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 Chase the albino Eevee

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PostSubject: Chase the albino Eevee   Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:04 am

» Name: Chase
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #133 Eevee, the evolution pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Anticipation
» Moves:
-Tackle (lvl 1)
-Growl (lvl 1)
-Sand Attack (lvl 5)
-Detect (Egg move)

» Natural Feats:

» Personality: Chase is usually a rather calm Pokemon. It is difficult to provoke him and he always manages to keep his head cool, even in bad situations. He tries to not stand out too much, which can be a bit difficult due to his lack off coloration. Chase mostly keeps to himself around strangers and doesn't talk a lot about himself. He doesn't trust other Pokemon that easily, but once they gain his trust, he becomes really friendly and social. This Eevee is really loyal to his friends and would give his life to protect them. He always puts his friends before himself.

Chase is rather self confident and brave. He would take on anyone to protect others and would go anywhere without fear. This doesn't mean he is reckless. During battles, Chase annalyzes his opponent and waits for the right moment to attack. He often tries to taunt the opponent in attacking him. Pokemon become easier to fight when they get angry and are starting to be irrational. Chase enjoys fighting and loves getting a challenge. He also loves messing with his opponents when they happen to be bad Pokemon or bullies.

Chase has a really bad sense of direction. He somehow always ends up finding himself in the wrong dungeons or areas, he ends up going to the wrong side of dungeons or villages or he finds himself getting completely lost. He doesn't like to admit any of that though. He doesn't tend to mind his bad sense of direction, but it is rather frustrating when he tries to meet up with someone. Due to the fact that his eyes aren't the best, he isn't able to read maps or road signs. He had been trying to find out methods to find his way, but he hasn't succeeded yet.

» Likes:
-Setting bullies on their place: Nothing is more satisfying that helping out a Pokemon who got bullied and have the bullies apologize, get scared or anything to show that what they are doing is wrong.

-Being different: He might have hated it at first but now he really loves having a different (cough, lack of) color than others off his kind. He is going to be an example for all those who are like him (different) and come up for them.

-Fighting: Chase loves fighting. He sees it as a way to get stronger. He does not tend to take on Pokemon he know he can't win against, unless it is to protect someone.

-Making new friends: He might not trust Pokemon that easily, but he always had been around Pokemon in the merchant group, so he loves meeting new Pokemon.

-Snow: He finds it really beautiful to look at, as long as the sun isn't shining on it. He also loves how well he is able to blend in the snow.

» Dislikes:
-Being in the harsh sun / being in the sun for too long: As he is an albino, he is more likely to get burned. His coat might protect him a bit but it does feel rather unpleasant.

-Discrimination: He wants everyone to be treated equally. There are too many Pokemon who look down on others and he hates that and hopes to change that.

-Romantic stories: Oh please, these are for girls. Especially these sappy romance ones. He doesn't understand why anyone likes those. Reality is probably nothing like those.

-Bright lights: These can really hurt his eyes and even blind him.

-Fire pokemon: Their fire attacks remind him a lot about the feeling the sun gives him. He is scared that they will burn him and for the problems that could come with that.

» History: Chase got born in a small group of traveling merchants who traveled mostly around the mountains in the north. They survived by hunting and trading wares in towns. When Chase was born, everyone was shocked to see he was an albino. Most Pokemon in the group accepted him like any other, but some of the group looked down on him because of his lack of color pigments. These Pokemon mistreated and bullied the small Eevee at times. Chase didn't understand why at first until his parents explained that he had albinism. It was a bit difficult for the child to understand at the time, but he understood it better when he grew older. His parents loved him a lot. They didn't mind at all that their son was different. His mother was a kind Flareon and his father was a stong Mienshao. Chase was an only child. As they traveled around, his mom taught him all kinds of things and told him it was important to be kind to his fellow Pokemon. His father learned him how to fight. It was pretty difficult at first because his eyesight wasn't the best, but he learned to rely on all his senses, not only his eyes. He could distinguish the Pokemon in the group but reading was a lot more difficult. He also had a very hard time with seeing details. Bright lights also were a big problem for him. As a solution for that, his parents asked one of the merchants to make Chase a pair of sunglasses. The Eevee was happy with the gift and always was holding on to them when he wasn't wearing them.

While Chase was getting sad about how other were threating him at first, he was getting enough off it after a while. His father told him a few times that he should not let others walk over him and mistreat him like that. He said that he should come up for himself. It took a while but eventually Chase made his resolve. He was not going to let the Pokemon bully him like that anymore. When the bullies came to bully him again after that, he confronted them and asked why they were bullying him like that. They said that it was because he was no normal Eevee, that he was not one of them. They called him all kinds of bad things. Chase tried arguing with them, but it was to no avail. Eventually, the Eevee lost his temper and attacked the group of bullies. Using what he learned from his father, he managed to uphold a decent fight, but he still lost to them.

Multiple feelings were going through him at that moment. Anger at those bullies, frustration at how weak he was, sadness for how he was seen,... Chase could not take it all anymore and ran away into the mountains. That was the first time Chase had left the merchant group on his own. Chase found a small cave hidden between some rocks and decided to rest there. He started thinking about his life. About why he had to be different. It took a while, but once Chase calmed down, he tried going back to were his group had set up their camp, but he couldn't find it. Chase wandered around for a long time, wondering were his parents were. Where was he? How was he going to find his way back? Did he get lost? The Eevee didn't know. Once he finally had found his way back to the camp, everyone had already left. Chase was on his own now.

The Eevee didn't know where the merchant group had gone to. He tried looking for them but he couldn't find them. Chase was really sad. He was probably never going to see his family again. Chase climbed down the mountain and walked into a random direction. After a while, he came across what he would assume was a forest. He had seen them a few times from a distance but he had never gone into one. Chase looked behind him one more time before he walked into the forest. The shadows from the trees felt really nice. There were a lot of smells surrounding him. Maybe he would be able to meet new Pokemon in this forest. The idea of making some new friends caused the Eevee to cheer up a bit. Chase started walking deeper in the forest in the search of new friends.

After wandering through the forest for a few hours, Chase came across a group of Pokemon. They seemed to be children and they were playing together. Chase smiled and walked up to them. When he asked if he could play with them, the Pokemon didn't let him. They said he was a freak and no normal Eevee. They didn't want to play with anyone like him. Chase was clearly upset about that. He started arguing with the Pokemon, saying that he was still an Eevee but that didn't help. In the end, Chase decided to leave the group and find some better friends. They were not worth his time.

As he traveled around, he realized there were actually a lot of Pokemon who looked down on those who were different. Were they a different color or size, did they have some interesting personality traits, did they have some weird tics or disorders. They were all looked down upon.  Chase didn't like this. They were all still Pokemon, weren't they? Why were they treathed like they weren't then? He had to do something about it, but what? After thinking it through for a while, Chase had made his decision.

He was going to become stronger and come up for all those who get bullied and mistreated. He would come up for the weak, those who were considered "different". They were still Pokemon after all. Chase would show all those bullies that bullying is not a good thing. He was not going to allow Pokemon to mistreat others any longer. He didn't care if his eyesight was a hindrance. He didn't care that he had a bad sense of direction. Someone had to do something.

» Other: He always has a pair of sunglasses with him to protect his eyes against bright light. I think I was going to change something or so but I forgot what.

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PostSubject: Re: Chase the albino Eevee   Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:58 am

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


Å͙͍̳̣͙͕̎b̵͉͔̺̱͍̹̼̋̈a̧̯̱͓̝̰n̟̖̈́ͯd̡̫͇̤̙̹̻̈õ̶͙̆́ͨ̀̃ͥn̟̖̪͍̤̋ͅ ̜̦̠̔̾á̛͖͎̥͎̭͑̽ļ̭͎͙͕̗̽ͯ̅l̩ ̢͖̲͎̤̲ͤͭ̈͛̑̃ḧͩͦ̆ͣ͏̤̭̱̳̮o̫̦̱͇͂ͨp̴̱eͥ̐̍͛ͥ,͍͔̼̜̜͇ ̙͙͂ͪ̇ͭ̎͝y̴̬̒͌͑ͅe̹̟͍͓ ̥̈́͜w͈̝̞̦̘͖̯͗ͤ̊̿ͣ͒ḧ̨͂͊̅̆o̫̜̰ͣ̅̎̊̈̍́ ̴̠̺ͩ͆ͫͣͭͤ̓ͅe̡̳̩̟͓ñ̥̥̹̜t͔̩̜̃ͦ̋ͣė͙̳̯̣̼̈́ͅr̿̓́ ̈͑҉̫̘̠̱͎̰T̵̘̘̗̺͓͍̦ͤ̒̇ͮH̰̺̰̲̦̖͖͚́̄ͮ̋͝Ệ̫͕͂͝ ̢̹͔͖̗̟̣̬͖̔ͯ̑̽C̫̯͓̥͎͌̓ͬ́ͤ͋̾ͭ̚̕͝Ű̮̟̖̝͙̉ͬ̇R̰̣̰͐͛̀̾̂̊͂̚͢͟͞Ṛ̻̟̱̥̗͎̜̓̊͑̄̊͢E̢̖̬̫̤ͦ̇́͑̓̍̎N̵̮̺̬̣͇͚ͧ̅̀͞T͕̹͕͓̝͕̀ͧͭͤ̍ͪ͟ ̱͍̬̘̖̄ͯͬ͑͊ͣͥͦ͘͢͢P̢͓͓͕̦͎̝̮͛ͪͅL̢̬͔͚̦͚̮̒̆͗͛O̸̧̟̻̞ͣ͊ͮ̏T̺̻͖̲̞́ͬ͐̒ͤ̿̀


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Chase the albino Eevee
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