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 Zed the Gligar

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PostSubject: Zed the Gligar   Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:43 am

» Name: Zed
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: Gligar (#207, the Fly Scorpion Pokemon)
» Affiliation: Wanderer/Aspiring Guilder

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22    [17 BE + 5 (level)]
» Ability: Hyper Cutter
» Moves:

Poison Sting  (starting, lvl. 1)
Sand Attack  (starting, lvl. 4)
Night Slash  (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
Zed is naturally gifted with a poison stinger on the end of his segmented tail. He is also able to glide in a manner that creates almost no sound.

» Personality:

Between the words ambitious and delusional, there exists Zed. In his own words he aims to be the "best dude ever", though as for what exactly he means by that, it's anyone's guess. Even if he were to reach his lofty (and vaguely defined) goals, a newer, more absurd objective would simply take its place. Nonetheless, he is always ready to take on new challenges, mostly in hopes of fame.

The problem, however, lies in the great difference between his perceived ability and his actual ability. This inability to gague what is beyond his skillset results in a certain 'fearlessness', which mostly works to his disadvantage in situations that require caution. He hasn't ever truly experienced danger or high stakes, which is evident in his naivety.

Even when met with failure (which happens often), Zed retains the same determined spirit. In his view, failures and losses are just a part of the upward climb. His reasoning is that so long as he eventually reaches an overwhelmingly high number of successes, that makes all the failures just a small percentage. Because his mind is always on the future, this can come off as him always seeming distant or aloof.

Zed is generally pretty agreeable with others, if one can tolerate his short attention and unrealistic outlook on things. His direct and sometimes irrational approach to things can get him in trouble.

» Likes:

praise/recognition- Nothing quite brightens up his day as someone taking note of his deeds. Probably one of his biggest motivators. This also makes him easily persuaded by way of flattery.

naps- The road to being the "best dude ever" is a long one, so Zed likes to break it up with a nice snooze under the shade when he can. He is compiling a list of the best napping spots. While it may seem contradictory for someone with such big plans for themselves, Zed also has a skewed perception of what it takes to get to these goals, and believes he can always afford a break.

scarves- Pretty much a prerequisite to coolness, right? Zed has a fondness for these, inspired by his explorer parents who both wear one.Function is hardly considered here, and he will even collect multiple copies of the same type at the expense of his bag space.

» Dislikes:

the cold- Zed is very much bothered by cold weather or climate, as one would expect since ice is also a physical weakness of his. While he will still accept a task that requires him to travel to one of the more icy regions, he'll complain profusely all the while.

Silence-    Whether it be the chatter of pokemon or the sounds of nature, Zed enjoys a nice hum of background noise, and is unnerved by its absence. A complete silence is a terrifying concept to him.

puzzles-    While he will accept virtually any type of challenge, the truth of the matter is that Zed is not the most competent individual. Trials of logic and intellect are lost on him. When he cannot swiftly guess a solution, he will chalk it up as a challenge to be conquered at a later day.

» History:
Zed was one of two Gligar born and raised in a town on the edge of the Blackspear Mountains by a pair of explorers from different guilds. His Gliscor mother, Ginette, is a member of Aileron's guild, whereas his father, Claude, is a Scizor from Grassveil's guild. They decided to make their home in this town, at the foot of the mountains where they first met, and carefully adjusted their guild life to where at least one of them could be at home for their sons at all times, or both whenever possible.

And for a while, it all worked out. Much like their parents, Zed and his older brother, Gene, possessed a free and adventurous spirit. Their parents encouraged this to an extent, being adventurers themselves. The two brothers made quite a mark on the town in their youth. With Zed always dreaming big and "helping" the townsfolk with problems they didn't know they had, and Gene's penchant for mischief, it was no surprise they would eventually find a new life outside their quiet hamlet.

Gene would be the first to make it on his own, though the circumstances were less than happy. With their parents coming and going and Zed too wrapped up in his own little world to notice the ever-growing gap between him and his brother, Gene's knack for playing tricks took the next step up. Gene had left the town very suddenly, and it was only a few months later after being caught in another town did Zed's family learn Gene had become an outlaw, particularly involved with theft.

Claude and Ginette did not take this news well, blaming themselves for the whole ordeal. Both had agreed that they needed to not make the same mistake with Zed, and opted to take an extended leave from their repective guilds, but by this point, Zed was ready to make it on his own as well.

His aspirations had only gotten bigger over the years, and Gene's turn was just the last push he needed. If this was going to stain his family's reputation, then he'd just have to bring it back up by being the "best dude ever". His parents were not too enthused about his plans to leave, and were initially opposed to it. Persistence, however, was a strong suit of Zed's. After a while, they finally had a long talk on the matter. His parents came to the conclusion that they couldn't very well keep him from following his aspirations forever, and being out there himself would be the best way to learn, just as they had. With the condition that Claude, since Zed would eventually be trying to join the same guild, would be keeping an eye on him between missions.

With all of that out of the way, the hopeful Gligar would tackle the first on item a long list of goals: making his way to Grassveil.

» Other:

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PostSubject: Re: Zed the Gligar   Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:36 am

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Zed the Gligar
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