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 Blacktooth Kingdom Positions and Explanations

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PostSubject: Blacktooth Kingdom Positions and Explanations   Wed Mar 16, 2016 3:00 am

This is a full detailed explanation of what is expected of each occupation within the kingdom. This is what your character will be doing in the kingdom, as well as give some insight as to what type of missions or tasks those characters might get for rewards. If you have an idea for a position you would like to add for your character, PM @BlueKat12 about it.

There are three types of advisers, Morality, Tactician, and Statistical. Each adviser is meant to keep the king and queen in check and give them advice on their viewpoints of how to go about things when the royalty is at loss in times of need. There are not tasks or missions specifically for advisers, so it's recommended that they double up as something else. There can only be three advisers, one for each subject, so once one is taken someone else cannot take it.

Knights defend the territory and keep the peace within the kingdom. They are both the army and the police as they deal with unhappy citizens and protect those citizens. Their missions are usually very dangerous and might involve fighting, or it might just be to check in on someone's complaint.

Jesters are typically street performers that perform for others. They cheer up the depressed, and help everyone relax with a good joke or two. There are not tasks or missions specifically for Jesters, so it's recommended that they double up as something else

They make food for everyone, they are encouraged to try and make delicacies and serve great foods to the people. Chefs often receive missions to go out and find ingredients for food and drinks.

Similar to Jesters, Bards work on the street in order to receive money and help the people relax with serene or upbeat music. They are often hired for festivals and celebrations. There are not tasks or missions specifically for bards usually, so it's recommended that they double up as something else

They gather items of any kind and often travel and trade with others in the outside world. They usually handle outside affairs that involve trade, and provide food, water, and materials to the kingdom through careful use of spare ones. Missions for suppliers often include going someplace to meet someone in order to discuss a trade.

An important asset to the kingdom, spies not only spy on the foes, but the kingdom. It is not for ill purposes, but in case there is any unrest that the kingdom will not tell the royalty about. Their jobs usually involve tracking down rumors, traveling into enemy territory and gathering information, and gathering opinions on the queen and king for feedback.

A rather obvious position that speaks for itself. Doctors take care of others and make sure everyone is well. They take care of wounded knights, perform surgeries, and their missions usually include going out to collect herbs and items.

Builders are the construction workers of the kingdom. Their primary focus is to build and upkeep maintenance of the kingdom and fix any roofs or houses that might be breaking down. There are not tasks or missions specifically for builders, so it's recommended that they double up as something else


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Blacktooth Kingdom Positions and Explanations
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