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 Gauel the Treecko

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PostSubject: Gauel the Treecko   Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:35 am

» Name: Gauel (Pronounced "Gale") Buidhe (Pronounced "Buweh-day")
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: Treecko #252, the Wood Gecko Pokemon
» Affiliation: None

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Overgrow
» Moves:
- Pound (start)
- Leer (start)
- Absorb (level 5)
- Magical Leaf (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
- Gecko Feet: The soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings.
- Forecast: It senses humidity with its tail to predict the next day's weather.

» Personality:
Gaeul is a brutal figher driven by strong morals. When others would flee from battle, he charges head-on into the carnage, firing off attacks with the ferocity of a madman. Thuggish in appearance, Gaeul tends to carry a menacing leer on his face whilst having the mannerisms of a boar. He is crude beyond belief, generally speaking in a sarcastic tone. However, these mannerisms are what he picked up from the gang he was formerly a part of, and should not be seen as all he is.

In truth, Gaeul is an agreeable one, or at least tolerable. He has a playful, smart elleck attitude and is generally easy going. He's known as a brave, if a bit stubborn, and compassionate youth. Gaeul is of one gentle in disposition yet strong in body, believing in justice and stubbornly keeping any promise he makes.

He is quite prideful, someone who cannot abandon a task once he has set out to complete it. This is especially true when it comes to fighting. He will not give up for the sake of his fighting will and his allies. On the battlefield, he is quick to work into a frenzy of merciless attacks. He enjoys fighting anyone who is a worthy opponent. As such, he won't fight someone who is much weaker than him or stronger than him. Nor someone who is injured or otherwise not in their prime fighting form.

Gaeul is somewhat sensitive; easily able to lose his cool when insulted, which can cause him to let go of his morals for a moment when lashing out. He cannot stand those who would joke about him or betray his trust. On the other side, he is easily touched by others' problems, and can become quite protective of them if he chooses to. Gaeul tends to not focus on any regrets he may have made during his life. Through all the wrong turns and the disappointment, Gaeul endeavors, not looking back for a moment.

» Likes:
Gaeul enjoys games of chance. Something that is decided simply by the will of the universe is something that truly excites him.

He is also fond of tests of skill. Whether it be bearing a large weight to test his endurance or firing an attack at a small target, Gaeul loves to see where he is at on the scale and where he can improve himself.

Gaeul also appreciates exchanging stories with others. Sitting down and listening to someone's tales, whether it was a simple day at work or a grand adventure, the Treecko enjoys it and will also respond with stories of his own.

» Dislikes:

Gaeul dislikes those who prey on the weak despite his previous involvement in gang activities. His morals drive him to stop those who would exploit weaker Pokemon for easy gains.

He disapproves of liars, as having been lied to much of his younger life drove him into a dark corner he does not wish to return to.

He also disagrees with someone who is quick to judge him by appearances only. While he will forgive someone who renounces their previous assumptions of him, someone who holds fast to them despite his attempts to show them otherwise he would sooner wish gone from his life than to stick around and continue pushing those assumptions on him.

» History:
Gaeul grew up in a large, sprawling town far off to the West of Grassveil. This town, while successful, was plagued by many gangs who battled for control over the resources the town possessed. This caused the town to splinter as gangs claimed territory across the town. Gaeul was born into one of the more...peaceful periods of the gang wars. His father, the second-in-command of a fair sized gang, carefully constructed a masquerade for the young Pokemon. He had no wish for his son to be stuck in the violence that he knew all too well would rise up again. Gaeul's father painted the picture of his boss being a benevolent leader; one who begrudgingly fought in order to try and bring peace to the town.

Gaeul quite easily believed this tale. It wasn't hard, given the timing. Rarely did the Treecko ever hear of a violent battle between gangs break out during his youth, and even with his father being a part of one, Gaeul had yet to see any gang activity in the territory his father's gang had claimed. That remained true until two neighboring gangs began to fight. The violence quickly spread to other territories, and Gaeul was soon forced to see what violence his father was neck deep in.

His father did his best to continue his efforts in keeping Gaeul out of the carnage that now were a daily occurrence across the streets. It was obviously not enough, as his father's boss demanded all able bodied Pokemon to join in the fight or be killed. Gaeul was no exception, and was now trained in the art of cheap shots, taunts, and generally dishonorable fighting styles.

Gaeul went through quite a dark period during his training and eventual involvement in the gang wars. It was almost instantly that the play his father has constructed for him came burning down to reveal the true carnage of his father's profession. The brutality of it all filled the Treecko with resentment and anger towards his father and the gangs. Fighting, killing, and thievery filled up years of Gaeul's life, and the only thing that brought it to an end was when the sudden appearance of a police force.

Several of the smaller gangs were broken apart instantly, either killed or imprisoned for their actions. The leader of Gaeul's gang ended up killed during a police raid of the gang's hideout, and the gang fell quickly afterwards. Gaeul was imprisoned along with several other of his fellow gang members in a subsequent raid. It was here that Gaeul's path to reformation began. At first, he was uninterested in the process, ignoring the guards and other prisoners.

Gaeul was placed in a cell with a Pokemon from a rival gang, and while the Treecko was apprehensive of his cellmate at first, the two eventually grew to be friends. The Pokemon exchanged stories of their lives in their respective gangs and what they knew, or what they didn't know, of each other's gang. Weeks and months flew by, and through their talks, Gaeul's soul was calmed in a sense. He was no longer filled with the hatred he had towards his father, though he still did not trust in the gangs. From what Gaeul heard, many things he thought he knew of his cellmate's gang were bold faced lies fed to him by the leader of his own gang. He was never sure if his father knew the truth or not, but that was beside the point now.

Gaeul's release eventually came, and after bidding farewell to his cellmate and any other friends around town, the Treecko set off to find a new home far from the one he grew up in. Gaeul traveled Northward towards a river town before he traveled Westward, eventually ending up in Grassveil. Nothing particularly interesting happened during his journey. Many of the Pokemon he met were either impartial of the Treecko or moderately friendly, though none stayed long enough for the Treecko to recall them as clearly as those he had grown up around.

» Other:

Got bored, so here's Grovyle and Sceptile's natural feats to save future trouble whenever I evolve this guy:

Grovyle (retains Gecko feet due to its climbing ability being boasted the same as Treecko's)
- Forest Camouflage: Leaves grow out of this Pokémon's body. They help obscure a Grovyle from the eyes of its enemies.
- Bunny Lizard: Its strongly developed thigh muscles give it astounding agility and jumping performance.

Sceptile (retains Gecko feet and Bunny Lizard due to Pokedex and other sources showing it still capable of them)
- Leaf Blade: The leaves that grow on its arms can slice down thick trees. (I assume it's not as strong as the actual move *shrug*)
- Vitamin Seeds: The seeds growing on Sceptile's back are said to be bursting with nutrients that can revitalize trees.

Mega Sceptile
- Tail Missile: When mega evolved, Sceptile is able to launch its tail like a missile for some moves (i.e. Energy Ball, Dragon Pulse, etc.).

Dandy's Boutique & Dandy's Dyes: Look dandy!
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PostSubject: Re: Gauel the Treecko   Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:21 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Gauel the Treecko
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