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 Return [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Return [OPEN]   Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:45 am

First topic message reminder :

Kimori sighed and stood near the entrance of the town. It seemed like it was the first time she had visited in years, but the last time she saw this small town was maybe a few months ago. She gave out a soft laugh, how time really seems to fly. The Treecko took a few steps into the town, heading over towards the Cafe. Until she remembered that she had no money. Kimori whispered a soft "Crap.." before she sat down on a nearby bench. She crossed her legs together, face seemingly deep in thought. And she was thinking.

How could I forget money? Who honestly does that?

Oh well.

She instead laughed out loud. No use worrying about it now. Wasn't even hungry yet. And when she was... well. She could always go to the nearby forest and pick up some berries.

Kimori hopped up, and took a few steps in the direction of the forest. But she promptly fell over, having ran into another Pokemon. She took a moment to question why she did this so often, but quickly remembered her manners and laughed.

"Wow, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"
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PostSubject: Re: Return [OPEN]   Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:13 am

OOC: Is This Still Open?

A muscular Timburr walked through Grassveil Town, enjoying the peace and beauty of the land. He smiled as he looked at the happy Pokémon around him, considering all the turmoil and chaos that had been taken place, with Pokémon rumored to be receiving visions from the legendries themselves, it was good to see Pokémon still get along, at least for a moment.

That's when he heard the sound of thunder.

Alarmed, Mack turned to the direction of the sudden sound, and almost dropped his log in shock. It seemed two Pokémon, a Houndour and a Treecko from the looks of it, were fighting for their lives against a vicious looking Houndoom. From the cloud of poison nearby, the burns on the back of the Treecko, and the charge of the Houndoom, lightning crackling from his mouth, it seemed the big canine wasn't only on the offensive, but winning against the two weaker Pokémon. The Timburr then grinned, his last fight against a Pokémon was very one sided to the point of being sad, but this guy seemed to present a challenge! Not only would it be a good fight, but he would help the two other Pokémon from becoming Houndoom food as well!

Mack's look changed from a look of happiness to one of determination. The fight was on. Grasping his log firmly in his hands, Mack walked over to the site of the battle, ready for a fight.

"HEY MUTT!" Mack yelled, trying to get the Houndoom's attention, "Pick on someone your own size!"
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PostSubject: Re: Return [OPEN]   Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:22 pm

(Yes, dont worry, youre fine!)

As the Houndoom's howl vibrated in her ears, Kimori gulped down her fear and ran off to the side, readying another Grasswhistle. She trusted the Houndour to dodge the opposing Pokemon's attacks when necessary. But then she saw the tiny burst of flame coming from her partner compared to the giant Houndoom's maw, crackling with electricity. A wave of despair washed over her. How would they win against this huge, powerful opponent?

But then she heard another voice. A voice taunting the Houndoom. She looked to the side and saw a Timburr, a Timburr that looked much stronger than her. She smiled. Maybe this could work.

Kimori breathed in, out, in, and out again before opening her eyes. She ignored the still searing pain on her back and willed herself to stay up. Deep breath. Long exhale. Kimori began to whistle a calming tune, different from the one before, but equally as tiring. Like last time, the tune was directed towards the Houndoom's ears.
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PostSubject: Re: Return [OPEN]   Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:46 pm

The embers only seemed to be absorbed by the houndoom as he charged forth, his Flash Fire ability activating. The houndoom cackled with glee before he latched onto the houndour that had failed to dodge his attack and blind him. His teeth sunk into her paw as he flung the houndour at the treecko before the song could take affect on him which would result in either the song being interrupted once more or being cut off completely. Zera smirked as the two were proving to be defenseless against him. A taunt from the side, "Pick on someone your own size" the newbie had said.

"My own size?" Zera laughed, "Why don't you show me where they are then?" A fighting type? Was he serious? The little pokemon looked pathetic. He exhaled heavily in order to realease a large puff of flame in the Timburr's direction. Did they all honestly think they were going to beat him? He had boss behind his back, even if they were to beat him Boss would help him when he found him. The houndoom was enjoying this, it was just too good to be true!

"Hi." another voice suddenly sounded from above. The houndoom growled, okay, he was having fun and all but pokemon seriously needed to stop coming. It was just getting annoying now.

"What now?" the houndoom snapped, his head looking up to the top of a building as the voice had originated from there. To his surprise, a strange bird with large wings and long blue feathers that looked like they were painted with red was perched atop the building. An explorer badge of the Ailreon guild on his back that slung over his neck.

"I'm fairly certain I'm your size," the archeops glared down at the little pest that was causing trouble in his original guild's town.

'Oh sh*t,' Zera thought for a moment, he looked to the treecko and the houndour, then to the timburr. He needed a hostage. He dove for the houndour, attempting to latch onto her with Thunder Fang once more as the Archeops leaped off the building and attempted to stop him. He would only manage to hit him if the houndour had gotten out of the way of the attack. If the houndoom successfully took the houndour hostage, Acro would have to call off his attack.

((I'mma just bring in the backup :P Everyone meet Acro, he's my first character.))


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PostSubject: Re: Return [OPEN]   Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:27 pm

Niracamda staggered back as she saw the Houndoom still come her way. She had made a large mistake. The small Houndour yelped in pain as the bigger hound threw her at the Treecko. Niracamda closed her eyes and prepared herself for impact. She could feel herself colliding with something and fall on the ground. It hurt but the pain was not that bad. Niracamda slowly got up. The shiny Houndour shrieked in pain when she tried to stand on all her legs. It seemed that her front paw was not doing that well. It hurt a lot.

Niracamda looked up when he heard a second voice. She was a bit relieved to see a Timburr was planning to help them but she was also worried. The Houndoom was really strong after all. It was difficult to say if the Timburr would be strong enough. She was doubting it.

When a new voice spoke up, she looked up and relief washed over her when she saw who it was that called out. It was an archeops, and he was from the guild. A guild member was going to save them. Because of the appearance of the Archeops, Niracamda had not been paying attention to the other Houndoom at all. She noticed far too late he attacked her and so she was unable to dodge it.

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PostSubject: Re: Return [OPEN]   Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:16 am

Mack seemed offended at the houndoom's comment.

"Where they are? Listen, I'll have you know that I'm-"

That's when Mack noticed the huge jet of flame heading towards him.

The Timburr attemted to reach for his log to block the attack, but it was too late. The towering inferno hit Mack with such impact that the Timburr went flying back a distance! Finally, after being flinged across the ground, the Timburr came to the stop. He lay there for a bit, almost awestruck at the canine's power.

The feeling of awe was suddenly replaced with searing pain, cauising the Timburr to sit up and cry out in pain! He then looked at himself, burns covering his body and arms. The pain was nearly mind numbing, like... well... getting burned! There's just no comparison!

"Well... ouch.... this guy's going to be a lot tougher than I thought!"

The Timburr then began to slowly but surley stand back up, using his nearby log as support. He couldn't give up, even when things looked grim! Their were two Pokémon who needed his help, he had to get up and fight! He wasn't going to let two innocent souls be mercilessly killed, not on his watch!

Suddenly, the Timburr heard another voice, neither the Treekco's, Houndour's, or Houndoom's. Sitting up on his log dispite the near unbearable pain, he looked up to see none other than an Archeops! Not just any Archeops, but a guild member! A wave of relief went over the Timburr, quickly cut off by the severity of his burns.

Out of the corner of his eye, however, Mack sensed movement. Quickly foucusing in on the commotion, he saw something terrible. The Houndoom, cheater that it was, was running right towards the injured Houndour! Why? It didn't matter, Mack simply foucused right at the charging Houndoom, time slowing to a crawl.

He couldn't let that Houndoom reach the Houndour, no matter the cost.

Quickly rising from his log, the Timburr ran towards the Houndoom, the pain from his burns blocked out from his sheer willpower. He then lunged at the Houndoom, his fist glowing a bright green. He had to hit this move. In midair, he felt his strength begin to fail, and the pain from the burns was creeping back in to his mind, but he wouldn't give up! He then let out a primal scream, shouting,


Well, he didn't use the word "Mutt" per say, but that's just best left to your imagination.

He then sent his glowing fist out in one powerful, will powered, drain punch, hoping to catch the Houndoom in the side, hopefully sending the scoundrel flying away from the Houndour, while also gaining back some energy he lost from the canine's original fire attack.

(Mack Used Drain Punch on Zera)

Last edited by AKPokemonFan on Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:58 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Got attack name wrong. LOL)
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PostSubject: Re: Return [OPEN]   

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Return [OPEN]
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