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 Like a Moltres, I rise from the ashes!

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Like a Moltres, I rise from the ashes! Empty
PostSubject: Like a Moltres, I rise from the ashes!   Like a Moltres, I rise from the ashes! EmptyThu Jan 28, 2016 11:02 pm

For those that know me, I'm back from the dead!

For those that do not know me, don't worry, you didn't miss much. I also won't allow that to continue. Thou shall know of me. Kekekekek

So yeah, the name's Waltz and I up and disappeared about a year ago, give or take a couple of months. Now, let's begin the introductions!

I live in Belgium, specifically West Flanders, so if you're from the region we could meet. Or we couldn't *Shrugs*

I've turned twenty and one years old close to two months ago. Meaning that I've been into Pokémon for... 15-16 years I believe. While I stopped watching the anime after Sinnoh, and only sporadically having watched that region, I can easily say that my love for the games stayed the same.

I got about 7 years of experience RP'ing - I think - of which 3-4 years where Pokémon based RP'ing in me. Doesn't mean I'm a pro :P

Any trivia I should go over? I'm happy go lucky and borderline dense as fudge. I get easily persuaded and demotivated, though luckily my forgetfulness easily fixes that second problem.

If there is one thing every single person who knows me agrees upon, it's this. I'm random. Completely. I'm serious one second, and a fool the next. Uncaring and emotional. (Mostly the first) Starting random conversations that have nothing to do with a current one is my specialty. As is sneaking up on people. Those reactions :'D.

Well that's everything I believe, I hope we can get along well and that you will just tell me when I start annoying you, enough annoying that you would punch me in the face. Simply because I find it hard to find my limits in how far I can push people, most of the time this leads badly for me  ^o)

So see you guys somewhere in the forum or, probably, in the C-Box :D

~Signed and approved by Waltz~
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Like a Moltres, I rise from the ashes!
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