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 Chamber of Verity Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Chamber of Verity Rules and Information   Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:02 am


Welcome to the Chamber of Verity! Here you will find very unique items that are exclusive to this dungeon. This thread provides an explanation of said items with some ground rules for said items. The items found here are known as Cursed Items, they provide unique effects that will affect your character ooc and ic. These items are a bit tricky however, but can provide great benefits when you obtain them.

Rule 1.) You may only roll five times per character at once at any time upon entering the dungeon, you may pick ONE item from those five rolls per character and you may not leave with the others.
Rule 2.) Your second character cannot pick from your first character's rolls.
Rule 3.) If you obtain an item from the rolls, it will kick your currently held item and bind itself to you. This means that Joy Ribbon will no longer be active, and the Cursed Item will force you to use it.
Rule 4.) If you do not want the cursed item as an active item any longer, you will need to make an admin request to have it blessed. Each blessing costs 2500 poke, and will detach the item from your character and place it into their inventory so that you may sell it to other users. That other user must immediately bind it to a character, and they will also need to pay 2500 if they ever want it off of their character again!
Rule 5.) You are allowed to use Trawl Orbs and roll 10 times, but you still may only choose one item to come with you. This does not stack with your original 5.
Rule 6.) You must spend at least one page in Snowcloak Ruins to be able to roll here.
Rule 7.) If you have a cursed item equipped, you may not come back and pick up another. You will need to bless the item and then come back to get another attached to your character.
Rule 8.) Thou salt not whine.

Items Within This Dungeon and Explanations
Cursed Amulet - Permanently binds to character. Suppresses ability.

Cursed Earrings - Permanently binds to character.  Can be singular or in a pair. User receives a 20% Discount at shops. Shopkeeper still gets the same amount as they normally would. However, all non-business transactions will have a set, moderated price, meaning no haggling or special deals.  These effects are applied no matter what character is being used. This means you will need to notify an admin when you are buying something to learn the price of the object. The prices will follow what is normally set in shops, meaning a Green Gummi that your friend wants to give you for 20 poke would require you to pay them 200 for it.

Cursed Ring - Permanently binds to character. If character cannot normally wear a ring, it will mold to fit somewhere, such as a horn or wrist. All pokemon of the opposite gender or appropriate orientation are "infatuated" with the wearer. Asexuals are not affected.

Cursed Music Box - Permanently FOLLOWS character. Enemy pokemon energy cost is reduced by half, however your character has a music box constantly haunting them and following them, playing the same tune over and over again, making stealth impossible.  No matter how many times they destroy it or get rid of it, it will reappear in their bag.

Cursed Blessing - Permanently blesses (binds to) character. Character only needs 2 pages to level up, however they cannot roll for items or pokemon, ever. You can still roll for events, but you may only roll once per page and all items and pokemon will be ignored. Increases character's learning capabilities, but slowly corrupts their mind over time, accentuating negative character traits with increasing severity the longer they remain "blessed." If suppressed, blessing cannot be reused.

Cursed Glasses - Permanently augments your character's vision and allows them to see horrifying hallucinations that they cannot tell apart from reality. Other senses are boosted greatly; however, ignores immunities and type disadvantages when this character attacks others.

Cursed Necklace - Permanently binds to character. It does nothing.

Aesthetic Note: All cursed items come with a design asset that is optional to the roleplayer; curse markings on the body of the afflicted character. These can appear on specific parts of the character's body or all over them, on skin, fur, feathers, horns or anything else that's a part of the character. You can also choose to not have markings at all. The markings can glow, can be a variety of colors, and are always either an unknown language, symbols, shapes, or curse/spell runes.

Dice Code (take out spaces)
[roll="Verity"]5[ / roll]


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Chamber of Verity Rules and Information
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