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 Brother, My Brother! [F] [URGENT]

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Lazarus Rex


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PostSubject: Brother, My Brother! [F] [URGENT]   Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:08 am

Lillipup wrote:
My big brother went into Fallen Leaf Copse the other day and he hasn't returned! He's really strong and capable of taking care of himself, but I just can't help but to worry. He's usually back before night falls, but with everything going on...look just find him....please?
» Client: Lillipup
» Target: Herdier
» Place: Fallen Leaf Copse
» Restrictions: Herdier as been infected with the darkness from Giratina's rising and has now gone feral. He has become very violent and lacks recognition of others! Find Herdier and restrain him. Failure will result in Lillipup going to look for his brother himself.
» Difficulty: F
» Reward: 4 Beserk Genes + 1000 poke + 4 Reviver Seed + 5 Normal Gems
» Expiration: 3 months since posted
» Exploration Points: 15


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PostSubject: Re: Brother, My Brother! [F] [URGENT]   Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:57 am

I'm thinking of doing this, but I'll need a partner. (and a little luck, considering it 'has' expired but not removed. STILL WANTING TO DO IT. because of the site-wide event being included into it. haven't really done a full-on thread with the site-wide effects in place. seems 'fun'.)

I sent a PM to Bluekat herself and Gentzer to see if they want to join in on this quest.
I'll give the gems to gentzer for sure, lol. I dont mind splitting the poke and reviver seeds with the 10% profit on Yooka but the genes seem important and I dont think either are in a guild, so I'll take those... (thats my offer in a sense, if they see this post)

((im actually surprised it 'hasnt' been taken down considering it 'has' expired... seems legit. just give it a time update and I'll get a group of pokemon. :3 ))

Yooka: Yooka the Kecleon
Bluekat: Garnet the Charmeleon and Victoria the Tyrantrum
(Possible) Gentzer: Gentzer the Sableye


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PostSubject: Re: Brother, My Brother! [F] [URGENT]   Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:40 am

Mission Complete

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PostSubject: Re: Brother, My Brother! [F] [URGENT]   

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Brother, My Brother! [F] [URGENT]
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