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 Taffy and Company [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Taffy and Company [OPEN]   Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:58 pm

Stupid forest...stupid trees...stupid....EVERYTHING! He was lost here with this...this...THING! He didn't even know what this slimy beast was, all he knew was this thing could barely talk. He sighed in exasperation as the bubbling idiot followed behind him, his ears laid flat against his head as the jolteon glared behind him at the goomy, staring at him with its STUPID face, and its STUPID eyes, and its STUPID self. The jolteon huffed, turning back around and walking. The goomy was following him of its own free will, mumbling something about "Taffy to Spoop" or something like that.

Shinka stared at the back of the jolteon as he followed Erebus, thinking the jolteon to be Keith rather than a completely different pokemon. The jolteon had attempted to attack and eat him, but the goomy had completely knocked the jolteon aside with a good Poison Tail before the electric type could even touch him. The goomy followed along, piping up once more, "Spoooooooooop!"

"OH MY GOD SHUT UP!" the jolteon shouted, suddenly turning around with a rather angry looking face that cause Shinka to recoil in fear.

"TaffyTaffyTaffy!" the goomy cried in fear.


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Taffy and Company [OPEN]
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