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 Julius the Meganium

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PostSubject: Julius the Meganium   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:56 am

» Name: Julius
   » Species: #154 Meganium, the Herb Pokemon
   » Gender: Male
   » Role in IO: Head Medic

   » Level: 36
   » Ability: Leaf Guard
   » Moveset:
   -Synthesis - Level 12
   -Frenzy Plant - Tutor
   -Aromatherapy - Egg
   -Heal Pulse - Egg

   » Personality: A sour and bitter soul that shows no sympathy or empathy for others. He does his job and he does it right, there's no need for him to give "emotional" support to others, that's what psychologists and counselors are for. His stares are cold, his words are venom, and he cares only for himself. He holds his antennae in front of him rather than behind him like most meganium, for no particular reason other than sheer preference as well. He has a bag that carries many items and herbs, of which he will not share unless you're dying and he absolutely has to.

   » History: Julius has had a particularly long and hard life. He was born to a family of petty thieves, though he had always viewed himself as vastly superior to them. He joined along in their thieving and often found himself having to save their butts whenever things went wrong. They never appreciated his handiwork though, and he wanted a 'thank you' at the least. So, he let them get caught. He began to only save himself, and soon he and a brother were the only ones that remained of the family.

While his brother wished to repent for his crimes, Julius only delved further.  He became a particularly popular assassin, utilizing poisons and pokemon-biology to his advantage and cover himself so that the authorities merely thought it to be natural deaths or unfortunate accidents. Like all great things, it came to an end. Julius messed up, and he was linked to every single murder he had ever committed. He fled, but he was chased. The expert meganium managed to evade the authorities for a whole year before they were finally catching up with him.

Within that year, he had taken shelter as a doctor for the Blacktooth kingdom, using his knowledge for medicinal purposes rather than murder. To his luck, the queen gave him protection while he was within her kingdom. The authorities were forced to comply since she was a recognized territory, and he was untouchable so long as he had the queen's favor and remained within the kingdom's boundaries. He found that he would no longer be able to take jobs, but he figured here would be a good place to remain. He was getting too old for that line of work anyways.

   » Justification: A head medic is needed in case the queen or anyone in the kingdom falls ill or is gravely injured in times of war. His history is to explain how he knows so much as well as to give an interesting twist on how he became a doctor rather than the old "he wanted to help people :DDD" story. Julius is a meganium because they can learn all three moves aromatherapy, heal pulse, and synthesis. Frenzy Plant is a means to defend himself as it is his ONLY attacking move.


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PostSubject: Re: Julius the Meganium   Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:36 am


Welcome To The End:

Character Records

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Julius the Meganium
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