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 Lucio the Shiny Eevee

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PostSubject: Lucio the Shiny Eevee   Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:59 am

» Name: Lucio
» Sex: Male.
» Gender: Male.
» Species: #133, Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
» Affiliation: None affiliation.

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Anticipation
» Moves:
-Tackle (Start)
-Helping Hand (Start)
-Sand Attack (Level 5)

» Natural Feats:
-Its unstable genetic code allows it to adapt to various environments easier than most.

» Personality: Lucio is a regular ol’ shiny Eevee that holds himself as if he were a prince. Fairly outgoing, and very much so a talker, he has a habit of talking way too much for his own good and the good of others around him. In addition to that, while he typically has no problem with most others right off the bat, he has a tendency of unintentionally talking down to other pokemon, or acting condescending. Should anyone manage to irritate him or annoy him, which is fairly simple to do, they’ll find the condescension becomes much more obvious and plenty less unintentional. He can be impatient at times, and while he enjoys conversing with other pokemon and assisting them where he can(as long as their respect him and listen to his long winded stories, of course), he can become rather pouty when things aren’t so much about him. Despite this, he’s a rather well-intentioned Eevee, seeking out adventure. Although, while he doesn’t quite know it yet, he isn’t quite cut out for adventures, often times lacking the courage and will to keep going when things get tough.

» Likes:
Stories of adventure- Having made plenty of stories up himself(although he refuses to admit it), Lucio loves to create and share his own stories about things, whether they be real, fake, or exaggerated. In addition to that, he enjoys to hear the stories of others, as long as they aren’t completely and utterly boring.

Thunderstorms- Considering his lineage, and the prevalence of electric type pokemon in his family, he enjoys the feeling the crack of thunder and the flash of lightning bring. In addition to that, he likes to believe that some of the thunderstorms must be in part caused by his biological father. Which is false, of course, but he doesn’t know that.

Attention- Lucio is an absolute attention hog. He thrives in making himself the center of attention, whether it’s in a good or bad way. He’s rather proud of himself and highly confident, and wants nothing more than the entire world to know about him.

» Dislikes:
Being called Lucy- As he grew up in his village, many of those he detested referred to him as Lucy. He’s come to view usage of that name as a capital offence, and those who call him Lucy will be shunned until they realize what they’ve done wrong.

Plebs- While he can typically tolerate pokemon he sees as a lower standing than himself, there are those who fall far below the line of normal and into obscene that he detests. Pokemon who are dirty and filthy, those that have no sense of manners or cleanliness about themselves, and those who don’t respect him are typically viewed by this Eevee as knaves and plebs.

Demeaning insults about his lineage- Considering he feels as if he has barebones knowledge about his biological father and his activities, anyone who even dares to possibly suggest that his father could be anything less than the larger-than-life figure Lucio has built him up to be in his mind will be either shunned or attacked, depending on who’s doing the saying and how bad the insult was.

» History: Far off in the west, there was a small, quaint village located on a rural hillside. This town is completely and utterly unworthy of note except for the fact that the greatest gift to the world, Lucio, was born and raised here. His mother, a Jolteon, lived in the village as a berry harvester. She had a pretty decent life, made enough to live well, and was generally satisfied. She was single, sure, and she didn’t have much as far as family nearby, but she was still content.

Obviously, since this is a bio, that didn’t last long. One day, while Lucio’s mother was planting some more berries, she came across a collapsed traveler on her farm. Acting quickly, she carried the Pikachu off and brought him back to her humble abode. Once he woke up, he was able to communicate that he didn’t remember much other than the fact that he’d been attacked, and since he couldn’t move, he ended up staying there. Considering the village was a very quaint one, many other villagers were interested in the two, and nobody was surprised when the Jolteon ended up with an egg.

By the time Lucio hatched, the Pikachu had since recovered and moved on. He seemed to have moved on while on amicable terms with Lucio’s mother, however, and the eeveelution went on to get together with a Luxray that the oldest child came to know as his step-father. For a while, the Eevee grew up as an only child, living on his mother’s farm and looking to assist where he could.

However, considering his biological father had been such a big deal in the small village, and he himself had hatched as a shiny pokemon, he was fairly well known around the area before he had even hatched. Once he had, and he wandered around the village to meet the others, it wasn’t long before he overheard that the Luxray wasn’t his actual father. Upon questioning his mother and father, they explained the story to him, about the Pikachu that had wandered into his mother’s farm and how he was his actual father.

Lucio…visibly took it pretty well, but in his mind, started to feel a sense of insecurity about not knowing his biological father personally. A sense of insecurity that only heightened when his mother had two more children with his step-father, two children who had full knowledge and time with their parent. It was around this time that the elder Eevee sibling started to formulate all sorts of grandiose stories in his mind. He told himself that his father was some wandering hero, saving the day in all sorts of larger than life ways, or that he was royalty of some kind. Anything of importance that he could place on this mental image, he did.

After growing up some, the Eevee went off to the village’s school, finding himself without many friends. Sure, he had a few, but the forced prestigious attitude he placed on himself and some moments of accidental(and some not-so-accidental) condescension pushed plenty away. And of course, for any that dared to mention his father in any way that could be possibly interpreted as demeaning, he tended to get very stand-offish with them.

As he continued to grow in the small village, he started to believe that there had to be something more for him out there. Something larger for him to do than to just grow up and die in the same old boring place. Maybe even somewhere he could find his biological father. With that in mind, he went to his parents about this, and they eventually brought up the idea of leaving home on a journey. They pointed out a few possible places and organizations of interest that might help him find what he was looking for, including Guilds and the Police.

While he isn’t sure where exactly his path is going to take him, this is certainly where it begins. With a shiny Eevee on the road for adventure. What could go wrong?

» Other: He’s shiny. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die."
-H.P. Lovecraft

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PostSubject: Re: Lucio the Shiny Eevee   Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:16 am

Just don't be surprised when Merc mistakes him for her boyfriend.

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Lucio the Shiny Eevee
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