this means is that he can copy actions he sees in others flawlessly with little-to-no practice, as long as his body is capable of them.  He can't quite copy moves, nor can he copy anything he simply cannot do, such as a feat of strength or a punch.... with the fists he doesn't have.  However, if his body is capable of something, he can generally do it flawlessly after watching someone else perform the actions only once.

» Likes:
Energy - As he is manic and prefers to always be doing something - and doing it fast - Fenris prefers to be around others who are hyperactive and in situations with lots of energy.  He doesn't like having to wait for others or even for the world itself.

"Morality" - While Fenris no longer feels much of a sense of morality if any, he still respects his past morals, trying to stick to them.  He considers his "rules" as more of a game, one that he feels worse for losing than a normal game..  He also views his past moral compass as a way to help him stay away from situations that could get him into trouble with others.  Even if he doesn't care much about whether he's "good" or "bad," he still prefers to avoid trouble if possible.

Fun - Being a manic child, Fenris enjoys having fun a bit more than the average 'mon.  He can become bored incredibly easy and thus, tries to entertain himself as much as possible.  Typical children's games are generally enough to entertain him, as he is still a child.  However, he can also be entertained by just talking to someone if they interest him.  Some other things can entertain him as well, such as fighting.

Children - Being a child himself, Fenris is more comfortable around other kids.  He views adults as signs of rules, and while he'll give them a chance, he generally assumes they're going to be killjoys if they act grown-up.

Fighting - His "rules" say no fighting, but he finds rough-housing to be fun.  He has trouble distinguishing between a life-threatening fight and simple playing, though.

» Neutral:
Verbal Conflict - Oddly enough, he doesn't care about getting into arguments.  His "moral" rules dictate to avoid arguments unless someone else starts it and has no good reason to, but it's very difficult to actually bother him with things such a insults.  He does enjoy arguing at times, but even then, he still tries to avoid it.  Usually.

Relaxation - Fenris dislikes being bored, but a bit of relaxation time every once in a while is something he's okay with.  As long as it's not too much, it can even be nice every once in a while.

» Dislikes:
Slowness - Fenris despises anything slow.  His mania causes him to always want to be entertained, which generally involves having everything keep up with the fast pace his mind is adjusted to.  If things are slow, he will be likely to get bored easily.

Sleep - There's so much to do, and he hates not being able to do it all.  Sleep is almost half of his life, which could be spent doing things other than sleeping!  He hates all of the time lost doing literally nothing because his body needs such trivial things as "sleep."  Due to this, he often stays up late and tends to be tired, though it rarely affects his mood.

Reminders of the past - Of the few things that can consistently bring about any sadness in him, this is the most potent.  While he's normally very happy and carefree, being reminded of his past can turn him far more.... serious.

Others being upset - He hates to see anyone he doesn't "dislike" sad, mostly due to his game of morals.  However, he also doesn't want anyone to ever end up feeling how he felt unless they really deserve it.  Even in his less-than-sane state, he still cares enough to prevent those he is fond of from feeling negativity.

Negativity - Negativity in general has a tendency to bring about memories of his negative past for reasons that should be obvious given the correlation.  On top of that, it makes others upset.  Both of these are issues for him, and so he tries to avoid negative situations despite the situations themselves generally not bothering him.

Rules - The only rules he is interested in following are his own.  If someone else's "rules" happen to coincide with what he already wants, he won't go out of his way to be rebellious, but he won't just sit back and do whatever everyone tells him.

Blood - Blood reminds Fenris of his past.  His own blood in specific also terrifies him.  He generally doesn't fear dying, but seeing himself bleed changes that.  Blood-tears do not count, though, as they aren't really a sign of injury for him.

» History:
Reader Discretion is advised:

» Other:
He has haemophilia, meaning his blood does not clot correctly and causes him to bleed excessively from wounds, making even relatively mild wounds potentially life-threatening without something to stop the bleeding.  This also causes haemolacria; blood tears, most commonly due to internal bleeding in tear ducts.  It can be caused by getting something in his eyes, rubbing his eyes, head trauma (even mild,) eye stress, crying, and sometimes with no evident reason at all.  It isn't uncommon for him to bleed internally either, even spontaneously, though he doesn't have life-threatening internal bleeds without some significant external damage.

Due to the haemolacria, his face is often stained with red marks that run down from his eyes.  He has long since given up on trying to clear the blood when it shows, as he no longer really cares about it.

He has melanism, causing his fur and skin to be colored grey.  This makes him pretty much immune to sunburn if the fur didn't already do that, but it also causes him to absorb a lot more light than a normal glaceon, making standing in the sun very hot.

He is short for a glaceon, due to a combination of natural shortness and still being fairly young.  Also due to being young, he has a slightly feminine voice, which can get him confused for a girl.

(Note; while this character is indeed the edgiest there ever was, I did my research to make sure he is accurately edgy, in every mental and physical aspect.  I've also made sure everything is okay with the admins.  Paying 5,000 - the equivalent of a Shiny - for the melanism.)

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Is it my post in our thread?  Wanna start a thread with me?  Hit me up HERE

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

>And now for a bit about myself.<

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PostSubject: Re: Fenris Volq the Melanistic Glaceon(Eevee)   Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:10 am

Ill be boring and not use a gif.

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


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Fenris Volq the Melanistic Glaceon(Eevee)
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